Autumn Equinox & Synchronizing Your 2 Brain Hemispheres


September 22 represents a day that was highly honored by our AfRAkan ANKHcestors thousands of years ago in KMT (Egypt). That day is the Autumn Equinox. See the diagram and text below.

We will continue to honor the Autumn Equinox by performing the Dohgon Medtitation 3 times tomorrow: when you wake up in the morning, at noon, and at night before going to sleep. We know you will honor that day that represents nearly equal night and equal day by also synchronizing your 2 brain hemispheres.

Don’t let your 2 brain hemispheres lose that synchronicity throughout the year. Rather, keep your 2 brain hemispheres always united… and you will become very settled and peaceful in everything you do.

Realize that this is a very productive effort that will always accelerate your actions to be good. Keep this effort going consistently. –Professor MOmOh, 09/22/17

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

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