How to Sow Magnetic Mental Super Seeds


Today is the 3rd day of the year. The number 3 represents the color GREEN. GREEN means GROWTH. That growth depends on you because each day you are sowing your own Magnetic Mental Super Seeds.

Anything that you initiate for the purpose of growth will grow tremendously when your CONCENTRATION is also advancing at the rate of how the Universe is expanding. Once you and the Universe continue to expand, your mind will grow in such a way as to convince you of the possibilities that are open to you to advance your worthiness in the new year.

How to Sow Magnetic Mental Super Seeds

It is not just what you plant for yourself to benefit you alone, but it’s what you plant that will blossom and then benefit others as well. That way, you create a magnetic energy in the Universe that can be shared with others. The energy is so open that everyone can observe its benefits. It’s like a rainfall. When the rain falls, even the deserts benefit from it as well as areas that have an abundance of plants, creatures, rivers, lakes and oceans.

Bear in mind that your presence on Earth has a great deal of worthiness. You must, therefore, continue to expand that worthiness so that it has virtue for everyone else.

Magnetic Mental Super Seeds Keep Expanding

Once you have initiated an expansion of your thinking, it will begin to affect others who want to expand their thinking as well, but who never knew how to do so. Now you have initiated an endeavor that is easy for others to emulate. You just have to continue to do what you are doing right. Soon it will be so beneficial that it will expand and become accepted by everyone who learns about it.

Magnetic thinking has become very important in the world. The reason why it’s important is because it is open. You must, therefore, learn to open your mind so that your thoughts can also become magnetic. As soon as your mind occupies that category of magnetic thinking, other people are going to become involved with whatever magnetic thoughts you express.

Therefore, be very considerate in your thinking. As soon as that level of magnetic thinking is expressed, it will expand where people will select your thoughts as Mental Super Seeds of Wisdom that will always uplift them…and which they will further share with others as well.

So, what started off as one Magnetic Mental Super Seed, which was an good idea, is now being shared and appreciated by millions of others.

You always have others on your mind… and those other people are very fulfilled when they hear your magnetic thoughts come to them. You now know that your thoughts are not just for you. Rather they are for others to become a part of your thinking. Now you are sowing Magnetic Mental Super Seeds that become so wide and vast that others will keep looking for your magnetic thoughts constantly. –Professor MOmOh, 01/03/2018

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