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The Different stages of THINKING
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DUT Home, G0, Thinking Algor, 10-28-14

Right now we will spend time on two Stages of THINKING:
MIND THINKING and Brain Focusing.


Differences between your MIND and your brain:


The algorithm below shows that if you are having problems THINKING, you are not using your LEFT BRAIN in the THINKING process. You have many stresses and headaches. The best thing to do is go to your LEFT BRAIN and start all over again. You will find that your LEFT BRAIN will bring you more logic and creativity… and you will have fun THINKING, instead of the stresses and headaches you are having now.

A Thinking Algorithm

DUT Home, G2, A Thinking-Focusing Algor, 10-29-14Always go to your LEFT BRAIN to THINK instead of your right brain. If you want to be funny and emotional, go to right brain.



Below are the WAVES that exist on your MIND. Because of these Waves, your MIND is never empty.

Thinking Waves

DUT Home, G3, Thinking Waves, 10-28-14

Your Mind is BLACK because the WAVES that gather to form your MIND are BLACK.

Neural Elasticity starts with your left brain. Your left brain is influenced by your MIND, and the quality of your MIND affects what happens with your left brain. Similarly, what your senses do in your physical world affect your left brain. That also affects your MIND. This is the reason why Neural Elasticity, which functions with your neural system… or the veins that affect all your cells… cause your MIND to respond to activities of your left brain.

One thing that makes your MIND very relevant in THINKING is Neural Elasticity because when your left brain sends any information to your MIND, that information must synchronize with the WAVES of your MIND. If the information doesn’t synchronize with the WAVES of your MIND, you will get angry and stressed because your MIND doesn’t read what you have put into it. Usually this happens when the emotions of your right brain are sent to your MIND when your left brain has not acted strong enough to resist that interruption. If this continues over a period of time, you might become insane because your MIND is no longer synchronizing with your physical input.

If your left brain is sending synchronous information to your MIND, the WAVES make your MIND complete so that there is always something you can express through creativity and objectivity or openness.

Your MIND, my MIND and all MINDS are full of WAVES. These WAVES are BLACK. They are just as BLACK as the WAVES in the center of the Sun.

The WAVES that come from the Sun contain different colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. You can see, particularly, the Red and Yellow colors at dawn and at dusk. This tells you that Nature itself is very creative because it brings out the different colors of the Sun from the BLACK CARBON in the center of the Sun. Similarly, you, as an individual, also contain creativity because you have the same BLACK CARBON in the center of your MIND. The WAVES that you have in your MIND exemplify that creativity.

Fortunately, you have your left brain that also connects with your MIND. Thus, when you have any creativity on your MIND, it comes to your left brain, which shares it with all the cells of your body. Your DNA will also contain that same creativity. This is the reason why the creative ability of the ANKHcestors is always present in us all.

The WAVES of your MIND each contain a particular Harmonic Frequency. Below, we shall show you the natural colors of the Universe and their Harmonic Frequencies.



Colors identify your 5 Zones of Mental Concentration.


DUT Colors-Thinking, RED, 10-31-14


If your MIND depends on this WAVE, it means you will be affected by conditions such as:

depression, lack of motivation, procrastination and worthlessness

and your ability to progress in life will be affected.

Do you want to rely on a LOW CONCENTRATION?

These WAVES interfere with your MIND, and your MIND will stop expanding.


DUT Colors-Thinking, YELLOW, 10-31-14


It keeps you moving rather than giving up or procrastinating.


DUT Colors-Thinking, GREEN, 10-31-14


It gives you life, which opens you to greater possibilities.


DUT Colors-Thinking, BLUE, 10-31-14


It makes you hurry and worry and it prepares you to be very emotional.




DUT Colors-Thinking, PURPLE, 10-31-14


 It keeps you very emotional and unstable.

Here are all The CONCENTRATION Harmonic WAVES on display.

DUT Colors and Your Thinking, ALL, 10-29-14

CONFUSION exists when all The WAVES are expressed at the same time…

Questions: The Clarity on Your MIND

DUT Home, 12 Questions, 00, 10-31-14

DUT Home, 12 Questions, 01, 10-31-14


0. What is THINKING?
THINKING is ABSTRACT. It helps you set a PURPOSE about what your DNA has revealed to you from the PAST. The connection to your DNA will give you the MOTIVATION to accomplish something in the Future. Anyone who THINKS deals with the factors of TIME: the PAST, the Present and the Future and will have a purpose that will be accomplished in the FUTURE.
1. How do I get myself to THINK with a PURPOSE?
First you have to know whether your PURPOSE is good or evil. Knowing that it’s good or bad depends on which brain you are using. For instance, if you consistently use your right brain, the way you think will be emotional because you will use a lot of serotonin and little of no melatonin from your pineal gland. Similarly, if you consistently use your left brain, your THINKING will be logical because you are converting serotonin into melatonin. This allows you to become much more SPIRITUAL than physical or emotional. Therefore, the first thing to know is which brain hemisphere you use more. Is it your left brain or your right brain?

If you use your left brain more, your thinking will be clear and less catastrophic. On the other hand, if you use your right brain more, you’ll have a lot of emotions in your thinking. That will cause a lot of chaos in your behavior.

2. How do I know whether I’m THINKING with my brain or my MIND?
You know that you are THINKING with your brain if you are spending too much time being emotional. Emotions tell you that your THINKING is limited to your brain, particularly your right brain. What you should then do is to be much more logical, which means you have to assess anything that you are focused on. This process will tune your MIND to your THINKING activities and will stop the emotions from distracting your MIND.

Your brain becomes active when your senses are active. That means that your focus is active when your senses are active. On the other hand, your CONCENTRATION is active when your MIND is THINKING. Your concentration, therefore, is different from your ability to focus. Focus and concentration can happen at the same time because you can focus on something as well as THINK about it. But, it’s always good to know that your brain only focuses with your senses and your MIND always THINKS with CONCENTRATION.

The reason why your MIND THINKS is because it’s got Natural WAVES that have to be identified as the 5 Zones of Concentration. This identification process is required whether your Concentration is High or Low. If it’s Low, you are bound to procrastinate. If it’s High, you become involved with emotions. The best thing to do, therefore, is to keep your Concentration in the Middle at the 3rd Zone of Concentration.

Your brain cannot go to your PAST or your FUTURE. Your brain only deals with the PRESENT because it works directly with your senses. Your MIND, however, THINKS because it works with your PAST, your PRESENT and your FUTURE. Therefore, you can remember things of the PAST… and you can have a PURPOSE for the FUTURE.

3. How does MOTIVATION help my THINKING?
MOTIVATION helps your THINKING because it expands your MIND. Many people become narrow minded because their MOTIVATION is very limited to what interests them the most. This is what they focus on. Thus, if you limit yourself to your brain all the time, your MOTIVATION will not expand. But, if you extend yourself to your MIND, where you CONCENTRATE on different things, your MOTIVATION will increase and you will be able to explore many things.

4. How do I THINK?
You THINK when your MIND is synchronized with your PAST, your Present and your FUTURE. These 3 TIME factors are always important for THINKING.

5. Is THINKING relevant?
Yes! THINKING is a SPIRITUAL activity that is as relevant as a physical activity that you perform to accomplish an outcome. Unfortunately, many times you perform a physical activity with a great deal of emotions. This means you have to make yourself happy when you perform the activity. But, the outcome of the activity sometimes makes you sad. This does not happen with a SPIRITUAL activity that depends on THINKING.

When you perform an activity that is SPIRITUALLY based, your left brain becomes active and makes you assess what you are SPIRITUALLY doing. The outcome to the assessment process is always good because you do everything right, instead of guessing what to do.

6. How do you know if someone is THINKING or not?
You certainly know if someone is THINKING by the way he or she is conversing or looking at you or engaging himself or herself with the universe. There is always a connection with you or anyone and the universe. That connection must always be stable. If that stability breaks, THINKING is not taking place and something is wrong.

7. How do you help someone THINK?
You help something THINK by getting that person to start CONCENTRATING on something he or she focuses on. To CONCENTRATE requires the MIND to associate with something that happened in the Past, but is similar to what is happening now in the Present, and might happen again in the Future. CONCENTRATING will expand that person’s MIND. By going through this process many times, that person will be able to associate his or her MIND with Time (Past, Present and Future).

9. Is something wrong with your THINKING when you cheat?
Certainly, cheating is something you THINK about very studiously or seriously before you implement it. You might think that the person that you are cheating already knows that you will cheat. That person will be prepared to stand against your cheating mind. You, therefore, prepare to overcome that person’s strategies. However, since cheating is untruthful, you will always be inadequate to defend yourself if the other person decides to reveal your untruthfulness.

8. Is something wrong with your THINKING when you set goals?
Yes! When you set goals you always limit your potentials. For instance, a person working for a company may have a goal to become the president or CEO of that company. This is a limitation because that person has eliminated him or herself with other possibilities. If the person were to open his MIND to becoming more important than a president or CEO of a company, that person will look at other possibilities that may not exist now, but have the potential to make them exist in the future.

There are two directions that are always open to your MIND. They are the vertical and horizontal directions. People who want to be presidents and CEOs of a company have a vertical direction in their MINDS. This is limiting because they can only go in one direction. There are others who have horizontal directions and are not interested in becoming presidents and CEOs of companies. These people will become more SPIRITUAL in whatever they do. There are also those who will combine the vertical and horizontal directions in whatever they do. These are the people who will run companies, but at the same time care for others who are struggling.


The fact is THINKING does not respect goals. Only your brain sets goals because it is short-sighted, just like goals are. Your MIND, which works with your left brain to set strategies, never sets goals like your senses do. Rather, your MIND has TRUTHFUL and OPEN OBJECTIVES that do not make you the center of attention, but rather a person that seeks to make everyone TRUTHFUL.

10. Does any form of aggression involve THINKING?
No! Aggression occurs due to the right brain. The cause of aggression is emotion. If a person takes strategies to become more aggressive, that person’s right brain has taken over the left brain. This will make a person’s aggression becomes completely out of control. The best thing to do to overcome aggressive behavior is to stop it when it begins. Look at the previous diagrams that indicate the vertical direction of a person wanting to be a president or CEO of a company. Aggression does the same thing. It only looks at everything in a vertical direction. To overcome that kind of THINKING, one must always have two directions of thought, the vertical and horizontal directions, crossing each other as shown below.

DUT Home, Goals vs Obj, 01, 11-01-14


If you have any questions, please send those questions to The Dohgon University of Thought

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