Saving a Child in Paris is Easy for a 22-year-old-AfRAkan from Mali

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This is a story about saving a child in Paris. You must read this amazing display of concentration and share it with others.

Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid is Easy for a 22-year-old AfRAkan from Mali, the Land of the Dohgon people


The Dohgon University of Thought recognizes the CONCENTRATION POWER of Mamoudou Gassama, a 22-year-old AfRAkan from Mali who recently used his power of concentration to efficiently and meticulously ascend the façade of an apartment building in Paris, France to save a 4-year-old boy dangling from the railing of the fourth floor. BRTHR Mamoudou, we, The Dohgon University of Thought, appreciate what you have displayed for all of humanity to recognize as the power of the concentration that exists within your mind. You are our first recipient of The Dohgon University IMHOTEPIAN AWARD for the Power of Concentration.

An amazing feat of concentration to save a 4-year-old boy

BRTHR Mamoudou’s ascent up the building was an amazing feat of concentration and determination, in which he lifted himself up the building from one floor to the next until he reached the fourth floor and pulled the child to safety in less than 30 seconds. See the story and video here.

BRTHR Mamoudou stayed focused upon the child as he concentrated upon what he had to accomplish to save the child. By keeping his ability to concentrate active and Spiritually alive, Mamoudou actually affected the power of the child’s mind to also concentrate as he held onto the railing of the fourth floor balcony with both his hands. This, thus, became an action of Spiritual powers working together. It is a complex communication in which Spiritual powers come together to influence a physical action to save another person.

Once that Spiritual power of concentration was enforced by Mamoudou, that child was affected by the Spiritual communication that Mamoudou emitted to him. That child was then able to hold onto the railing without ever feeling afraid to fall. When Mamoudou, then, reached the fourth floor, he simply pulled the child to safety – all in the name of Spiritual communication through concentration.

The Power of the Mind is to Spiritually affect other Minds

What Mamoudou accomplished was something that all human beings must think about — that is, that there is a connection between all humans. And that connection happens through the mind. The power of the mind is to affect other minds so that the other minds are Spiritually informed about what has happened in the past, what is happening now in the present, and what will happen in the future. This is a very complex involvement to solve a problem.

Once the power of concentration exists on your mind, you can then influence many things to happen according to how you can make them happen. It is a Spiritual and magnetic thinking that is always essential for GOODNESS and TRUTH to prevail.

Unite your two brain hemispheres and open your mind to all possibilities

With the power of concentration, you have the Spiritual ability to think beyond the impossibilities of all situations. And you are always motivated to look at conditions that are usually difficult for others as if they are not difficult for you. Your motivation is so high that your mind is free of all conditions of impossibilities.

Your ability to concentrate happens because you understand how to unite your two brain hemispheres. Once your left and right brain hemispheres are well synchronized, your mind becomes open and free to expand limitlessly into any aspect of thinking. You, thus, have the easy ability to rise up IMHOTEP’S 6-Step PyRAmid with elegance, grace and ease.

This is what Mamoudou did to appreciate himself and let others also know that Rising Up The 6th Step PyRAmid is easy when you have the ability to concentrate.

Is Mamoudou a Dohgon?

Is it any wonder that Mamoudou is from Mali in West AfRAka, where the Dohgon people established the ability to concentrate through the mind? This ability was particularly unique with the Dohgon people of Mali. Through the ability to concentrate, the Dohgon were able to calculate the distance between the Earth and the Sirius Stars in the Orion Constellation without the aid of telescopes. This was something that no one had presented before. The Dohgon people of Mali were also able to understand the weather capabilities of the planet Saturn. How did they know this? The Dohgon were also the first people to mention anything about the DNA within the human body. These, and many other discoveries, were implemented by the Dohgon People of Mali long before others knew anything about them.

When BRTHR Mamoudou saved the 4-year-old child in Paris, we know that his powerful ability to concentrate has revealed that the Spiritual concentration power of The Dohgon People of Mali is still active today. We, therefore, have to continue to exercise that Spiritual concentration power in our lives as well.

The reason why the ability to Spiritually concentrate is so important in our lives is because we need to understand how our existence is not just physical, but also Spiritual, in which we can each exercise the uniqueness of our existence to express the Goodness and Truth that exists in our thinking.

Now Mamoudou’s actions will give us an incentive to know that everyone has a powerful mind through concentration, if only we use it for enhancing our understanding of humanity.

It’s always a great opportunity to concentrate on things that others view as impossible. This is how you raise your intelligence to a level where impossibilities are no longer accepted on your mind. –Professor MOmOh, 05-30-2018

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