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May 05

Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid Can Be Easy or Difficult


Below is another article, which is an excerpt from our book, “Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid Can Be Easy or Difficult,” which we know you will enjoy reading. The book pdf will be available soon.



Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid Can Be Easy or Difficult

IMHOTEP’S 6-Step PyRAmid is a model to guide you towards eternity after you have parted from the physical world. You will realize that each step of the PyRAmid has a purpose. Each purpose is to guide you towards the eternity from which you emerged as a human being.

You experienced the physical aspects of your existence in the physical world. Did you experience a long life? Or was it a short existence?

A long life, however, does not always indicate that your existence has been good and free of evil and wrongdoings. People who live very long can sometimes be evil, selfish and insincere in the way they deal with others.

You must, therefore balance your existence as a physical being so that you are always fair and sincere in the way you treat others and Mother Nature. You can see that being sincere is the TRUTH that dwells in you and must exist forever. If, however, you are insincere in the way you treat others, your TRUTH only visits you when you decide. At that time, TRUTH has not demonstrated that it is a part of your being. Now you have to question your own TRUTH… because when you finally depart the physical universe, you will struggle to climb the 6-Step PyRAmid towards eternity.

The struggle in climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid can be very difficult because you have committed insincere actions that are now appearing to you. The actions that you committed when you were living will still be with you as you climb the 6-Step PyRAmid. This is a preamble to indicate that what you needed to have resolved peacefully was not done by you in your physical existence. As a result, you now experience difficulties in climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid.

If your thoughts and actions were wrong in your physical world, then climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid will be painful for you, causing you to endure difficult actions as you climb. For instance, you will experience aches and pains as you climb the steps, in which your ascent will be undermined by the pains and difficulties you caused others. Now, what you have done to others has come to affect you.

This is why you have to always realize that whatever evil you do to others will come back to affect you. Evil is not something that you as a human being must accept. It is not a part of you. Therefore, you must never think about accepting evil in your thoughts and actions.

Whenever evil comes to your mind, quickly get rid of it and don’t accept it. When you accept evil, it becomes Spiritually recorded in you so that when you die everything you thought about concerning evil or acted in evil ways are now exposed when you die. You will begin to feel the difficulties when you climb the 6-Step PyRAmid.

It is the ability to climb the 6-Step PyRAmid that begins to express the evil that you inflicted on others. When that difficulty begins to express itself in the PyRAmid, you will decide whether to fall off or continue to climb. Often, the pressure on you, due to your evil deeds, becomes so great that you will decide to fall off the Steps and decend to hell, rather than continue to climb further.

Therefore, don’t become a part of evil because your Spirit is not designed for that connection. Your Spirit, however, always records everything you affiliate with and do, both good and bad. It is, therefore, important that you don’t do anything evil to yourself or others. Once you stay TRUTHFUL to yourself and humanity, you will not suffer climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid when that time arrives.

We are all being monitored by our Spirits

Climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid is a test of TRUTHFULNESS within you to indicate that your actions were acCOUNTable to yourself as well as to others. You will have to acCOUNT for the evil that you did as a human being in the physical universe. This is the reason why your Spirit is constantly recording everything you do. And those who assume that they will not have to pay for what they do wrong in the physical universe are only deceiving themselves.

We are all being monitored by our Spirits. So we should be very aware of whatever we do that is questionable. Our actions will always affect us according to the wrongs we do to others and to the environment. That’s the reason why we all climb the 6-Step PyRAmid after we depart the physical world. If we fail to climb the 6 Steps, we automatically drop down to hell because we have not been acCOUNTable to the TRUTH and GOOD we were supposed to administrate.

Where will you find yourself after your physical existence?

Dropping down to hell is a long distance to travel. Hell is like a place you find yourself when you slip from a high elevation. It’s like you falling many, many miles down a very steep and rocky mountain. When you finally hit the ground, many parts of you are already broken and shattered. However, you are still alive and you can feel the pain of your fall. Unfortunately, you can’t get any relief from the pain you are now suffering. Rather, the heat and severe intensity of light that consumes you in hell will keep rising because of the wickedness, greed and unfairness that you displayed to others. You now wonder why you have arrived at a place that you clearly know is not where you wanted to be.

Your existence in the physical world was not balanced. And you did everything to suit yourself because you had an opportunity to do so. Now you don’t have any advantages when you move on to the afterlife because in that condition you no longer have two brain hemispheres assisting you in whatever you do. Now you are in pain, isolated and very lonely.

The question is, What do you do to overcome the pain, isolation and loneliness that overpowers you in the afterlife when you no longer have two brain hemispheres?

To be continued in our book pdf, “Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid Can Be Easy or Difficult”. Get the pdf when it’s available.


IMHOTEP’s 6-Step PyRAmid is a guide that our AfRAkan ANKHcestors of many millennia ago determined was a process in which we, as human beings, had to rise to return to where we originated from as Spirits in the pure and everlasting Spiritual Universe. Therefore, always know from where you came, where you are now, where you will return. –Professor MOmOh, 05-05-2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

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