I Am an AfRAkan Genius


These are two poems that you should read. They were written by an 8 year-old and 10-year-old student of The Dohgon University of Thought many years ago. Please read and give us your input.

Why I Am an AfRAkan Genius
by E. Brown, 8

I am an AfRAkan genius
from a long history of spiritual energy
in my ANKHcestors
that they passed on to me.

They appeared first deep within the AfRAkan continent,
where they migrated toward the north to Egypt
nd created the longest lasting structures that are still standing today.

These structures speak of their great civilizations
and the spiritual genius in them.

This is the place and the people that I came from.
And by using The Dohgon focused spiritual meditation
I will re-awaken the AfRAkan multi-genius in me.


Why I Am an Genius
by S. Brown, 10

I am a genius because of the spiritual connection
that I share with AfRAka and my AfRAkan ANKHcestors.

These spiritual geniuses built the first pyramids that still stand today.

They did this through the AfRAkan Mystery Systems
using the spirituality of numbers.

This Mystery System of spirituality through numbers
reawakens the powerful AfRAkan spirit in me
that will bring the multi-genius in me to my people,

which will be used to strength the AfRAkan continent
and reconnect all AfRAkan people to their spiritual purpose.

The genius continues and will appear through
focus and concentration.

I will be that genius.


What we have displayed here is the freedom of the mind. Ensure that your mind is always free. Professor MOmOh, 03/05/2018

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