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Circumnavigating The Great Circle of Wisdom


We have a great deal of challenge… and it always involves Circumnavigating The Great Circle of Wisdom. Will we enter this Great Circle at all? It depends on our thinking. If our thinking is well-matured, there is nothing that will stop us from ever entering this wonderful sphere of Wisdom.

If we increase our CONCENTRATION, we will overcome all the difficulties that would otherwise impede our ability to explore The Great Circle of Wisdom.

Are you ready for this Spiritual adventure?

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The possibility of anything happening depends upon the openness of your Mind. If your Mind is very expansive, then it is ready to explore all difficulties that occur within you. These difficulties are overcome because you are ready to intervene with the natural powers you have. –Professor MOmOh, 01/04/2018

Circumnavigating The Great Circle of Wisdom

Wisdom is a compilation of good ideas within a circle. The ideas may have been developed over a long time. This is good because of the fact that these ideas have seen the longevity of existence. So they have been assessed over and over again.

Once these ideas go through that process of assessment, it means that they have been tested on your mind… and they have proven to be worthy of actions that you are about to implement. This is important because anything that has gone through testing proves its worthiness. Therefore, the testing of ideas is very good because each test proves how the idea has gone through various processes of maturity.

Once the proof of maturity is evident, then the value of the worthiness of the idea proves to be acceptable for more and more usage.

If the worthiness of your idea catches the approval of many people, then that idea is very useful. This is what you require to get your idea moving from one person to another and many others.

You also have a tremendous effort to make your idea continue to grow. Once you have decided that your idea must grow, you must therefore exercise the diligence to make your idea worthy on other people’s minds.

Once you get into that action of engaging people’s thinking about what your idea portrays, very soon the idea will be accepted by quite a lot of people. And you will have notoriety in advancing your idea. This, therefore, confirms your ability to think about good things that will not only benefit you, but will benefit others who become involved with the ideas that you implement.

Your ability to present ideas is based upon your thinking. Your thinking has presented something that is worthy to you… and soon when other people hear about the worthiness of your idea, they, too, will appreciate it as well. Now your ability to expand your thinking begins to happen.

Tapping into The Great Circle of Wisdom

You have just tapped into The Great Circle of Wisdom. Now you are going to have a great deal of fun and joy expanding the Wisdom that you have tapped into.

You look from outside at The Great Circle of Wisdom. And you wonder about entering this magnificent, wondrous miracle. Your mind has gone around this Great Circle several times, over and over again, in total amazement and awe.

You are still wondering if you must enter The Great Circle of Wisdom… or keep searching outside this wondrous sphere until you have convinced yourself of the Wisdom required to become fully secure within The Great Circle itself.

How soon will you convince yourself to enter The Great Circle of Wisdom?

Your decision to enter The Great Circle of Wisdom will depend upon the Wisdom that you have within you to become very involved in creating new aspects of thinking growth. That thinking will only come to you when you have ventured into the core of The Great Circle of Wisdom… because inside that core is all the Wisdom that has been awaiting you.

Unless you are mentally prepared, you will become overwhelmed by the infinite thinking processes that exist in this great sphere.

One of the important virtues of being inside the core of The Great Circle of Wisdom is the fact that you will have so much intelligence in that core that your intelligence, itself, will completely amaze you. Then you will have plenty of questions to ask yourself… and very quickly the ANKHsers to those questions will begin to appear one after the other, after the other. This is what will amaze you to understand that The Great Circle of Wisdom is really so far advanced that nothing ever will compare with it.

Consider yourself as very fortunate for having discovered this opportunity. It is an opportunity that will forever improve your Wisdom so that you will never have any difficulty to keep expanding your thinking.

Now you know that the infinite intelligence within the core of The Great Circle of Wisdom will always provide you with the ingenuity to have that attractive energy that is always affiliated with the magnetic energies of the Universe.

You have now ascended yourself into a place of great uniqueness. You are no longer afraid of anything that others have been afraid of. The advancement you have gone through has made you so different that others will think that something is shielding you. But, as a matter of fact, nothing is shielding you but your TRUTH, Honesty and Valor.

This is what is so amazing about entering the core of The Great Circle of Wisdom. There is always so much Wisdom available in the core that you you will become wise enough to accept all the creative energies that want to appear on your mind. Soon there will be so much creativity on your mind that others will want to know whether you have a secret formula for creativity to appear on your mind.

Creativity is necessary because many people wonder how they can become as creative as you are. Often, there is no magic attached to being creative. It is just the ability to open your own mind and let the Universe expand your thinking. As long as the Universe is connecting with you, you will be creative because your mind is also a circle that needs to expand.

Your mind is always available to harbor any ideas that come from the Universe with the purpose to enrich your mind. When those ideas come to your mind, they become a circle, like The Great Circle of Wisdom. All you have to do is put those ideas in different categories as they come along from the Universe. Pretty soon, you have an abundance of ideas on your mind.

When you eventually enter The Great Circle of Wisdom, this now becomes an opportunity for you to exchange ideas with the ones you have already received from the Universe. Now you have the Wisdom to expand on those ideas in many ways necessary. Thus, when you exit The Great Circle of Wisdom, you will have an abundance of informed ideas that will help you to increase your creativity and opportunities. Now you have the Wisdom to expand on those ideas.

This Wisdom is good because it helps your creativity to also emerge. You are now a very creative person because of your ability to work with your mind inside The Great Circle of Wisdom.

Once you begin to expand those ideas, you can see them grow and grow and grow. This is good because it creates an opportunity for others to learn that you understand how The Great Circle of Wisdom operates. Your intention is now to share that Wisdom with others.

Now you know what the purpose of The Great Circle of Wisdom is about. You have noticed how advanced your thinking has become… and your thinking will continue to expand as you advance your mind to explore the Universe.

This will become interesting to others to hear how far your ideas are expanding, with which you can also share those ideas with them.

To Rush or not to Rush when Circumnavigating The Great Circle of Wisdom

You must always realize, however, that entering The Great Circle of Wisdom is not something that is done in a hurry. It is always an action that must endure time because you are not in a hurry to rush into the interior of The Great Circle of Wisdom.

Everything concerning The Great Circle of Wisdom is done intelligently and honestly. Therefore, the ability to employ hurriedness with anything that has to do with Wisdom is avoided.

You will do things calmly, intelligently and cautiously. This means that anything you do concerning The Great Circle of Wisdom has to be done diligently. It is not an activity that has to be rushed into because you can’t rush inside The Great Circle of Wisdom.

You can’t rush inside The Great Circle of Wisdom because all directions inside The Great Circle are non-linear. Therefore, enter The Great Circle of Wisdom with the ability to carefully and patiently circumnavigate out again.

You will appreciate how slowly and carefully you take the time to investigate The Great Circle of Wisdom.

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Never do anything in a hurry. Always be diligent with whatever you do. With diligence in your actions, you will discover that whatever you do happens very intelligently, cordially and honestly. –Professor MOmOh, 01/04/2018

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