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AfRAkan fRAktals Course

AfRAkan Logic
AfRAkan fRAktals

What you know now is what you knew 3 months ago.
3 months from now, you will know 300 times more than what you know now because you would have learned a whole lot about AfRAkan Logic, sacred geometry and fRAktal Geometry.

I know you are ready to take the first step.

Call this step The Step Into The Knowing.

  AfRAkan LogicAfRAkan fRAktals


Your 3-MONTH COURSE PACKAGE includes the following:

Introduction to AfRAkan Logic and fRAkTals curriculum

    • There are 3 parts to this 
      curriculum: Logic, Sacred Geometry and fRAktal Geometry:
    • Logic is associated with thinking

      • Logic is associated with thinking
      • Sacred geometry is how you express that thinking, and
      • FRAktal Geometry is how you developed the thinking that you express.

      If the way you express your thinking is barbaric, irrational, anxious, depressing, hopeless, helpless, defeatist, purposeless, full of hindsight and regretful, you did not enter the fRAktal Geometry Creative MIND. You stopped at the sacred geometry memory innovation level. You must sign up now for this class.

    • The Dohgon PSP or Dohgon Pineal Stimulation Puzzles:
      (See below). The minute you enroll, we’ll send you the Dohgon Pineal Stimulation Puzzles pdf download. We also will immediately send you both the DNI Test package($139) and the BSI Test Package ($330) with no extra cost to you.

      Your study of AfRAkan Logic, sacred geometry and fRAktal Geometry will be very personalized. Your class begins as soon as I assess your DNI Test and provide you with your own 5 personal Numbers.

    • The communications values at your DNA level/Curriculum 1
      Learn about the Proteins that control your DNA Communications
      Learn how these Proteins influence your health, quality of life, relationships, self-control, self-esteem and purposefulness

      Simple exercises to reprogram your DNA. You will receive our 7-part Snake dANKHce Exercise video DVD ($33.96 retail)without cost.

    • Dohgon Lecture Series/Curriculum 2
      Lecture 0:
      0. What is AfRAkan Logic
      1. How did it start?
      2. How did AfRAkan Logic become greco-roman logic?
      3. Has greco-roman logic done humanity any good?
      4. How will learning AfRAkan Logic improve your life to improve the lives of others?
      5. Is logic applicable?

      6. Will logic help you with your development?

      Lecture 1:
      0. The logic of sacred geometry
      1. The Vertical as opposed to Circular Nature of sacred geometry
      2. How can you measure the Tensile Strength of sacred geometry (stretchability)
      3. AfRAkan fRAktal Geometry-the core-the source-the all-in-all

      4. The ANANSI-SANKOFA WISDOM of AfRAkan fRAktal Geometry.
    • Sign up yesterday before today gets here!

      AfRAkan LogicAfRAkan fRAktals

      Because you can afford to pay the full amount, please use the button below.

      *If you’ve already purchased the BSI Test, please deduct what you paid for the BSI Test and enter the amount in the Donations button below, OR

      If you haven’t taken the BSI Test, please enter the cost of the BSI Test, which is $330, as a partial payment. Please pay the remaining balance of $363.96 within the second month of the course.


      ** Dohgon First Step Qualifier, to which you eventually become a High Priest by knowing everything like Professor MOmOh.

      mr. fffun of Redondo Beach, California writes:
      I just signed up.

      Queen FRANKIE of Orlando, Florida writes:
      I am so happy…I am ready. Thank you

      Queen Shamala of Los Angeles, California writes:
      … I appreciate the Dohgon University.

      has made a comment on Fibonacci-Sacred Sounds great Professor Momoh, I’m interested. Very powerful indeed

      BOYCOTTFOXNEWS has made a comment on Fibonacci-Sacred Give thanks for the great lessons Professor. Peace


      Dohgon PSP or Dohgon Pineal Stimulation Puzzles
      Get The Work Book!

      Ask yourself these questions because they are your experience, therefore, you do possess the ANKHsers.

      0. You have studied every philosophy dealing with sacred geometry. You still have questions that the most knowledgeable teacher never and will never ANKHser.

      1. You’ve spent thousands of dollars seeking solutions, yet got none.

      2. You’ve gone through all types of rituals, kept your ritual altar at home, yet you still can’t ANKHser your own questions.
      There are many more questions you have that are even more astonishing than these. Professor MOmOh will now guide you towards their resolutions.

      The 3 Month Course + 6 Month + 9 Month…
      Dohgon PSP or Pineal Stimulation Puzzles is one of the greatest benefits you will receive when you enroll.

      Take a look at the Puzzle Platform. This system will stimulate your Pineal Gland so pleasantly, you will not even feel the cellular dynamics that will be emerging to take you deeper and deeper into the fRAktal Geometry of that very Powerful Pineal Gland, where DARKNESS determines what type of light enters your brain hemispheres. If the light that has been entering your brain hemispheres has only been stopping in your right brain, now you know why the following problems keep persisting with everything you’ve tried all these years: Lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, insecurity, fear, bad memory, rage, aggression, hopelessness, lackadaisicality….

      Have you also investigated how many types of light impact your Pineal Gland, and what types of impacts those can be? I’m not talking about artificial light. I’m talking about light from the Universe. If you haven’t been taught this before, you now know where to get this teaching.

      The Dohgon Snake Video is also one of the greatest benefits when you enroll.
      You will receive our Snake dANKHce video DVD with 7 chapters.

      Our Snake dANKHce Video is exceptionally instructional and purposeful. This video teaches you the de-turgid effect. This is what causes cells that are in rigid and tight shapes to detoxify by the twisting, flexing and push-pull expressions with the dANKHce.
      Our Snake Exercise Video is just as powerful. It takes you through all the Snake Wave Motions with The Dohgon COUNT System always expressed.

      Sign up today to learn why sacred geometry, ritualism and all those greek-impacted traditions are all failed experiments that will never raise you to any conscious state. If you love being dumb and controlled, The Dohgon is not for you.


      Donna of Maryland says:
      The description is beautiful. It’s simple. I’m going to sign up.

      Derek of Ontario says:
      I signed up for this course. I like it.

      Nichole of New York:
      I signed up.


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