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Jun 27

Dancing is an Excellent Exercise to Unite your Spirit, Mind and Two Unified Brain Hemispheres


We know you will find great pleasure in reading about how dancing connects you with your Spirit. Let us know what you think as you read this article.

Dancing is an Excellent Exercise to Unite your Spirit, Mind and Two Unified Brain Hemispheres

Every healthy person must dance everyday either on their minds or with their entire body.

Dancing is an exercise that demands physical and Spiritual synchronicity. When you dance everyday you are helping to unite your two brain hemispheres by bringing your Spirit and your mind into your everyday life.

Dancing is good because your two brain hemispheres are having an opportunity to synchronize with each other. This relieves either brain hemisphere from overtaxing the other. So by dancing, you bring more freedom and openness to your two brain hemispheres, thereby giving your mind the expanding independence it needs to think creatively.

When you balance your two brain hemispheres, your right brain knows what your left brain is thinking… and your left brain also knows what your right brain is thinking. So each brain is playing an active, equal and open role in its communication with you.

This free-flowing and synchronized communication between your two brain hemispheres elevates your intelligence and creativity because you are no longer subjected to the instabilities of your emotions or the strictness of your logic. Rather, your thinking is free and independent to always express the GOODNESS and TRUTH of your balanced and stable mind.

When you have good thoughts and actions, your Spirit easily sends its Spiritual messages to your brain through your mind via The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication. See the diagram below.

When the communication between your Spirit, mind and unified brain is open and free flowing, your dancing will have have all the rhythms that any good music offers. So, get up and dance everyday to your own good choice of music!

Dancing is freedom! Exercise that freedom everyday and you will share that freedom both Spiritually and physically. –Professor MOmOh, 06-27-2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

Copyright © 2018 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.


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