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Carbon Castle Keepers Keep Kindheartedly Concentrating

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We are all special people. However, we must abide by Spiritual rules that the Universe itself has made for us. We must, therefore, Keep Kindheartedly Concentrating with each other so that the goodness that exists in the Universe will forever be with us.

Carbon Castle Keepers
Keep Kindheartedly Concentrating

Carbon Castle Keepers are special people. The reason why they are so special is because they always Keep Kindheartedly Concentrating. This ability advances their thinking and the Universe is always open to them.

No matter what they do… or where they go… Carbon Castle Keepers are always welcome wherever good is found. This is because Carbon Castle Keepers always stay unified in TRUTH because they always Keep Kindheartedly Concentrating.

Carbon Castle Keepers are great Spiritual thinkers. This is why we owe a lot of gratitude to them. We appreciate their Wisdom, which is uplifting us in such a way that our worthy mental growth is now advancing so rapidly and boundlessly that we see everything unfolding before our eyes.

Carbon Castle Keepers Keep Kindheartedly Concentrating on whatever good comes to their minds. This is wonderful because the good that comes to their minds is always enhanced by many other good things that they think about.

Today we expect to find Carbon Castle Keepers everywhere… but, unfortunately, we are often amiss to discover their presence when we need them the most. This means that not many people are interested in thinking about good anymore because the ability to Keep Kindheartedly Concentrating has been greatly diminished.

We must, therefore, bring that ability to Keep Kindheartedly Concentrating back into reality again. Once we get back into the reality of thinking with a good Concentration, we shall receive the abundance of Wisdom that has always been a part of our growth… just as our ANKHcestors were discovering the worthiness of the goodness that was once in abundance in the Universe.

We, thereby, must stay very involved with what we have been Spiritually bequeathed by our ANKHcestors. We know that what we have been given will always have that strength and power to continue to excel our Wisdom and the goodness that we have been given to pass onto others.

Always be kind to each other so that the kindheartedness that you concentrate upon is always expressed to others. –Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought, 01/08/18

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