The MA’AThematical Powers of the AfRAkan Mind and The Dohgon Power of 8


This is a special post for you to really understand how AfRAkan intelligence has always existed for humanity. This is based on how AfRAkans saw themselves and how they interacted with other human beings so they could exist peacefully with all of humanity.

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The MA’AThematical Powers of the AfRAkan Mind
and The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication

The MA’AThematical Powers of the AfRAkan mind do exist because of the expansion of the mind through the proper use of the pineal gland, also known as The AfRAkan All-Seeing Eye of Heru. When this gland is active, along with The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication, the ability to concentrate rises tremendously. This occurs because there is now an open and free-flowing communication between your Spirit and your two unified brain hemispheres through your mind. See the diagram on the left.

You, thus, have the power to make everything occur that you rightfully think about. This possibility occurs when you know that nothing can impede you from advancing to a height that other people will think was impossible to acquire. The difficult situation that others thought was impossible to overcome is now an easy process for you to display. For example, watch this 17-year-old pianist’s breathtaking performance, which you might have thought was impossible to acquire.

The Spiritual and MA’AThematical Powers of the AfRAkan All-Seeing Eye of Heru

The MA’AThematical display below indicates how you, with two unified brain hemispheres, can overcome any challenges that you come across in life.


You must, therefore, know that the challenges that come to you are meant to be overcome so that you can rise to your own level of Spirituality. That level is meant to elevate you to the quality of life that you deserve.

Indeed, these Spiritual powers do exist because the AfRAkan has a very high level of concentration. Concentration, unlike focus, is abstract. It lets you communicate Spiritually. This means that what you cannot physically resolve can always be referred back to your Spirit, which will provide you with the solutions to overcome difficult circumstances.

Your Spirit is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. This means that you have a quality of great power within you to do good and amazing things. This power that you have gives you the potential to provide solutions to many things that occur around you so that you no longer run away from difficulties. Rather, you stay committed to overcome difficult circumstances.

When you understand The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication you can quite easily overcome all difficulties that could have impeded you from progressing. This occurs because of The Dohgon Power of 8 free-flowing communication with your Spirit and your two unified brain hemispheres occurs as your mind freely expands as you explore the good activities you intend to accomplish.

IMHOTEP, the world’s greatest multi-genius, and the builder of the first Step PyRAmid many thousands of years ago, in KMT [Kemet] (Egypt), understood The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication. This meant that he could both receive and transmit information directly to and from his Spirit via his mind all the time. IMHOTEP, therefore, had complete and open access to the Source of all TRUTH, WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE, his Spirit. See the diagram below.

Through his intelligence, IMHOTEP could unravel everything that was unknown to humanity through his own mind. His ability to understand what could happen now and in the future was quickly expressed by the talents he had. This was a special quality that humanity did not know anything about.

IMHOTEP was, therefore, a special person that was respected all over the world.

You, too, have the ability to raise your concentration through The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind communication by always doing good things that humanity appreciates.

Always be good. . .  and stay committed to your own desire to pursue goodness in life. –Professor MOmOh, 08-10-2018

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