Eye of Heru

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The Eye of Heru
In case you’ve never heard of The Eye of Heru, you will in this short lecture. Here’s an illustration:

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The Eye of Heru symbolizes the Power of your Thought or your WISDOM. Your Thought processes happen because all the minute elements of your cells are aligned. These minute elements are called the DNA of your cells. It’s very important to know the errors that your DNA produces when something challenges your WISDOM. You can often find what’s wrong with your DNA with a test we have developed called the DNI Test. This Test will let you know whether your DNA is physically weak or Spiritually strong or whether your DNA is both physically and Spiritually weak.

The DNI Test will reveal how strong you are internally, which means that if you are strong internally, then you can show a lot of strength externally as well. Being strong internally means that you have a lot of Confidence, and you are very powerful in the way you Concentrate. These factors are very important in determining whether you can endure your Purpose in Life or whether you cannot.

The MA’AThematics of exponents and fRAktions originated from the powerful AfRAkan Eye of Heru over 5,000 years ago, or about 3,000 years before any europeans stepped into AfRAka. So, shouldn’t we be asking why BLACK children are failing in caucasian schools? Is it the fault of the children themselves or is it the fault of a system that doesn’t understand education as a whole?

The reason why we mention this is because when AfRAkans ran the previous civilization of the world, all AfRAKans that were going to the Mystery Schools in KMT (Egypt) became High Priests or Professors. But now Black children are failing in larger numbers. The reason for this failure is the same reason why greeks, jews and romans were failing in schools in KMT. This race of people were very angry for failing what they thought they were learning, so they did everything to overthrow the AfRAkan Civilization. Today, they have an educational system that is full of knowledge, but has no understanding. The AfRAkan System was one in which understanding was prime to all students, because with understanding you get moral values.

The european education today is not meant for Black children because it has no understanding. Therefore, it is also immoral. That’s the reason why you are seeing such a high rise of crime, disrespect for women and wars. The educational system is completely wrong…. and I’m pleased that very soon it’s going to collapse and the system of UNDERSTANDING is going to come back.
Let’s assess the Number allocations inside the eye.

Smell = 2-1 : This exponent translates to 1/2. This means to smell anything effectively, you have to be about half the distance from it.
Sight = 2-2 : This exponent translates to 1/4. This means to see anything effectively, you have to be about a quarter the distance from it.
Thought = 2-3 : This exponent translates to 1/8. This means to THINK effectively, you have to be about one-eight the distance from it.
Sound = 2-4 : This exponent translates to 1/16. This means to hear anything effectively, you have to be about one-sixteenth the distance from it.
Taste = 2-5 : This exponent translates to 1/32. This means to taste anything effectively, you have to have it in your mouth.
Touch = 2-6 : This exponent translates to 1/64. This means to touch anything effectively, you have to feel it.

Helping children learn better
To make the Eye of Heru very effective for children, we are creating apps that will help children learn better by improving their Mental Concentration powers. The apps should be ready by the end of 2014.

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