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 “There is so much I want to learn”  


if i apply an alphanumeric code to a text and subsequently study the Numbers, will they reveal themselves to me?

NO, because you are using philosophy and applying The Numbers later. Philosophy is not transitional from Spirit to physicality and vice versa. Only TIME, WAVES and Numbers are transitional.

I have recently started wearing a copper bangle. I was told that it helps to ward off certain kinds of ailments that are physical; might this also be true of spiritual ailments too?
No, that’s not true. What you are wearing is a physical thing. Spirit is abstract. The question is, how is a physical thing going to fit into something abstract? It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole. You can force the fitting all you want, but it will never fit. Use WAVES and Numbers. Those are the only factors that have both physical and abstract qualities.



We know that everything is Spiritual. Sometimes people bypass the Spiritual system by doing things evil in order to rush outcomes. We never did that for 900,000 years when we had the AfRAkan civilization. Everything only happened when the white man came in power about 2,000 years ago and things happened in a rush. That’s the reason why you can see the world is almost destroyed now because of the fact that everything is happening in a rush.


THANK YOU for the truthful guidance, which is very important in this confused world. Every second we need a true teacher to guide us through this. So what is the best way to carry on in this time to be more effective and productive?


1. Don’t listen to anyone who complains too much about anything.

2. Always know that you are in CONTROL.

3. Do not allow others to kick you around.

4. Know that our continent is coming alive soon.

Remember these 5 points and you will be fine.


Will our brothers and sisters over in Merita be mentally liberated from all of the fighting and killing of one another; and will they be free of their oppressors?
Peace and Love

No matter what is happening now, The Era for Aquarius is coming soon, and everything will change. Remember, we ran the Universe before for 900,000 years. We will run it again for a million years or forever.


I Have a Question does the numbers heal and create new brain cells?

Yes, they do heal and create new cells if you continue to say them all the time. Don’t be irregular in using the NUMBERS. Be very consistent. I will send you the DNI Numbers. Practice them and give me a call.


What connection do we really have with the trees?

All living things have a common connection, and that is CARBON. We are all made of CARBON, which is BLACK.


if the waves are the origin of all things spiritual and physical, and black is the origin of everything physical then where did the waves come from? ( does this mean that the waves are spiritual blackness)?

The WAVES came from The Numbers and The Numbers came from The WAVES. They are both Pure ENERGY and they have the same powers to do the impossible.


Is there something beyond the spiritual world/ something other than it since it was created by the waves?

No! The Spiritual World is the first and last worlds. The Physical World is only one world that exists once.


Which numbers does us as AfRaKans used to do MA’AThs pure numbers or applied numbers?

People who have not been exposed to applied Numbers, will use only Pure Numbers. But people who have been exposed to applied Numbers may use both Numbers, depends on the circumstance. For instance, if you are dreaming or something happens in Nature, you will use Pure Numbers to deal with what has happened. But, if you are in a classroom, you will use applied Numbers.


What is the general purpose for every color. Why did nature make them really appear?

The General Purpose for every color is a code to signify the intensity of light. For instance, when The Sun comes out in the morning, you have Red, Yellow and when The Sun sets in the evening, you have Red and Yellow lights. The colors are codes indicating that The Sun is coming to you and it’s going from you.


And professor you said that i am either a dohgon or vai, how is that possible when you said i am also of igbo descent? ( couldyougive me some clarity on this as well please and ThANKHs).

I said this based on your desire to learn. This is a quality that West AfRAkans share a lot of.


Thanks for the Spiritual Magnetism wisdom pdf, now I understand what i need to do.

I want to learn more about how to apply this formula 0 1-2-3-4 9-8 27 99-100
in my everyday life. I need to create matter out of PURE energy and Destroy negative energy and Matter, for our people BRTHR!
What is the best course for me to purchase? “Read Your Own Mind First, Then Read Others Minds
is of interest to me. I would like to understand this diagram completely: I humbly ask Professor, why did you place a circle in the beginning of the wave? Why do we skip numbers 5, 6, and 7 on the wave? Why did the DogOn skip to 27 and then to 99?

I am very eager to learn Professor

It’s best to initiate yourself with The Dohgon by ordering the BSI and DNI Tests. Then after that we can go along with whatever you want to learn. Please let me know what you think. With the initiation, you’ll receive several book pdfs that will including Dialing Your Mind with Numbers and the Read Your Own Mindpdfs, audios, CDs and DVDs, plus the Wonder Wheels Game.


I’m interested in getting the complete initiation. Should I start with the African fractals course?


What exactly are these children learning here? Is this a specific course? I would like to learn this

We welcome you very much. To get started on fRAktal Geometry, you will need:

a. to get initiated to The Dohgon

b. know a few fundamental things

c. we are also flexible to go beyond what the curriculum indicates, that is to accept what you need to learn…

Go to the website. The cost of The fRAktal Course $693.96. It covers all of the above. Give me a call if in doubt.


Thank You. Can I pay in installments? I will be purchasing next month , need to put some money aside to save for the course this will take a few weeks or so , but there is no doubt this is what I want to do.

Yes, the payment can be done so that it doesn’t create problems for you. So work out what you can afford and know what you can send every month in order to pay off the complete tuition for the course.


Does the The fRAktal Course the same as the Eye of Heru classes where I will learn a new lANKguage?!!?

The Eye of Heru or any of the courses is not about learning a new lANKHuage, but it’s about how you can expand your Mind to be able to heal yourself and to overcome many difficulties, like confusion, deception, etc. We don’t believe in learning other lANKHuages because they are philosophical and we don’t take any interest in that particular activity. We are willing to teach you everything necessary for the Eye of Heru and everything that leads to fRAktal geometry. It’s about you understanding more about your cells, the DNA and many things that your Mind wants to understand.


Good day BRTHR

Thanks BRTHR,as you know I am not ever never give up because I realise how deep I am affected. As you know I am a spiritual soldier of AFRAKA. Greetings to you BRTHR and to the Queen

BRTHR, it’s very difficult to undergo all the difficulties you are undergoing, but as you said: be Spiritual and everything is going to work out well. The children are going to be important in life and your duty is to get the children to become Aware of the power that they are going to have. Tell them to be serious about the Wonder Wheels and the NUMBERS. They will realize that the time is going to come soon that the Mind is going to be much more important than the brain. It’s a good thing that you are still Aware of the Spiritual qualities you have, and please let them understand that the other side of every soul is the Spirit, and the Spirit is what makes everything happen the TRUTHFUL way. If nothing happens Spiritually then it will be destroyed as we are seeing now.


What is meant by being Spiritual?

Spiritual means to have a Purpose that is directed towards a certain center. When this is accomplished, distractions will never occur to you because distractions, which are like gravity going downwards in all directions, can take you anywhere. But, since you have a Purpose, you are always directed to a point that has meaning to you, and has a Past, a Present and a Future. This is the way that your Spirit also does not waver around. Every time your Spirit wavers around, you are not dedicated and you are bound to lose Concentration on what you are doing.


while poolside i was meditating some and came to the realization that it must be abstract for effectiveness, but did not know how to create the abstraction, for i either pictured the shapes of the Numbers, or the sound of the Numbers (in english and chinese)…
how to make them abstract, PrOfessOr?

Everything that goes to the Mind is abstract. If you think you see them or feel them, it doesn’t happen that ways. What happens is they have a form that is silent, which we don’t see. It is like the EYE OF HERU. We see, feel… the 5 senses, but we don’t see them. That’s why there is a 3, which stands for the Mind, and which gives us the ability to understand that the senses have a way to turn themselves into the abstract Mind whenever there is a need for one to focus on the senses. Then that focus turns into understanding and Concentration on the Mind, but you never feel it. The only thing you know is the expansion of your Intelligence. As far as I know, your Intelligence is growing, so you must have abstraction on your Mind.


just trying to understand more of what i know is true, more of my prophecy…

You have a very good quality of knowing more and understanding more. Keep on with your good qualities and you don’t have to worry about anything. No matter what the challenges are, you will always succeed.


I have been going through your video lectures on youtube interested in knowing would to get more infomation of the wonder wheels games, I have a younger brother and I want to take more and more in his school studies.

The Wonder Wheels Games will be very good for your younger BRTHR because it will increase his Concentration. Concentration is more important than focus because it makes the person develop a greater insight into what they do, and they are also able to expand on that insight. I look forward to you getting the game for your BRTHR. We shall help him to succeed in school.


Thanks, That is why I’m very keen to revise all concepts out there, no one questioning it’s credibility to Truth.

0/ Subconscious?

1/ Conscious?

Plz answer!

As you know the truth has been mixed by lies so it’s not easy to come out of it . Therefor it’s necessary to know the true concepts.

One of our students has called herself “Unlearner”, which means she’s unlearning all the lies. Similarly, you and other AfRAkans have to unlearn all the lies. Today, the whole world is going to the lies because that’s where the money is. But, we have to continue to know that these deceptions are going to fail. People are going to suffer and they are going to feel that sufferage because they will become very desperate in the future. We also have to know that the eras are going to change. Now we are all living in Pisces, which has gone over 2,000 years ever since our civilization was destroyed by the greeks in KMT in 232 A.E. (AfRAkan Era).

Aquarius is coming soon, and Pisces is going to go. That means the electrical age in which everything is manufactured will have to give way to the Magnetic Age in which things are done Spiritually. Don’t give up. Know that your time is going soon.


Is there anything called subconscious?

When you CONCENTRATE, you focus on many things at the same time. But when you only focus, you care about one thing and leave out the rest.

Consciousness is about things that are attracting your senses and are important to you. Sub-consciousness are things that are attracting your senses but are not very attractive to you. You store them all in your memory, but the ones that are less interesting to you are hardly touched. You quickly forget about them.

Consciousness lasts for the moment because it deals with the senses. For instance, if you are looking at something happening and you turn your face to some other thing, then the consciousness for what you were looking at goes away, and a new consciousness appears. It’s therefore better to be AWARE because you can get all the consciousness of the Past, the Present and the Future as AWARENESS. That ways you don’t have to worry about what you do with the consciousness of the present. So depend AWARENESS. With AWARENESS, you use your CONCENTRATION to make all the consciousness of the Past, the Present and the Future to happen at the same time. AWARENESS is, therefore, more important because it’s not dependent on your senses and your memory, but your MIND.

Ume AND Umi what are the differences between them and conscious and subconscious mind?

Ume is Universe of Memory and Umi is Universe of Mind. The 2 are describing the Mind. The Mind is very important because it’s the connection between the soul and the Spirit. Consciousness, on the other hand, only deals with the brain and memory because the senses are involved in consciousness. This makes consciousness very limited, which is unlike the Mind that goes to the Past, the Present and the Future. That’s why, when you deal with the Universe of the Mind, you know everything because you go to the Past, the Present and the Future, whereas when you deal with consciousness you only deal with the Present.
I completed my WW Game earlier this week. Overall my game has improved I reduced my total time to 3.26 sec. Also took less attempts to complete. 50 attempts to complete game 11. And 41 attempts to complete game 64. I do have a strategy now that makes the game more approachable and less intimidating. I did notice the numbers in the inner circle have six sides a Hexagon=Carbon. What influence doe’s this have on the players mind if any?

Many ThANHKs.

The fact that you are able to create an image that’s very important because that’s the same principle that we have with Colors. Colors are necessary for us to be able to look at things and make them appear as if Colors and Numbers are the same. That’s the same thing that you are doing with images in order to make the images as if the Numbers and shapes are the same. That’s very good BRTHR.

You and the family are improving greatly and we are very pleased with that. We’ll let you know when we get Matthew’s BSI.


Hi Professor..i have a last question..i recently bought a book. and was wondering what is the key to levitating objects? i know u said the ancient did this with the massive rocks.

The key is Concentration. If you can Concentrate uninterrupted by physical things for a Spiritual amount of Time then you can levitate. That’s what our ANKHcestors were able to do. Certainly, we, who have been influenced by western civilization, cannot levitate because our Concentration is always interrupted.


does or brain work in two dimension or three being as you say the mind is not with man, being as numbers come to the left brain and the right brain is already here, is the mind another dimension?

The Mind is another dimension that people find very difficult to understand, but the Mind can be assessed through NUMBERS. Since NUMBERS are really simple, people think it doesn’t work. But, NUMBERS are like plants. You can go and get any type of vegetable in the garden or you can get a potato by digging the potato plant up from the soil. So, yes, the Mind is a different dimension that doesn’t need a whole lot of guidance to fully assess it.


A been seeing a lot of people now running away from the lies also I see a lot of our people who want to stay dumb professor momoh can someone become a ghost even if they never do serious wickedness?

People only become ghosts like the ANKHcestors said when their hearts weigh more than the feather. That means they have to be really wicked and evil to become ghosts, and when they become ghosts they burn in hell, which is the surface of the Sun. To become a Spirit, your Mind has to weigh like a feather, which means that you have to be good in everything that you do in life. This way, you become a Spirit that will live in good forever.



The Montu Arts are about the AfRAkan ability to use the Spiritual expertise in self-defense by means of the Mind coming in to develop strategies that will make an individual a superior fighter through Confidence and through the exhibit of one’s ability to dominate the offending person. Often there is a lot of Patience required for this to happen. That needs a person to be calm and not to be in a hurry. These are some of the features of Montu Arts. There are many more to cover in this very unique art, but all of that will be done when the course starts.

I don’t teach yoga at all but the fact that your Mind is now geared towards something that is a Spiritual component of your overall progress makes you develop different kinds of activities that are even more superior to yoga. I can teach you more about Montu Arts but not about yoga.


As you know this kind of knowledge without teacher is hard to get the essence of answers.

0/ Past is FACTS ! This is one of most powerful statements I ever heard.

1/ Can we say future is imagination ?

2/ Present is action ?

3/ 0,3,6,9 you mentioned that they are numbers of patience , can you explain more?

PAST TIME BUBBLES = FACT because you lived through them already.

PRESENT TIME BUBBLES = REALITY because you are living through them now.

FUTURE TIME BUBBLES = Can be imaginations if you do not THINK well about them. But, if you THINK well and create good strategies, they can be joy-able and memorable periods.

The Numbers:

0 = BLACK =The DARK Universe= The Origination of everything physical.

3 = GREEN = LIFE = The existence and functions of all things. Example: Plants, Creatures, Stars….

6 = BLACK = CARBON, same as 0.

9 = GREEN = LIFE in Transformation… same as 3.

If you have any more questions, let me know.


What is the difference between spirit and energy?

Spirit is NATURAL ENERGY and NATURAL ENERGY is Spirit. The reason is NATURAL ENERGY is here, there and everywhere. Spirit is here, there and everywhere, therefore they are the same.


Do Numbers have meaning? for example , 0,1,2,3,4, 5 ,6, 7, 9,8, 10,11, 12, 13.

YES! Numbers have meanings and their meanings are explained by colors. I have explained The Numbers 0 to 10. I will send you a copy soon.


What is meaning of NARMER?

NARMER means the unity of the left and right brains. The name actually stands for The First Pharaoh of KMT. He united upper and lower KMT.


Who invented Base 20 Arithmetic?

The VAI did.The VAI are from West AfRAka, particularly Sierra Leone where I was born. Computers came from Base 2 and Base 2 came Base 20 Arithmetic.
Who invented Base 8 Arithmetic?

The Dohgon of West AfRAka did. My Great, Great GrandFTHR was A Dohgon. Don’t worry BRTHR. I come from an inventive group. I only needed someone to write the program. With Everton’s help, we will do it


Please define the Mathematics of the cells from the spiritual aspect.

The Spiritual MA’AThematics of the cells has to do with the fRAktal Geometry of cell structure, as well as how the cells take in nourishment and release waste products. So, the Spirtiual MA’AThematics has to do with shapes and the in-and-out functions of what cells do. The same thing that happens for you is not the same thing that will happen for anyone else. For instance, your cells might be isotonic, which means they are under control and someone else’s cells might be hypotonic, which means they are out of control. So, you don’t have the same geometry as the other person. However, to maintain the isotonic structure of your cells, you have to continue to be in balance with everything you do. Once you maintain balance, that means your cells are able to do things without any emotional association with what is happening to you or around you. For instance, you can go to the store and everyone is buying products that you will never buy. You will stay firm and never buy products that you know are not good for your cells.


Also, please define the DNA as it relates to Mathematics from its Spiritual aspect.

The DNA takes in Melatonin as well as serotonin. As we know, Melatonin is produced by the Pineal Gland at night. Once you are aware that you have to have more Melatonin than serotonin, then what you do is to have your cells allow the serotonin to produce more amino acids. The amino acids that serotonin produce will make more production of Melatonin. This is done without you even knowing that it’s happening, but it happens because you have control over your emotions. The more control you have over your emotions, the more serotonin produces amino acids. The more amino acids there are, the more Melatonin your Pineal Gland can produce. So, what is the MA’AThematics behind this? The MA’AThematics is Patience.


What are the Numbers behind Patience? 0, 3, 6 and 9.

….it is my understanding the evil act(s) will return to the sender.

The reason why the material returns to the sender (the person who exposes the evil deeds) is because the sender is always at the Center of TRUTH and they want to share that centeredness with you. That’s the reason the sender always receives the TRUTH that was sent out to the recipient. We, therefore, know that the ANKHcestors are not asleep. They will act only if we continue to be Aware. Awareness, therefore, is a MAGNETIC quality that we are seeing express itself. The ANKHcestors are going to implement the TRUTH. You, the sender, keep on sending the TRUTH until the receiver receives it. We’ll keep on sending the TRUTH.

The thing about evil is that it deals with the Present time, but TRUTH deals with the Past, the Present and the Future. This means Patience. Patience is the tendency of a person to understand what happened in the Past, what is happening now, and what could happen in the Future. This is what erases the white noise of the Present time. Therefore, a person who Concentrates will never have anything to do with white noise because he is going to the Past and to the Future. This is what Patience is about.


I deeply appreciate this work (How Spiritual Magnetism Works), it’s easy to grasp simplicity is the origin of genius and authenticity.

qz : The nature of spirit and soul is different, according to HSMW, soul is physical plane, five senses vs Spirit plane. So soul attracts to its nature, but in the physical plane there are things good and bad.

1/ how soul can differentiate between these things?

Soul can differentiate between good and evil by how the left brain and the right brain are used. If you use the right brain too much that shows that you are very emotional and you will become a victim of evil, and you will implement evil because everything you like is material.

When the left brain is more in use, then you have good and you are very calculated in what youo do because you are getting instructions from Spirit. Always remember that the left brain guides you towards good and the right brain leads you to evil.


2/ Can you provide list or give examples for good and bad?

Examples of evil are: addictions to different things in life, such as food, sex, material things, etc. Examples of good are: fairness, equality and justice.


It has been said many times If you are told to go straight, instead go in a circle.

You always create a location that is the starting point and final point of your journey. The Origin of the Circle is where you are now, so if you go to any location you will always come back to where you started, and you have formed a Circle in your journey. It’s having the understanding that you don’t ever travel in a straight line. Rather you are always coming back to where you started. You must remember that any journey that is undertaken is not just a physical journey, but a mental journey as well. Just look at your watch or clock. You see that it starts from 12, it goes all around and it comes back to 12. This is basically telling you that every journey is Circular.

The journey is not just you alone. If you don’t complete the Circle, then your own children or grandchildren will complete it for you, e.g., slaves that were taken from AfRAkan about 500 years ago never went back again, but their great, great…. grandchildren and dying to go to AfRAkan or some have already relocated there. So even though the parents didn’t have any means to go back home, their great, great…. Grandchildren are now doing so willingly.


Greetings I,dreamt about keys on the 25-december-12, and a moving van. What is the message?

Keys mean opening doors. A moving van means, naturally, moving. The Time was December 25. So you have completed the Triangle, which means that you will move, but you will move in a JOYOUS manner. The dream is a good dream. All you have to do is keep on Meditating so that everything comes out in your favor.


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Never give up on anything. Always know that you have power within yourself to accomplish what you think of. Make sure you remain TRUTHFUL to yourself. –Professor MOmOh

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