Interview With GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, creator of Ancestor Bottles™

Ancestor Bottles™:

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Ancestoral Bottles


The Dohgon University of Thought interviews

GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, creator of Ancestor Bottles™


The following is our July 2017 interview with GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, creator of Ancestor Bottles™.

MQ: Mighty Queen 06390, The Dohgon University of Thought

GM: GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, Water Witch Creations

PM: Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought


MQ: We’d like our readers to learn more about the origin, history and Spirituality of the Ancestor Bottles™ that you’ve created. This way there will be no doubt on anyone’s mind that you are, indeed, the original designer and creator of these great and wonderful Ancestor Bottles.

We state this because we recently viewed photos online of a summer 2017 event in which parts of a doll character’s head were nearly identical to one of the heads of your Ancestor Bottles. What do you make of this copy of an image that you created with the Ancestor Bottles that you’ve designed before anyone else?

GM:  With the internet, it’s easy for people to follow you on social media and steal and copy. They’re not creative and they want to be creative so they copy what you have. People will copy, but it won’t have the same Spiritual energy so it will just be a copy without the Spirituality. They’ll make a few dollars off of it and steal from another person… it’s a viscous cycle.

PM:   What you have to do is design something that can’t be copied or easily viewed by other people. You have to actually create something that people will find difficult to understand.

GM:  How do I do that?

PM:   The same way I told you to design IMHOTEP. You came up with the design that will always be IMHOTEP’s head… a design that will be inscribed on his head. Always think about something unusual that is not available to someone else.

GM:  OK, got it.

MQ:  When exactly did you come up with the idea of creating your Ancestor Bottles?

GM:  That was about 4 or 5 years ago. I first came up with the idea when my daughter Orisha was about 3 years old, and I was coming out of a Spiritual attack while living in New Orleans. The idea first came to me in October 2012.

MQ:  How did you come up with the idea of the Ancestor Bottles?

GM:  The Ancestors spoke to me to make me do it. It brought me out of the Spiritual attack. So something had to happen Spiritually first before I started to create the dolls. Before I was running away from the Ancestors and not listening to their messages. Now I know that the attack I had was to let the Ancestors come to me.

PM:   Spirits don’t attack. Rather they reveal to you what you have done wrong and what you are going to do even worse. They alert you that you are going in the wrong direction of what you should be doing correctly. Once you begin to do things correctly, your direction of doing good will occur. If, however, you don’t listen and change your ways, then another person’s ghost, not Spirit, that does not want you to proceed in a successful direction will emerge and destroy your progress.

GM: Yeah, that’s true. I believe that. That makes a lot of sense.

PM:   There are, therefore, conditions you must be very aware of and always maintain a clear path of your journey to TRUTH. Do not ever become impressed by what someone else lies to you about. Know that you have the power within you to receive many good things that are waiting for you. All you have to do is TRUST yourself and know that what you can do has already been planned for you.

That’s the reason why you have the Ancestor Bottles. You know that everything has been generated for you. All you have to do is use your own intelligence and whoever wants to control you will fail.

GM:  O.K. That’s true.

MQ:  After you came up with the idea of the Ancestor Bottles, how soon was it before you actually started creating the dolls?

GM:  I started creating the dolls immediately within that month with the materials I had at home I had fabric, cowry shells and mango seeds and pieces of jewelry that broke, nails and sticks. I would find things in Nature… certain sticks with a certain texture that I liked. I would just be walking and something would say look down or look to the right or to the left and a piece of wood that would be the right shape, the right texture and the right feel would be right there. It would be perfect. I wasn’t even looking. Something would say, go down this street. I would never consciously look for anything.

MQ:  Your creations are called Ancestor Bottles. How did you come up with this name?

GM:  Actually someone came up with the idea of the name. Her name is Luisah Teish. She’s the author of “Jambalaya,” a book she wrote in the 80’s. She’s written 4 or 5 books. She’s very well known. I went to see her for some Spiritual work. I brought her a doll and she fell in love with it. She said to call them Ancestor Bottles.

MQ:  What gave you the idea to use bottles to make your dolls?

GM:  They were available… and I can sing into them. So basically, they were available. I was drinking Scotch in New Orleans and saving the bottles. My neighbor had given me a bottle of Scotch and I finished the bottle… and I made the first doll out of the Scotch bottle. People would just give me bottles and I would save them and make the dolls.

When I and Orisha moved back into the same place in California I was making them rapidly. The neighbors would leave bottles on the doorsteps. I was making the dolls and I couldn’t stop. I was making them in rapid succession. I would go to the crafts store and the fabric store. My friend would bring me bottles. I found bottles in crates on my way taking Orisha to school. I was in Berkeley and bottles were abundant. Things were given to me or found. The only things I paid for was the paint, hodge podge and beads. I used coconut shells for some things.

The first set of dolls I used mango seeds for the head. I was in Job Corps when I was 19 years old and I still remember the story my friend, Astrid, told me. She and her family were so poor in Jamaica that her grandmother made dolls out of mango seeds. They were called “mango seed dollies.”

MQ:  That’s very interesting. And you say you were making the dolls in rapid succession. Can you tell us more about this process?

GM:  Something tells me it’s time to make the dolls and I stop whatever I’m doing and start to make the dolls. I’m thinking happy when making the Bottles. It flows the way it flows. It’s never pre-done. Something says it’s time to make dolls and I make the dolls. It’s never in my mind… and I know how it wants to feel in my hand. I just listen to the universe and how the Ancestors need me to appreciate them.

Something says, “Go get feathers,” and I go get feathers. “Go get beads,” and I go get beads. It’s never pre-planned. It has to be beautiful. So I have to get what they want. Just like I drew FTHR TANG and IMHOTEP for The Dohgon. IMHOTEP wanted binary codes. So, OK, I’ll give you binary codes. I never question the source. I put my ego aside.

MQ:  That’s quite interesting because we are currently writing about the ability to Spiritually hear in our book about Jean-Michel Basquiat, the artist. The book is called Basquiat: The $110.5 Million Spiritual Communicator.

GM:  Wow… Wow… All I can say is Wow!

MQ: For instance, Chapter 4 – The Ears: Always Listen to Hear, describes the two ways to hear — one way is through focusing with your physical ears and the other way is by CONCENTRATING through your mind and Spiritual ears. The Spiritual messages are actually secret messages that everyone hears, but not everyone understands.

PM:   You, GoddessMother, have actually received the two types of hearing. All you have to do now is understand them well and begin to apply what they will bring to you.

GM:  All I can do is receive it… and have gratitude.

MQ:  Is there a Spiritual reason why you and your daughter moved back to California?

GM:  I didn’t want to be in New Orleans. I just hated it there. The bad juju that was placed on me was holding me there. The Spiritual attacks were removed and I was able to see and breathe and come back to California.

MQ:  Do you credit your coming back to California as an added adventure to your creating more Ancestor Bottles?

GM:  Yes I do credit my return. My mind was clearer and free from the attacks.

MQ:  When you left New Orleans did you bring back all the Ancestor Bottles that you created there to California?

GM:  I left New Orleans with my daughter about 3 months after starting to make the dolls. That was around January 2013. Some of the bottles I sold and some I gave away as gifts to people. They fell in love with them. I sold or gave away about 20 or 30 bottles. I don’t have any of the stuff I made in New Orleans.

MQ:  Each of the Ancestor Bottles is designed with so much value and originality that anyone taking a look at them will be attracted to them. Am I right to say that each Bottle has a magnetic attraction that pulls people to them?

GM:  People have told me that when they put one of the Ancestor Bottles in their home, it changes the energy of their home. They say the dolls make them happy and bring them peace.

MQ: Where did you first display your Ancestor Bottles?

GM:  I first displayed the dolls on my personal Facebook page in late 2012 or early 2013 while I was still in New Orleans.

MQ:  Are those dolls still on display on your page?

GM:  Yes, but you’d have to scroll way back to see them. I also set up a Facebook page for the dolls last year in 2016 that’s called Water Witch Creations.

MQ:  What can you say is the purpose for creating the Ancestor Bottles?

GM:  I create the Bottles to bring people closer to their Spirits and to make people happy and for people to enjoy them.

PM:   The fact that the dolls are in people’s homes makes it very real for the magnetic quality of their Spirits to come searching for them. This is why the entire Spiritual nature of people changes with the Bottles in their homes. Their Spirits are close to them now.

It is, therefore, necessary for people to observe more of these Bottles in their actual physical form in galleries, museums and other institutions.

GM:  Yeah, I guess you can say that. Yes it changes the energy in their home.

PM:   You have quite a few Bottles that you’ve designed. We’d like to know how these designs can fit into an animation film?

GM:  They’d need back stories. They’d have to have an origin and a Spiritual hero.

MQ:  The Dohgon has assigned names and a history to each of the Ancestor Bottles. So each Bottle has a different Spirituality or purpose to identify itself and its mission in life. What do you think about this identification for each doll and how this will contribute to the dolls’ portrayals as animation characters?

GM:  I think it’s a good idea. I never thought about giving them names.

MQ:  We’ll display a few of your Ancestor Bottles, with their Spiritual values, on our website for our readers to appreciate.

Ancestoral Bottles

PM:   Orisha has a Spiritual connection with your Ancestor Bottles. As you say, she sometimes talks to them. Could you tell us about some of her talking points? We are very interested to know about promoting a dialog between her and the Bottles?

GM:  She likes them. She stands in front of them and laughs. She runs out of the room and runs back into the room and stands in front of them and giggles like they were telling her jokes. Or she would just stare at them and walk away.

MQ:  So they bring Orisha good energy as well.

GM:  Yes, they bring her good energy.

MQ:  You have a collection of your Ancestor Bottles in a gallery in the Bay Area. How did that come about and when did that occur?

GM:  The owner of the gallery and I had been Facebook friends for about a year. She was following my creations and shared them on her page. I then met her at a function in a gallery opening in San Francisco where I was vending my dolls.

Sometime this year I spoke to her that I would like to share my dolls in her gallery in Oakland. She said she would love to display them. That was around three months ago or so. So I gathered quite a few of the dolls I’d created and took them to her gallery, and she picked the dolls that she wanted to display.

You two are gonna love this. I went by the Gallery yesterday (07/18/17) because Orisha kept saying, “we need to go see Kelly,” the owner of the gallery. So Kelly tells me that some Japanese tourists came in the gallery drawn in by my bottles and were basically blown away by them. They asked her if they could take pictures and they were very excited by them. The universe knows what needs to be done. Ancestors powerful.

MQ:  That is good news… and such synchronicity with us talking about what we foresee happening with the Ancestor Bottles and The Dohgon Games of Higher Intelligence in Japan and other countries. It’s beginning to happen here.

PM:   We will be successful and things are going to happen very quickly. So be patient. Don’t rush anything.

MQ:  Are the Bottles in the gallery for sale to the public?

GM:  The Bottles are still on display, but they’ve all been sold.

MQ:  What are your plans now for displaying more Ancestor Bottles?

GM:  Currently I am in collaboration with The Dohgon University of Thought. We are working to establish a center in AfRAka where we’ll be creating animation films, among other projects, featuring the Ancestor Bottles.

PM:   The Dohgon University of Thought is about THINKING and everything that will emerge from the Ancestor Bottles will involve THINKING and how the Spirit involves the transference of good thoughts to the mind and actions.

GM:  We also intend to lease several of my Ancestor Bottle collections to different galleries and museums around the world. So anyone is welcome to correspond with us to get more information about this project.

Please email us with your name, title and complete institution information, along with your interest to influence people to know more about their own Spiritual powers. Please address your correspondence to me, GoddessMotherSupaQueenofOrisha, at:

MQ:  We appreciate your interview with us, and we’re sure that our readers will as well. ThANKHs a lot.

PM:   The information we’ve gotten from you is very challenging. We know that our readers are going to be very interested in the Ancestor Bottles… and we know the response they will offer will be very enlightening as well.

GM    That sounds good. I’m just patient about it. I’m actually really calm about it. I know it’s going to happen. I’m just waiting patiently. It will be here, definitely.


Never force things to happen to you. Depend upon your intelligence and WISDOM and things will come to you very freely and openly. Your WISDOM is the key to your intelligence. Once your WISDOM is freely expressed, then your intelligence will emerge with many important ideas that will be acceptable to you. — Professor MOmOh

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