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You have always wondered why things happen. But, when the AfRAkan Civilization was controlled by AfRAkans in KMT (Egypt) thousands of years ago, everyone understood what was happening, because the way that WISDOM was acquired then was completely different from how “intelligence” is acquired today. When you investigate WISDOM, you’ll become familiar with the connection of your Spirituality and how your mind grows with TRUTH, honesty, peace and the ability to understand both the Spiritual and physical universes. 

AfRAkans were extraordinarily intelligent and wise because they understood the essence of their existence. Their existence wasn’t a selfish determination to isolate themselves from others. Rather, they existed within a community in which everyone was equal and open to sharing the resources that were available for all. There was no need for personal wealth accumulation. This meant that their minds were free to expand into other areas of WISDOM.

Because of the expansive nature of their minds. AfRAkans understood how to connect their pineal glands with their minds. That made it very easy for them to communicate directly with the Spiritual or DARK Universe, which is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent, and from which the physical universe appeared.

Now is the time for you to start understanding how to tap into your own Spiritual intelligence, which will give you the WISDOM that will remain with you forever.

Ask Professor MOmOh… to get back to the REAL TRUTH.

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