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Thinking with Humanity, Honor and Hospitality to ALL

The purpose of The Dohgon University of Thought is to teach you about the Spiritual and scientific nature of THINKING to actually understand the marvels of your Mind. One of the marvels is through the WISDOM of AfRAka, which has the 3 H’s mentioned above. AfRAkan WISDOM encompasses a unique form of Thinking that will help you compare the things that you are experiencing now–your pains, anxieties, stresses, fears…insecurities–and what caused those things to happen to you.

You will find all your healing answers through Thinking right here at The Dohgon University of Thought. Now explore the factors that probe your memories for things you have forgotten that have come back to affect your Thinking process. We teach the methodology that enables the necessary process to make you probe into your memories to discover and eradicate your PAINS. We don’t stay on the surface where it is easy to apply a bandage and pretend you’re healed.

I AM the I AM: Techniques to discover and solve the causes of your problems
We present this short testimonial to prove how systems that possess METHODS, rather than speculations and theories, will sustain their powers of strength and continuity over the theories.

I had a stroke in 1994. My right hand was totally paralyzed, my voice was gone and my jaws went asynchronous. I refused the heparin transfusion at the UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California, and the doctors told me I would get a massive stroke in three years without the treatment. I said I won’t take it because I AM the I AM. In four days, with IMHOTEP Dohgon Spirituality, I was completely HEALED. That was 1994, and as 2014 arrives, the ANKHcestorshave revisited me to prove whether I’m strong enough to overcome another problem they imposed on me, which is my 2 brain hemispheres were uncoordinated in 2011. This affected my speech as well as my right leg. BUT, to show the power of the ANKHcestors, 4 people on the short block that I live in Long Beach died within a year in which I had the brain un-coordination problem. Here I am still alive and it’s going to 2014. I’m almost healed, but I still have to show that the ANKHcestors are powerful enough to come to my aid. I have never seen a doctor to help me overcome the medical problems I have.

 Welcome to The Dohgon: The communication process through past, present and future, as well as through the Universe
I’m Professor Momoh and I welcome you to The Dohgon. I do encourage you to challenge me on any subject. We challenge any and everyone to compareAfRAkan Spirituality with any science. In fact, Todd M. Skorich, the young BRTHR you see on the cover of our book, How An AfRAkan Master Freed A White Slave, did exactly that. Here’s his testimonial:


I am a 34 year old Caucasian male who obtained my master’s degree in the philosophy of rhetoric less than 5 years ago. I challenged Dohgon Science all the way, over the course of 9 months reading with fervor each of over 600 emails exchanged with the founder of The Dohgon University of Thought, ProfessorMomoh-Sellu Sua Laye, and to each of many emails, I responded with a page full of questions in kind.

As a highly educated and extremely intelligent former marine, I felt I could prove Dohgon Science incomplete because of the truckload of knowledge I had accumulated over the years in search for higher and higher education. However, without a single contesting question left unanswered, I soon wrote ProfessorMomoh:

You encompass Wisdom i have probably been searching Lifetimes for; how Blessed am i to be learning from You NOW!!!
i feel as though you are fulfilling dreams of mine that i am not even aware yet that i have had– does that make sense?

Our 2009 book, How An AfRAkan Master Freed A White Slave, is a conversational re-enactment of this actual written dialogic exchange. In this book the reader will discover the immense awe and Mental and Spiritual liberation that I have experienced. We expect you to be in liberating marvel as well by the “truly astounding dialogue,” and the most profound answers to the science behind the human mind in explaining, in non-experimental, scientific ways The Laws of the Universe and how they’re synonymous with the Laws of Your Own Mind and Personality.

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