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Mar 02

IMHOTEP, The Great

4012814d03ecacddf786b7d1a6daa97a_0klh(WISDOM to you!)

imhotep the great



  1. IMHOTEP lived many thousands of years ago  A.E. (AfRAkanEra, aka “B.C.”).
  2. IMHOTEP was the World’s Greatest Architectural Engineer. He built The Step Pyramid, the first multi-story building on Earth based on the MA’AThematics invented by the 3 AfRAkan AstRAnomer High Priestesses.
  3. IMHOTEP was referred to by the Greeks as Ascelpious, the God of Medicine, many thousands of years before Hippocrates.
  4. IMHOTEP was the 1st Medical Doctor. He was the first to write the most detailed medical encyclopedia.
  5. IMHOTEP was the world’s 1st Greatest Male AstRAnomer.
  6. IMHOTEP was worshiped as the Prince of Peace, the Anointed One, the KRST, several thousands of years before Christ.
  7. IMHOTEP was the Writer of a Multitude of Proverbs of WISDOM.
  8. IMHOTEP was the World’s Greatest Scientist. IMHOTEP was the first male to explain and fully document the abstract to the physical—how Energy became a form of light. (Light is nothing but an expression of BLACK Energy to prove that that which comes from Pure Energy will always return to Pure Energy, which is why light fades, dims and is extinguished to return to its source, DARKNESS.)
  9. IMHOTEP was the World’s Greatest Male Thinker. IMHOTEP originated the Sciences of Concentration and Focus. IMHOTEP, the AfRAkan Multi-Genius, originated the transformation of how forces within the brain and the Mind organize themselves to become Concentration and Focus. He clearly stated that without these forces, no human can think and act appropriately, the truth of which we see today in people suffering from: autism, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorders, manic depression, “bi-polar” conditions, phobias, eating disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, suicidal thoughts, insecurity, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, health problems, purposelessness, lack of fulfillment, and so much more.
  10. IMHOTEP declared that the MA’AThematical processes and procedures of every THOUGHT has a causal effect, which means there’s a cause and effect to every THOUGHT that you have. Sometimes the effect is apparent immediately, as when you become enraged, lose focus and run into the back of a vehicle in front of you. At other times, the effect is cumulative. This is when  people suffer from the problems listed in the previous paragraph.
  11. IMHOTEP was a MW (Muu). He was about 5 feet tall. The Twaand the San People of AfRAkamay as well be the IMHOTEPs of today.

11. IMHOTEP even laid the groundwork for the 1st electrical machine that lighted the PyRAmids.

See the AfRAkan features in The Great One. There’s no mistaking who advanced: science, medicine, MA’AThematics, astRAnomy, Transformational Logic…and so much more.


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