Dohgon of Mali

The Dohgon are very special for the whole world because they have done things without any scientific theories like the white race has, but have understood Nature so much that the white race that now runs the civilization has been taught to understand the Universe. For instance, in the 1500s, a Dohgon High Priest was kidnapped from Mali and taken to Rome. Pope leo x of the vatican and his bishops had a very long conversation with this High Priest. One of the things that this pope wanted to know was the fact that europeans thought the Earth was flat. The High Priest was very surprised to be asked this question. His response was, Do you have day and night in europe? The pope said, Of course we do. So the Dohgon High Priest said, How can the Universe be flat when there is day and night? The Universe must be like a ball where it rotates and revolves around the Sun. Added to that the Dohgon High Priest talked about the planets, Saturn and Jupiter and their moons. This High Priest also mentioned about the kalendars of the planets that he had just mentioned.

Fortunately, around 1600, when Galileo began to investigate the validity of what the Dohgon High Priest had revealed to the vatican, he learned about the 2 planets, Saturn and Jupiter. He didn’t believe that those planets existed. He then went and built a very crude telescope…and there it was…he found the 2 planets. Today, we all know that Galileo was the one that found Jupiter and Saturn but nothing about the Dohgon High Priest who was kidnapped and taken torome.

These are the things that we have to know. You don’t need to be a trained scientist to know the facts….but rely upon the universe to get the facts from it. The other thing the Dohgon continue to talk about is the 2 stars, Sirius A and Sirius B. These 2 stars are about 50 trillion miles from the Earth, and one star, Sirius A affects the electrical and magnetic qualities of the Sun. Again, white people never believed that these stars existed. In the 1990s, they manufactured the hubble satellite, which verified the existence of the stars and their distance from the Earth. The satellite also verified the trajectory of the stars, which confirmed what the Dohgon have said about the stars all the time.


What is so interesting is the fact that the Dohgon had no telescopes and nothing to fly in from Earth to the stars. Yet what they have said about the distance between the Earth and the stars–50 trillion miles–has been proven to be very accurate.


How are AfRAkan People so intelligent to be able to know about stars and planets that are far away without ever having telescopes, satellites or other vehicles that can transport them between Earth and these planets and stars? The ANKHser is very simple. It is their ability to CONCENTRATE by directing their physical senses upon these celestial bodies, and their MINDS are able to do the MA’AThematical kalkulations to come out with the kalendars of Jupiter and Saturn, the distance between the stars and the Earth, and also the trajectory of the stars and the influence the stars have on the Sun. All of this was done without any artificial means. This is why we want you to know that the time is coming soon in which you won’t have any artificial means to make things happens. Things are going to happen because the MINDS of human beings will become more MAGNETIC than electrical.


Stop losing confidence in yourself…and begin to become more purposeful in life so that the mistakes you have been making before will not occur again.


Dohgon Wisdom
People who lack understanding will always assume that everything is under their control. But they will soon realize that the Universe is functioning because it was made by NUMBERS…and everything functions because the NUMBERS become TIME…and everything functions with TIME.

Professor MOmOh

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