The Spirituality of Peace


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The Spirituality of Peace

The Spirituality of Peace is where peace has been before, where it is now and where it will continue to be in the future.

The Spirituality of Peace exists in the Spiritual World. Therefore, everyone who dies as a physical being will always want to travel back to the Spiritual World where there’s complete peace.

The Spirituality of Peace exists on your mind because you are a person who is interested in the peace that your mind exhibits.

Most people who are dedicated to peace in their lives will always stay peaceful under any circumstance that is against them. They will exercise peace at all times. They will not fight anybody because they have no animosity towards anyone. They will always stay calm because they want to remain peaceful.

Peace is, therefore, on your own mind because you don’t want your memory to override the peacefulness within your mind.

People who are always dedicated to the good thinking of their minds will stay calm and very dedicated to ideas that are peaceful. They are not people who will become excited about anything. They are people who will stay calm even though conditions around them are chaotic.

Your own free and open mind to THINK clearly

The message in this post is about you having your own free and open mind to THINK clearly about things you do. Sometimes there are personal things that are against you, but you have to always recognize that you have a mind.

Once your mind is directed towards good thinking, your actions will always lead towards goodness instead of the the uncertainties that cause others to act wickedly.

We must insist that our minds will be strong and will never yield to the emotions that weaken other people. Our minds are strong only if we continue to think right. The more that good thinking continues, the better we are bound to be.

You must always go to your mind, instead of the emotions of your memory. Your memory stores everything that has occurred in the past and carries weight that you are not prepared to express. But the anxiety is still within you about getting rid of the weight that your memory still carries.

We must also insist that all physical weights are based upon gravity. It is the gravity of weights that becomes so heavy on you that your ability to think evenly no longer happens. The gravity of weights forces you to do evil things. Therefore, you must know within yourself that gravity will not control you.

This is why you always have to depend on your mind. Your mind sees the Universe, in which there are many places to go. Whereas, your memory only sees what you have acquired or achieved for yourself. These are limited advantages you have. These advantages may collide with what you contain within yourself.

You must, therefore, activate your mind so that it’s always productive with the good things of your thinking, not the unresolved things and emotions of your memory.

Being flexible in the choices you make

The sole idea of flexibility within your thinking is you having the choice to overcome certain limitations that occur to you. It might be with your own family or with others that you meet. Or it could be the career you have chosen to be a part of for the rest of your life.

If the conditions that you encounter in your career, for instance, are not exactly what you could have chosen, then it’s a good thing for you to decide on leaving that career. You have considered the career you have chosen not to be comfortable in your mind. And always know if your mind is not happy about something, there is always that condition within you to be dissatisfied.

If that dissatisfaction continues for a longer period of time, you will be displeased with whatever you encounter. Now you have a responsibility within yourself to quit that barrier that impedes you from seeing the whole TRUTH of the choice you have made.

Unite your Left and Right Brain Hemispheres

Here, your two brain hemispheres must be united in making certain choices. If one brain hemisphere is satisfied with the choice you have made and the other brain hemisphere is not quite up to that choice, know that there will be more and more dissatisfaction within you as time goes along.

For instance, if your right brain likes the choice you made for a particular career, but your left brain doesn’t agree with that choice and the fulfillment that you are supposed to attain with that choice, think again. You will become dissatisfied because your right brain does not see the logic within you to have made the choice that you made.

There must, therefore, be a clear understanding within your left brain to see the logic of the choices that your right brain is making. The reason why your left brain has to confirm any choice that your right brain makes is because your left brain is more logical than your right brain. Therefore, the logic needs to confirm the choices that you make.

If you disregard your logic in assessing your right brain, you will be extremely emotional and lack any logic or TRUTH in what you do.

It is only when there is unity between your two brain hemispheres that you will be satisfied with the choices that you make and become fulfilled with what you choose to do. Otherwise, you can stay with a career for a very long time, possibly for a lifetime, without getting the fulfillment that you must have for that particular choice you have made.

Your Pineal Gland

Your pineal gland is the EYE that sees inside of you and outside of you as well. That EYE is the AfRAkan All-Seeing EYE of Heru. It sees everything that you think about within you and it sees everything that you see outside of you.

Your pineal gland is very active when your two brain hemispheres are well synchronized.

You have to make sure that your two brain hemispheres are always synchronized for your pineal gland to work effectively. This gland is very important for the fact that it has to look inside of you, as well as outside of you.

People who keep their pineal glands very open and free will accomplish many good and worthy feats that most people believe are too difficult to accomplish.

Therefore, your pineal gland is ideal for synchronizing your internal actions that depend on your mind with the actions that you undertake that are outside of you.

Because you need the unity of your internal strength, as well as the strength that you display externally, you always require confidence within you to establish that strength. Therefore, always unite your two brain hemispheres so that everything you do links to your Spirituality of Peace.

The Spirituality of Peace

Peace always exists on your mind. If your mind is adequately enriched with good things from the Spiritual or DARK Universe, it will structure all physical things to be at peace with your mind as well.

This means that all the actions that you express are all peaceful. And things that you might do in the future will also be peaceful.

This is how you eradicate evil doings from your mind. You are no longer vulnerable to the evilness that quickly overpowers others.

You now become a person who is so different that no one who talks or thinks about evil comes to you to convince you to become a part of that evil.

You now stand out as a person of TRUTH and one who exercises TRUTH in your life.

TRUTH will continue to come to you. And people who are seeking TRUTH will come to you to find out how you can help them to maintain a strong level of TRUTH as well.

TRUTH will always come to you if your mind is strong and willing to correct things that you have done evil in the past. You now are prepared to correct the evilness of your past and go forward with TRUTH. –Professor MOmOh, 03/09/2018

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