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Feb 23

Are We All Connected Spiritually?


Please read our latest post below and give us any input on how you think this information will help you and others advance in life.


Are We All Connected Spiritually?

Yes, we are all connected Spiritually in the sense that we all originated as Spirits from the same universe, which is the DARK or Spiritual Universe.

The DARK Universe is all powerful. It’s Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. It was, it is and it always will be. And it will always exist as your Forever Lasting Spiritual Home… if you maintain the same goodness, stability, patience, acCOUNTability, TRUTH and WISDOM from which you appeared.

Your Forever Lasting Spiritual Home will always seek you so that you are directed back to the goodness that dwells in that Home. The goodness is there because everything that exists in the DARK or Spiritual Universe is good.

” And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

From where was God, or All-Goodness, giving instructions for the physical universe to appear? All-Goodness was, in fact, and still is, and will always be in the Spiritual Universe of DARKNESS. That’s the reason why we, who are physical, will never see All Goodness. The only time we will see All Goodness is when we become Spirits… and that happens when we no longer exist as physical beings.

It is from the DARK Universe of abstract or Spiritual CARBON that the physical universe of light, water and all living and non-living existences appeared. This is why CARBON is intrinsic in every creation, although it may not always be apparent.

The essence of DARKNESS will always exist in every living thing. This is because the Spiritual CARBON of the DARK Universe is the origin of the CARBON that exists in all living existences. This is also why the First Mother and the First Father of Humanity (Our First Parents) were CARBON BLACK and appeared in Equatorial AfRAka.

The CARBON BLACKNESS of Our First Parents provides us with every indication of The DARK or Spiritual Universe as our Origin. The appearance at the Equator indicates the perfect balance between day and night, as well as the perfect balance between the left and right brain hemispheres of Our First Parents. That’s why Our First Parents were in complete harmony with each other.

The Garden of Peacefulness

Our First Parents were glad to see that even the creatures that lived around them were also well-balanced and synchronized. They all lived together happily without any chaos. This unity between Our First Mother and Our First Father was a good example of the unity we should have all carried on from them.

It was certainly a Garden of Peacefulness to which Our First Parents emerged and existed. This was the model for all future parents to know about and respect. When that respect persists, then we will all be good examples of how our two brain hemispheres unite and give us the peacefulness that we deserve in our lives.

Our First Parents were a good example of how unity exists within us before it transfers to others as well. This is the reason why we must know how to synchronize our two brain hemispheres, in which there will always be harmony and peace. If these qualities exist in you, personally, they will, certainly, transfer to others as well.

The DARK Womb of Human Existence

Just as The DARK Universe gave birth to Mother Earth, we can also look at Mother Earth as a wOmb that has brought all existences into being. We must, therefore, equate our own Mothers with Mother Earth… and further expand that understanding to our Omniscient Spiritual Mother of All Goodness, the DARK Universe of our Origination, where all Spirits dwell. She will always be there for our return.

We must, therefore, prepare ourselves with goodness, honesty and intelligence so that we do not deviate from the expectations that She, Our Spiritual Mother, has for our coming back to her in our Forever Lasting Spiritual Home.

How did we appear in the physical world?

To fully understand how the DARK or Spiritual Universe connects to us personally is to consider how we each physically appeared in this world. That appearance came through the DARKNESS and comfort of our mother’s wOmb.

Every child that comes into this physical universe from their mother’s wOmb always screams and cries upon birth. Why? The child is now experiencing a different universe, which is completely different from the child’s mother’s DARK wOmb from where the child physically originated.

We need to understand that there has been a change in environments. This is a surprise that the child does not fully understand. Therefore, the child has to accept the surprise with a shock.

However, because the child is well accepted by his (or her) mother and father, the child’s discomfort will stop. That child is now ready to become familiar with his physical universe.

Creating unity within ourselves by synchronizing our two brain hemispheres

The process of learning about the physical universe may slowly cause a child to forget about his original existence as a Spirit in the DARK or Spiritual Universe. This is why it’s so important that parents do all they can to keep their child well balanced, secure, TRUTHFUL, kind, open, patient, sincere, purposeful and full of WISDOM. When they do, their child will develop a well-balanced and synchronized thinking that always refers back to the Spirituality of his (or her) origination.

This is a child that will easily balance his two brain hemispheres because the parents maintained a well-secured and balanced existence. The child will then continue to live with that goodness… and his purpose will always maintain the Spirituality from which he originated and to which he will return.

However, when a child is not properly disciplined, or is abused or rejected, then that child will have a terrible introduction to life. That child is then forced to grow up with a lot of instabilities and insecurities because he (or she) has not been well nurtured and trained to properly coordinate his two brain hemispheres.

This lack of coordinated brain training is bound to bring confusion into the child’s life. This child will grow up very insecure and out of control because of the high level of emotional trauma that he has experienced.

What this child has experienced are the emotions of his right brain without the proper guidance from his parents to bring the logic of his left brain to his thinking. If this problem becomes severe, the child will become unmanageable.

The parents must begin to see the good welfare of their child. This means that they have to introduce their child to the good thinking that results in two well-balanced brain hemispheres.

Are your two brain hemispheres balanced?

Having your two brain hemispheres balanced is always required for you to exercise peace, calmness, stability, acCOUNTability, TRUTH and WISDOM. These are qualities that are needed for you to interact with others so you can always have peace and goodness.

However, when your two brain hemispheres are not balanced, you will always have an imbalance of logic and emotions. This creates a difference between what you think and do and what others think and do.

The imbalance of the two brain hemispheres is the reason why we are not all connected Spiritually.

There is always a foundation that connects us all together. That foundation is Spirituality. Once you know enough about your Spiritual connection to where you originated, you know you are not alone. There is always a connection between you and your Spirit because your Spirit is always with you in whatever you think and do.

Likewise, there is always a connection between you and someone else based upon your thinking. That other person might be the person you are meeting now or who you will shortly meet.

If, for instance, you’ve maintain the synchronicity between your two brain hemispheres and your Spirit, and one of your neighbors also does, you’ll find yourselves very amicable with whatever you discuss.

However, if another neighbor is always angry and impatient about simple things, and you are always calm and patient, then your thinking will not coincide. Your neighbor uses the emotions of his or her right brain much more than the logic of his or her left brain. It, therefore, becomes very difficult to communicate, both Spiritually and physically, with this neighbor.

There’s a third neighbor that uses his left brain much more than his right brain. That neighbor, too, has an imbalance in thinking. His logic is very subjective and he lacks the ability to be open, TRUTHFUL and sincere. His two brain hemispheres are not united so it’s difficult for him to connect with his Spirituality… and the stiffness of his thinking inhibits him from displaying the sincere kindness and goodness that you often display to others.

However, due to your ability to be a genius in thinking, it’s possible that those you communicate with will find a great interest in uplifting their own in thinking. This happens because of your patience and goodness in thinking.

Your left brain is always ready to synchronize with your right brain so that there is total harmony in your thinking. Once harmony exists in your thinking, then you can quickly accept TRUTHFULNESS and ALL-GOODNESS in everything you do.

The Good Qualities of Your Mind are based upon Good Qualities of The Garden of Peacefulness.

We are all connected Spiritually when our two brain hemispheres are synchronized.

When our ability to think using two synchronized brain hemispheres exists, we’ll all start to look at each other with equality and TRUTH. That condition occurs today when you have TRUTH within you and you consider everyone else to be as equal to you as you are to them.

With two synchronized brain hemispheres, we’ll all be peaceful, honest and sincere without wishing any person any harm because we’ll all be connected Spiritually. And we will all exercise the good qualities that are needed for our Spiritual existence… just like it was with Our First Parents in the Garden of Peacefulness.

Traveling Back to Your Forever Lasting Spiritual Home

You are now beginning to fulfill your infinite journey as a Spirit. Your mind, which sees what will happen to you in the future, will never worry about the turmoil of hell fire that happens to others who do not have any security to where they will exist in the future.

Rather, your mind is fulfilled about how you have existed before, how you are existing now, and how you will continue to exist in the future. Since your mind is fulfilled with goodness, you will have no difficulty in knowing that you will sooner or later find yourself joyfully traveling back to your Forever Lasting Spiritual Home.

And She, your Spiritual Mother, will welcome you back to where you belong in the All Goodness of your forever lasting Spiritual existence.


Know that there is always something achievable… if only your mind is TRUTHFUL, sincere and honest. –Professor MOmOh, 02/22/2018

NARMER (Think with a Unified Brain and Mind!),
MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

Copyright © 2018 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.

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