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Brain Mysteries Course

  The Mysteries of Your Brain

  • Why are you so angry?

    To whom or what is your anger directed?

  • Why are you so depressed?
  • What is really driving you into depression?
  • Why is your mind over-flooded with so many ideas, yet you can’t make any idea productive?

    In fact, if you are not remembering tasks, the reason is that those
parading-unproductive ideas are making your memories very inefficient.

Have you ever heard of memory opacity? If you haven’t, yet you are a
very rigid thinker. Beware because soon your memories will go completely
blank, and you will be running naked like a psycho.

You are a professional, but you are struggling with connecting your
professionalism with your realism because your logic of knowledge and
UNDERSTANDING is scrupulous. Be careful about confrontations because
accusations of impropriety are imminent.

Learn from Professor MOmOh, The Man who knows everything about your
Brain, your Mind and your Memory.

  The Mysteries of Your Brain



Your 3-MONTH COURSE PACKAGE includes the following:
    There are 7 parts to this

  • Corpus Calloseum Study
  • Right Brain Study
  • Left Brain Study
  • Serotonin-Melatonin Study based on
    Pineal Gland functionalities
  • fRAktal Geometry of your DNA
  • The Science of The Right Eye of Heru
  • The 3 Intelligences of your THINKING

    These are the 7 Studies that you never learned in medical school to finally understand the whole brain. But this class is not limited to medical doctors alone, even a high school student will study this science under Professor MOmOh, who has applied Dohgon AfRAkan Cosmogony to fully teach all subjects that have been marginally taught.

    These classes emerge from the book THE MYSTERIES OF YOUR BRAIN. Each student will be provided this book upon completion. Until then, excerpts from the book will be distributed to all class participants, who could become co-authors of the book project, were they to make the choice.

    The classes are designed so that you can understand the whole brain, and as you do, you will understand the logic upon which your actions, behavior and emotions transform to other meaningful activities without exhaustion,fatigue or burn-out.
    Each course study is accompanied by workbooks, videos and monthly journals highlighting outstanding work by individual students in the class.

    There are no collective gatherings of students in either a webinar class or a physical classroom. Each student works on a pace that’s convenient based on time availability.

  • If you are interested in taking the course, and you’d like more information, please contact Professor Momoh.

    Below is your 3-MONTH COURSE PACKAGE**
    (a $3.559.68 retail value with the book project)
    The Dohgon PSP or Dohgon Pineal Stimulation Puzzles/Curriculum 0 ($139)
    he DNI Test: The communications values at your DNA
    level/Curriculum 1 ($139)
    BSI Test/Curriculum 2 ($330)
    Dohgon Lecture Series/Curriculum 2 ($969.36 without the book
    project; $2565.36 with the book project)
    Lecture 0: Brain Logic. The Pain is in your Brain. Undo the
      twisted phalanges of this pain so you get your own freedom.
    Lecture 1: Thinking Problems
      Lecture 2: Answering our own questions.
    Lecture 3: Write your own book with Professor MOmOh ($1596).

    FFINDDing yourSelf Study, pdf ($30)
    How to Read Your Own Your Mind book, pdf ($30)
    Mental Memory Matrix book, pdf ($30)
    Idea Creation book, pdf ($30)
    The 8 Dohgon Snake dANKHce exercise video DVD
    and PSP, Pineal Stimulation Puzzles,  ($139.93)
    The No-Memorization Thinking Formula ($96.39):
    a. Corpus Coloseum Wave-Number Understanding DVD
    b. Right Brain Wave-Number Understanding DVD
    c. Left Brain Wave, Number Understanding DVD
    Dohgon Cosmogony powerpoint show ($30)

    Easy personal telephone counseling appointments with Professor MOmOh at reasonable costs.

    Sign up yesterday before today gets here!

    The Mysteries of Your Brain
    All the above for $1369.69

    Because you can afford to pay the full amount, please use the button below.

    If you’ve already purchased the 
    BSI Test, please select “minus BSI Test” in the drop down button below, OR

    If you haven’t taken the BSI Test, please choose “Partial Payment 1” Please pay the remaining balance of $676.30 within the second month of the course. 

    Mysteries of the Brain


    Your 14-day Brain Quest Data Collection Chart
    — How to Deprogram your Right Brain out of Tormenting,
    Repetitious Thoughts

    Below is the chart that you must complete if you intend to deprogram your right brain from those nagging tormenting thoughts that you thought will never go away.
    The chart shows a Number COUNT from 1 to 14. The chart requires you to write the time a thought that’s severe enough to hinder you from being normal occurs.
    The chart also requires you to document bouts of procrastination.
    By completing these charts, you’ve actually designed your own curriculum for the 3-Month Class.

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