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Dohgon High Priest-Professor MOmOh

You have always wondered why things happen. But, when the AfRAkan Civilization was controlled by AfRAkans in KMT (Egypt), everyone understood what was happening because the form of learning with AfRAkans incorporated both knowledge and understanding… so that ways people used their MINDs (abstract) more than their brains (physical) to discern things. But today, with the civilization of the caucasian, with no regards to how people learn, only knowledge is taught in schools and colleges. As a result, many people are failing even after getting their degrees. Now is the time for you to start understanding your own life. Forget about the lies and deceptions you have learned.

Ask Professor MOmOh… to get back to the REAL TRUTH.
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Questions: Black Text ANKHsers by Professor MOmOh: Green Text    “There is so much I want to learn”     if i apply an alphanumeric code to a text and subsequently study the Numbers, will they reveal themselves to me? NO, because you are using philosophy and applying The Numbers later. Philosophy is not transitional from …

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Questions: Black Text ANKHsers by Professor MOmOh: Green Text  “Yes I have to be patient you have so much it’s like breakfast lunch brunch dinner dessert and snacks and I want to be greedy and gobble it all.”   Why one feels the sense of nervousness with someone and clam with other one? This has nothing to do if …

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Ask Professor MOmOh 2

Questions: Black Text ANKHsers by Professor MOmOh: Green Text  “I must continually COUNT for My Learning and Unlearning. Your DOHGON WISDOM is penetrating.”   Why am I so confused? Because you’ve never learned to THINK. You do not THINK by focus alone, but by CONCENTRATION!   Why is my personal life stagnant? Because there is …

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Ask Professor MOmOh 3

Questions: Black Text ANKHsers by Professor MOmOh: Green Text  “Pure NUMBERS are needed to transform the thought process from an abstract state into a physical state, e.g., by lANKHuage or action…”   Blessings how are I wonder if I may ask you view on something. Is there a difference between looking after self and selfishness? …

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