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Jan 14

Smile To Show the Goodness of Your Thinking


We have another surprise for you. A few times during the week we’ll post information about how your mind works. That information will always depend on WISDOM.

We’ll appreciate your comments about any topic that truly engages your mind. Simply let us know what those topics are that you’d like us to expand on.

The Universe will always do good. Whether it rains or not, there is always goodness in the Universe. Ensure that you also think about goodness so that the Universe will have a continuity of ever-expanding goodness. –Professor MOmOh, 01-14-2018

to show the goodness of your thinking
and know that you have made a difference in someone else’s consciousness.

What benefits you is always good because your intentions are good. The way your intentions are good depends on how you carry yourself. If you carry yourself with respect, people will look at you with respect… and they will treat you with respect as well.

One of the ways you share respect with others is to be respectful to yourself. This is how you respect yourself and others.

Greet others with a cheerful smile.

A smile breaks any sadness that you harbor in your tone of face. You don’t show people a face that makes them believe that you have something personally against them. Therefore, offer a smile to everyone, whether you are familiar with them or not.

Once you offer a smile, people will become more relaxed in communicating with you. Remember, all you have done is offer a smile. You haven’t done anything else. Your personality is still intact. You have not offended anyone. Rather you have offered consciousness to others who may not even know what consciousness is about.

There is always good when kindness is revealed to others.

What you have done will benefit others because it benefits you as well. The way it benefits others is that SOME AMOUNT OF PEACE came to them which may not have happened with other people they came across before you.

Although, you may not be aware of how you are affecting other people’s consciousness, you are having a great affect on their thinking. Your impact has made a great difference, which other people will cordially appreciate. That’s all that matters… you don’t have to make any physical contact, but only show that you appreciate one person after another.

You always make a good difference in other people’s lives just because your mind is free. It’s that expression from you that affects people as well. They will appreciate your free mind and they will learn to express their own minds as very free as well. Indeed you are making a difference to other people’s thinking, which you may not even know is occurring.

You are producing a difference in other people’s consciousness. The ability of expressing the active consciousness within you always energizes people because you are displaying an action that is having a very good effect on others. Therefore, that expression is spreading to others as well.

What are you doing?
You are Sowing Magnetic Mental Super Seeds.

Such a difference is making a very big impact on others, which indicates that the Magnetic Mental Super Seeds that you are planting are definitely spreading far and wide to others. Others will appreciate you for a very long time because their ability to be wise is spreading as well. This means that their good concentration is always expanding.

The reason why this has impacted others so much is because no consciousness of this type has ever been delivered to them. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to open your mind to other people so that the consciousness that they receive from you is always a good experience that they will always carry… and share with others.

So always

Smile to show the goodness of your thinking
… and know that you have made a difference in someone else’s consciousness.


Everything that happens has a mental weight around it. If it is good, it will bear no stress on other people’s thinking. Rather what they will remember will be a good access to how their thinking can expand as well.

That weight might be too heavy for people who lack an active conscious awareness within their minds. However, those who have a very active conscious awareness will immediately know goodness is happening around them. You, therefore, need to be aware of how your consciousness is always active to understand the good things that occur around you. –Professor MOmOh, 01/11/2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

Copyright © 2018 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.


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