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http://commoncoreimplementation.com/2014/06/?share=twitter AfRAkan Logic,
  AfRAkan fRAktals

The Mysteries of Your Brain

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about your Pineal Gland, your brain hemispheres and how you can begin to
change your own life, improve your relationships and magnify your fortunes.

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The Amazing Professor/”Prophet”
Professor MOmOh

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AfRAkan fRAktals Course

3-MONTH COURSE PACKAGE AfRAkan Logic, AfRAkan fRAktals What you know now is what you knew 3 months ago. 3 months from now, you will know 300 times more than what you know now because you would have learned a whole lot about AfRAkan Logic, sacred geometry and fRAktal Geometry. I know you are ready to take the first step. Call …

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Brain Mysteries Course

     3-MONTH COURSE   The Mysteries of Your Brain Why are you so angry? To whom or what is your anger directed? Why are you so depressed? What is really driving you into depression? Why is your mind over-flooded with so many ideas, yet you can’t make any idea productive?     In fact, if you are not remembering tasks, the …

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Write a book

by Maat7x Would You Like To Write A Book?   I once heard a lie that said, “You want to hide TRUTH from AfRAkan people, put it in a book.” Not anymore. At the Dohgon University of Thought we are writing books. What kinds of books, you might ask? All kinds of books on any and every subject you can think …

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