The Dogs Dream


There is always something to excite your memory. If there is good in what comes to you, appreciate it. If it has no goodness in it, then let it go and appreciate whatever good comes next.

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0   A white donut
1   They sniff at it, the white donut

2   They lick it, the white donut
3   They take the first bite at it, the white donut
4   They like it, the white donut
5   Then it’s all gone… the white donut
6   They lick their long lips once… for the white donut
7   Then twice… for the white donut
9   Then three times… for the white donut
8   Then they look around for another white donut
10   They stare at their mistress… for a white donut
11   Then they give a soft bark… for a white donut
12   They lay down to wait… for a white donut
13   Wait, wait… they wait… for a white donut
14   Then they fall asleep… and they dream.
15   The dream is about a dark-brown donut
16   The dark-brown donut is bigger than the white donut.

0   In their dreams:
1  They sniff at it, the dark-brown donut

2  They lick it, the dark-brown donut
3  They take the first bite at it, the dark-brown donut
4  They like it even more… the dark-brown donut
5  Then it’s all gone… the dark-brown donut
6  They lick their long lips once… for the dark-brown donut
7  Then twice… for the dark-brown donut
9  Then three times… for the dark-brown donut

0  Then they wake up thinking about it… the dark-brown donut
1  They see their mistress

2  They give a loud bark, “BOW WOW!”
4  They bark louder and louder: “BOW WOW… WOW!”

5  “BOW WOW… WOW!”
7  They wait as the mistress throws down a white donut
9  They whine and whine, “WHINE, WHINE!”
10  They walk away without taking a bite of the white donut.

The mistress is astonished.
1  The mistress calls the two white dogs back.

2  The two white dogs return.
3  The mistress gives them another white donut
4  The two white dogs whine again
5  One white dog leaps onto the patio table.
6  The white dog snatches a DARK-BROWN DONUT!
7  The mistress observes in wonderment.
9  A dark-brown donut, eh?
8  Time to change tastes… and thinking!!!

Always open your mind to see what happens around you and how it is happening. Your mind will always initiate something worthy that will continue to astonish you.
–Professor MOmOh, 01/05/18

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