Crow Intelligence

Crow Intelligence

Look at this video,, and see how a Crow is very Life-Oriented. An association with a Crow will always give you something good.

First of all, the crow is all BLACK. Secondly, it has a Pineal Gland that manufactures Melatonin all the time. Therefore, the crow has more Melatonin than humans…and it’s more  intelligent than humans are. The crow is able to probe Time–the Past, the Present and the Future, to stay stable and intelligent, which means that the crow has a lot of WISDOM. Therefore, it has the ability to CREATE things even though it doesn’t have any hands. For instance, it can create an instrument to reach food and other items that he cares about, no matter where those items are. Watch this video,



The Crow has Spiritual and Universal Intelligence. That’s why it has a connection with humans, plants, and other animals. We must appreciate this all-BLACK creature very much because it has all the attributes of higher Intelligence and more. The Crow knows how to fully produce MELATONIN, and it knows how to maintain the relationship that exists within the Universe.

The Crow is completely WISE because it sees the Past and the Future and is able to bring it all together in the Present. People who declare themselves as WISE must be like a Crow, which means that they must have a lot of MELATONIN that allows them to travel in TIME.

Humans have been brainwashed to believe that they can only manufacture Melatonin at night. This has limited their WISDOM and creative abilities, and therefore humans are less creative than crows. Humans, however, can be just as WISE as the crow by manufacturing Melatonin all the time….and this is done with the NUMBERS. By going through the NUMBERS, 0, 1, 2, 3….to 100 and 100, 99, 98…. to 0. with The Dohgon Flux Count, humans can develop the ability to produce Melatonin at any time….and they will be as Intelligent as the crow.

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