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Apr 06

CONCENTRATION and The Purpose of Your Mind


You will enjoy reading this information about your mind and brain. Be careful when you use your right brain all the time… you are actually overusing your memory. And your mind is not properly being assessed. So be aware of how you use your memory and your mind.


CONCENTRATION and The Purpose of Your Mind
— The reason why all students need to learn the Dohgon Count!

The Dohgon Concentration Games are all numbers and letters. Numbers are first abstract before they become applied. When they are applied, you can use them as commodities or as money, for example.

Schools use applied numbers to teach students in different ways. But students do not know the different types of numbers, which are abstract and applied numbers. Students must learn that abstract numbers are used on their minds and applied numbers are used by their brains to exchange values.

The numbers that you keep on your mind (which is abstract) are different from the physical numbers that you apply with your brain to anything. The numbers that you apply with your brain can be altered any time your mind chooses to change a direction of flow of that number. For instance, you might apply a certain number to indicate a positive or a negative direction. Then your mind will decide that you need a particular direction for using that number. Your mind will then choose that direction to be positive, neutral or negative. For example, let’s say you decide to dig for something that you might find valuable to you. But your mind will say, “That’s not what you should do.” Then instead of digging for something, you start to look for that thing in the river or somewhere else. Your mind has the ultimate choice for directing your path to whatever you should do.

Thus, every mind must be utilized with the abstract Spiritual worthiness of abstract numbers. Through that approach, children will understand that there is value to every application of numbers. This is the way that our AfRAkan ANKHcestors applied abstract numbers to build pyRAmids and other structures that are valuable to human civilization today.

The abstract numbers were examples for IMHOTEP, the world’s greatest multi-genius and architect, to build the 6-Step PyRAmid, and to suggest that humanity must advance to explore the stars in the Universe. So if you see satellites exploring the Universe, that’s an idea that started with our ANKHcestors in AfRAka during the AfRAkan Civilization many thousands of years before 0 B.C.

Your mind is completely different from your memory. Why?

Your memory deals with your brain, specifically your right brain. Everything that your senses perceive will be stored in your memory. Your senses of smell, sight, sound, taste and touch are directly linked to your brain, particularly your right brain and memory. This is because your right brain deals with all your emotions. And your emotions are stored in your memory, not on your mind.

If a student is failing in school, how can focusing solve that problem?

Focusing alone definitely can’t solve that problem because what the student perceives as intelligence is not what is drilled into his or her brain by the teacher. INTELLIGENCE, rather, is achieved through CONCENTRATION. This means that your mind must open up in such a way as to absorb what is focused on, as well as what links all of what you have focused on so that you have a greater understanding of what your focus is about.

When your mind opens up to the reality of what is intended for you to focus on, then your mind will accept or reject many things that you have focused upon through your senses of smell, sight, sound, taste and touch. This is where our ANKHcestors made a big difference with FOCUS and CONCENTRATION. They knew exactly what was important for them to FOCUS AND CONCENTRATE on. Thereby, they were able to CONCENTRATE and know that what they focused on was an extension of their INTELLIGENCE. They were, therefore, able to build important monuments like the The Great PyRAMids, TEKHenw (obelisks) and many other things that we see and benefit from today.

Medical science also started from IMHOTEP, the world’s first medical doctor, in KMT (Egypt). That’s the reason why you go to doctors’ offices and you see the medical symbol, the caduceus, hanging in their offices. The two intertwined snakes tell you that medical science originated in AfRAka. Our AfRAkan pharaohs and queens placed the two intertwined snakes in the middle of their forehead to represent the power of the Eye of Heru (the pineal gland) and how that gland sees the past, present and future. The intertwined snakes represent the Pure Energy Waves of Abstract CARBON from the Spiritual or DARK Universe from where we all originated as Spirits. So if you follow the WISDOM of that gland by understanding the Eye of Heru, you will be preserved and without any complexities of sickness.

AfRAKans do not demonstrate any greed towards what was accomplished in the past and what is advancing now. Rather, they know that whatever happened in the past will be revealed again, and those who initiated the beginning of what happened in the past will have the intelligence to, again, influence others to expand their worthiness today and in the future.

This is why CONCENTRATION has always been a strong foundation for building the pyRAmids, as well as many things that the AfRAkan Civilization established. Our ANKHcestors in AfRAka demonstrated that the CONCENTRATION they applied in building the Great PyRAmids in KMT (Egypt) was essential for other things to happen. So we must now determine now how we can CONCENTRATE to make other ingenious things happen as well.

Thus, people who CONCENTRATE well always THINK GREATER AND WIDER… and with more OPENNESS, PEACE and GOODWILL. And they are able to contribute a lot more worthiness and good for humanity to appreciate.

If a student is failing in school because the logic or intelligence on his or her mind is not the same as what the teacher is teaching, then how can this be resolved?

If people who are imparting WISDOM to others are themselves ignorant about the expansion of WISDOM, then they ought to learn how WISDOM is transformed from intelligence. When the transformation is well understood, then WISDOM becomes INTELLIGENCE in itself. Therefore, the understanding will then expand in other people because WISDOM is applied. It no longer becomes a selfish idea that is difficult to undergo expansion.

Educational institutions must understand that there are differences between the two brain hemispheres, focus and concentration. You can focus with one brain hemisphere, which is your right brain, but you can only concentrate when your two brain hemispheres are actively synchronizing. When the synchronization begins to happen between your two brain hemispheres, which are your left and right hemispheres, you now have an ability to concentrate well because your two brain hemispheres are uniting.

We, the Dohgon, feed the mind abstract things because the mind itself is abstract. Pure energy waves–which are different from vibrations that are physical and enter your right brain and memory–are abstract. Numbers and all forms of MA’AThematics that originate from your mind are abstract. Abstraction heals the mind.

Begin to use the DOHGON NUMBERS to discover how CONCENTRATION is easier than focus. Let students have a choice.

Always remember that when you CONCENTRATE, you use your MIND and brain. But when you focus you only use your brain. It’s, therefore, better that your MIND and brain are always united when your CONCENTRATION is active.  –Professor MOmOh, 04/06/2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

Copyright © 2018, 2014 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.

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