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Open Your Mind to the Universe… and become fulfilled with Goodness!


2018 will be a good year. Always have that goodness within you in whatever you do. Talk to people with a clean voice, in which they will appreciate you for your expressions.


source site Open Your Mind to the Universe… and become fulfilled with Goodness!

The Spiritual or DARK Universe is a great sphere whose purpose is unlimited. All it has to do is keep expanding forever. Humans who exist for a period of time will never see the beginning or end of the Universe because it has no beginning or ending. It has always existed… and it will exist forever. It is what we, The Dohgon, call infinite existence.

The Spiritual Universe, from which the physical universe emerged, is infinite. This means that the Spiritual Universe will always exist, regardless of the presence of humans. Therefore, we must always respect the infinity of the Spiritual or DARK Universe, and always consider it to be the source of the physical universe of light.

If we appreciate the existence of our ANKHcestors, we shall appreciate our own existence as well and never create any turmoil. We shall, therefore, always maintain peace and harmony so that whatever we endure becomes an aspect of existence that we always appreciate.

There is always goodness in the Universe. Keep searching for that goodness. You might not find it immediately, but in a little while you will because it will come looking for you. This is why patience is a part of anyone with integrity. When you have integrity, you will be patient because you see what will happen at a future time, which someone else without patience will never see. This is the reason why you have to overcome anything that rushes against your integrity. When you overcome the rushing forces that invade your thinking, you will always persevere to rise when many fall and never get up.

We must persist about knowing the goodness within us that affiliates with the Spiritual Universe. Once we understand the goodness within us, and unite it with the goodness of the Spiritual Universe, we shall continue to be good and capable of sharing that goodness with others.

The reason why we have to share goodness with others is because people who don’t know what goodness means will quickly learn that goodness is worthy within those who express it. And once worthiness is expressed, joy will always fulfill our thinking.

The fulfillment will also keep our two brain hemispheres united. Once that occurs, there will be a continuous expression of kindness from one person to the other.

So, open your mind to the Universe and become fulfilled with the goodness that the Universe offers you.

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Openness is always necessary for you to appreciate what good comes to you. Good is a system that has no beginning or end. You must, therefore, synchronize with that goodness so that goodness can always exist in your life. –Professor MOmOh, 01/02/2018

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