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How do IMHOTEP and The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time affect you today?


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can i buy propecia over the counter How do IMHOTEP and The doxycycline cheap australia Dohgon here Trinity of the TRUTH of Time affect you today?

One of the greatest Spiritual and MA’AThematical geniuses in world history rose from the continent of AfRAka. His name was IMHOTEP. He was the multi-mega genius that foresaw the Spiritual and mental blueprint of the world’s first Step PyRAmid, which was built in KMT (Egypt) many thousands of years ago. Discover more about IMHOTEP below.

How did IMHOTEP foresee the 6-Step PyRAmid, with its intricate exterior and interior design?

IMHOTEP understood The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication. This made it easy for him to internally investigate exactly how the PyRAmid would evolve. This required a very complex design that IMHOTEP had to put together based upon his THINKING.

IMHOTEP’s THINKING was, indeed, very complex, yet simple, as well. The fact that he was able to design and build the world’s first Step PyRAmid so that it’s still standing today, shows us that his ability to present what the ANKHcestors demanded of him was fulfilled. In other words, IMHOTEP’s ability to present something that goes on and on in history is what we have to look at as very worthy. IMHOTEP did not just put something together that could serve him and his community, but something that would last forever that all of humanity would observe and talk about throughout history.

Because IMHOTEP was highly flexible, open and expansive in his THINKING, he was not overcome by the stresses of building such a large and intricate structure. Rather, he was always at ease and expressing his desire to present a design that humanity would, again, appreciate forever.

Why was IMHOTEP so much at peace with himself?

IMHOTEP always kept his two brain hemispheres balanced and in harmony with each other. This meant that he was internally organized, and he was ready, at any time, to present what he knew Spiritually that became known to others physically. This is how a monumental building, the first Step PyRAmid, was built. At the time, there was no other building in the world that could compare to what IMHOTEP had thought about and erected.

See the diagram below.

Why did our AfRAkan ANKHcestors identify TRUTH within a specific shape, the triangle, in building the 6-Step PyRAmid?

There is a value why our AfRAkan ANKHcestors made things appear in triangular form. The ANKHcestors were concerned about THE TRUTH of the three aspects of human existence. They are the Past, Present and Future or what we, The Dohgon, call The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time. See the diagram below.

The reason why the circle surrounding the triangle above is Black is because Spirit is BLACK, or invisible, and all of humanity has the value of BLACKNESS that surrounds TRUTHFUL Thinking on their minds. If you choose to access the TRUTHFULNESS of your mind, that’s exactly the way it should be.

However, it’s very easy to choose not to apply the TRUTH on your mind when the emotions of an event or experience overwhelm your memory. When this happens what is not TRUTH confirms itself by flooding your memory in such a way as to make you completely forget what TRUTH you have to pursue in life. This is always a sad situation because your thinking slows down, and your ability to pursue good things that bring TRUTH back to you is impeded. See the diagram below.

How exactly does humanity have the value of BLACKNESS in TRUTHFUL Thinking?

TRUTHFUL Thinking comes from the BLACKNESS of your mind. Therefore, as long as you think good thoughts your mind will maintain its BLACKNESS because your good thoughts come from the base of BLACKNESS. When you maintain good thoughts, your mind will always be BLACK and PURE, as in PURE ABSTRACT ENERGY WAVES OF CARBON.

However, as your thinking changes from goodness and TRUTH to hatefulness, corruption, greed, lies and other evil acts, your mind will not support your thinking anymore, and the emotions of your memory will take over. This indicates that your two brain hemispheres are no longer unified to support the good thinking of your mind. Rather, you will now depend upon your memories for everything you identify with and claim. At this time, you will now become unable to make reasonable decisions because your memory will cause you to act irrationally and without a purpose.

How does The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time relate to the BLACKNESS of one’s Spirit?

The TRUTH is there was no light before creation occurred. There was only Spirit, or BLACKNESS, which was all-encompassing and invisible. Spirit was, is and always will be Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. That’s the reason why good still appears in human existence.

Spirit, being BLACK and invisible, therefore, had to be represented in a different form than its original or abstract appearance. Thus, Spirit revealed itself as a human being in the presence of light on Earth. The human being was as BLACK as Spirit was.

Thus, The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time makes it very clear that humankind appeared as an extension of the Spiritual or BLACK Universe.

What does the Timelessness of Spirit have to do with The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time?

The Timelessness of Spirit will always maintain itself. This means that its TRUTH is always the same anywhere, everywhere and all the time. Therefore, when you search for TRUTH, its value will be the same all the time. TRUTH will never change, regardless of the lies that surround it. In other words, TRUTH always has the same PURE Abstract Energy Waves of BLACKNESS or Invisibility. TRUTH, therefore, will always have the same PURE Abstract Energy Waves from the Spiritual or BLACK Universe of Origination anywhere you enCOUNTer it. See the diagram below.

The Timelessness of Spirit is, therefore, a confirmation of The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time, which emphasizes the continuity of TRUTH wherever you find it.

There is always TRUTH in all existences. Therefore, you must be very sincere in whatever you decide to do because the TRUTH of what you do will always follow you. –Professor MOmOh, 08-17-2018

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