Always TRUST yourself!

IMHOTEP Readers (Wisdom to You!),

The new year is upon us again. It’s now our responsibility to exist in this year all prepared to generate the goodness and joy that we extend to others. We, The Dohgon, therefore, wish all the members of this wonderful AfRAkan institution, and others, to look at the new year as a great gift that the Universe has offered us. Once we start off by being certain of what we know, everything will work out well as the year proceeds.

Today, January 1, 2018, is also a Super Full Moon day. This means that things will happen in abundance… and we have to be prepared to make that abundance of goodness come to us and deposit that feeling of Wonder onto us with which we can continue to be peaceful and fortunate.

This month, we will also experience a “Blue Moon” on January 31. This is a rare event, in which a second Full Moon falls within a single calendar month. The fact that a Full Moon is going to occur twice in the same month means that many good things are going to happen this year. And all we have to do is get ready for the Wonders emerging on the earth this year. We, therefore, open our entire mental universe to the Spiritual Universe as a whole. As a result, we expect the goodness that we deserve to come down upon us and continue to do so for many years to come.

In February, there will be no Full Moon. However, in March we will again experience another rare Blue Moon phenomenon on March 31. This means that 2018 will, indeed, be a very, very special year for our expansion in the Universe. It’s, therefore, very wise that you, individually, express the Openness that you deserve to expand your mind. The more you go through this mental expansion, the more you will expand your WISDOM, too. This means that you will discover, within the year, and many more to come, how expansive your mind is becoming. You will also be very surprised as to how your purpose will open up before you.

Everything that the universe is displaying is the Openness within you to know that freedom will always exist no matter what the restrictions are that are imposed to affect you internally and externally. You have to, thus, be wise enough to guide your own advancement in the universe.

We are very fortunate to experience all these unique occasions happening in the Universe. We know that these experiences are going to be a part of us, and we have to be sincere and peaceful in everything we do. That sincerity and TRUTHFULNESS is what the Universe is displaying to us. So we have to TRUST ourselves and the Universe that everything that happens this year, and many more years to come, will be in our favor.

Always TRUST yourself because everything you do depends on your own strength. Strength within your mind depends upon how sincere you are and how adequately you have prepared yourself to gain that sincerity. Therefore, be sure of yourself with whatever you do. –Professor MOmOh, 01/01/2018

Join us on each of the following Full Moons and Dark Moons (New Moons) in 2018 in performing the Dohgon Meditation, from wherever you are in the world, on those nights:


Full Moon                                           DARK or New Moon

Jan. 1 Super Full Moon               Jan. 16

Jan. 31 Blue Moon                        Feb. 15

March 1                                               March 17

March 31 Blue Moon                   April 15

May 29                                                 May 15

June 27                                               June 13

July 27                                                July 12

Aug. 26                                                 Aug. 11

Sept. 24                                               Sept. 9

Oct. 24                                                 Oct. 8

Nov. 22                                                 Nov. 7

Dec. 22                                                 Dec. 6

*Pacific Standard Time

NARMER (Think with a Unified Brain and Mind!),
MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390


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