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 “Yes I have to be patient you have so much it’s like breakfast lunch brunch dinner dessert and snacks and I want to be greedy and gobble it all.”


Why one feels the sense of nervousness with someone and clam with other one? This has nothing to do if their are family members or friends or powerful persons or modest.

It’s sometimes The Spirit that is projecting out of that person. Sometimes, it’s the devil. But when you use The Numbers all the time, you will have enough CONFIDENCE in you to deal with anyone Spiritual or devilish.


The lighter your heart, the closer you will get to the doors of heaven.
After reading your pdf on dedication, i have a question about the above statement. Can you tell me how you describe the doors of heaven. I hear so many different views of what heaven is or is not.

There are 2 definitions of heaven. The first is the physical heaven where you have a soul {physical body] and you are full of happiness, not JOY. Happiness comes and goes and stays with the soul, but JOY stays forever with The Spirit. People have billions of dollars, but they are often sad. Whereas people are barely making it, but they are full of JOY. This is the way AfRAkan People have always been on This Planet. Of course, the caucasian has corrupted everyone, so AfRAkans are beginning to experience stress and sadness conditions.

There is also The Spiritual Heaven. If you have JOY in the Spiritual heaven, it will continue in The Spiritual World forever. This is why we strive to be TRUTHFUL because the more you have TRUTH, the lighter your heart will become like a feather. (Determine how you can go to Heaven and Hell. The Heart and Feather will help you.)


It says (in Dohgon Science 0) the more organized time you have on your mind the more effort you can apply to get things done, which means you can be more motivated in accomplishing many things that another person with less organized time is able to do, I look and think might this be saying a person with less organised time is not able to do as much?

Yes, because the person who is less organized is always making wrong choices because the choices the person makes come in the area where the timing is wrong. So that person makes a choice, but it’s not the right time for the choice to be made. That’s the reason why it’s always good to be organized so that one can have the right timing and the right choice to make.


my question is do you know what is going on with the moon. The crater which is normally at the upper right corner, has rotated to bottom right corner. Can you explain why this is happening?

Everything is changing to the moral and good. The evil is dying out. Soon, may be a few years, I don’t know exactly how long it will be, but the era of Pisces is dying out. This era is what brought all the evil to mankind. Some people, the white race, benefited a great deal from the evil, whilst The BLACK Race suffered a lot from it. But it’s all changing to Aquarius. That’s the reason why The Moon and The Sun properties are changing. Each Era has an effect on the celestial bodies of The Sun and The Moon. The AfRAkan Race will rule the world when Aquarius takes over.


thank you professor — i heard something recently about how time repeats as a fractal pattern based on – pi —

a – seed event – is started and the conditions for that event can be repeated in the future , but can never happened all the time, but the condition is present. humans can affect the outcome. the intervals are control by -phi- and .618.

as you know – nature repeats itself with – pi – and also .618 . very interesting.

cant wait for your book
take care my friend

The Universe appeared because of Numbers. 666 is the atomic Number of CARBON and that’s what all life depends on. Then The Number .618 has 6 and 3 x 6 = 18. If you add 3 to 6 you get 9. The Number 9 is a TRANSition Number. There are many things in The Universe that deal with Numbers, which is why The CULTURE of AfRAka is Numbers.


ok i am starting to think more

how do you explain how or if – ratio’s — are an ingredient in some universal numbered systems

Ratios form The Permutations that form The fRAktal Geometry of flowers, ice flakes etc. Ratios are the reasons why you are a man and your wife is a woman. The entire Universe appeared because of Numbers. That’s why everything in The Universe has A fRAktal Geometry.

Ask more questions BRTHR.


Does the earth is the womb of this physical universe? This keeps coming in me to ask you

No, The Earth is not The Womb of The Universe. The Earth is a Planet and A Planet comes from a form of Star called The Sun. Even A Star does not qualify as The Womb of The Universe.

What is The Womb of The Universe is The DARK Universe because it gave birth to The Stars, and only A Star can become A Sun.


Professor, can you explain how the intelligence, respect, and stability will be increased through the numbers in the shirt design BRTHR that way i can give a pamphlet/fold out booklet with the shirt for why and how this will help and so that the mothers will understand and know why they need to say the numbers BRTHR

Numbers are Magnetic. By touching the baby in a pregnant woman’s stomach will transfer that Magnetic Power to the baby. What is needed, therefore, is for the MTHR to constantly talk to the baby. The Magnetic forces will work whether it’s a crowded environment or home. But, the best thing to do is every time the pregnant MTHR is in a crowded environment to use the Numbers with the baby because when the child is born he or she is going to go to crowded environments like school, etc. Being exposed to the Numbers will limit the confusion that the baby will have. You can put that as an ad advertising the T-shirts. Put a Spiritual design on the T-shirt. Design BLACK in the middle about an inch in diameter, Red at the top about 1/2 inch, Green at the bottom about 3/4 inch. These are positions where the head of the baby is supposed to be and the feet and the hands will occur in the stomach of the MTHR.

You can sell the T-shirts for $30 a piece or more.


i am starting to get closer to that TRUTH i have found myself lining up with people like mined and building network to fulfill the opportunities that we need to come back to the need in nature i have been feeling the presence of the dark universe i am also getting better with my initiation i still haven’t been able to concentrate and initiate as i want to but i am showing improvement ..i have to be the best BRTHR i feel progress not fast but consistently. i have been helping others extract there truth from with in as well and recognize their darkness and light.. I’ve been doing so by just …BEING and its a great feeling knowing that just Being can help others. just wanted to share with you BRTHR how are you and can you help me understand telepathy and how i can do this or tell me a name of a book to get because it keeps popping in my mind and i know i have to understand it

I am very pleased you are getting The UNDERSTANDING you need to improve your CONCENTRATION. Remember, IMHOTEP never did telepathy. He is more known today than those who did it. This is because telepathy is a crossroad between physicality and Spirituality. I say, don’t worry about it. Work with BRTHR Quintin to accomplish great things for humanity.


thought you might enjoy this:

Creatures know more about Stars and The Universe than humans do. If humanity continues the way we are going, only creatures and a few of us will stay. The rest will become dinosaurs that will never appear again.


Who or what determines which actions or things is less productive & should not currently be put aside?

All decisions are made by you or by the individual. If the individual doesn’t make the decisions, then the system will. That’s what happened during the slave days, and that’s what is happening now. So make your own decision and choices.


What is the formula for TIME?

I recently watched a video about people who can do extraordinary things. In the video was a man who could tell what day of the week any particular date was in the past or will be in the future. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. If you ask him what day of the week Nov 16th, 2545 will be he can give you an answer in seconds. How is he able to do it? He himself does not know, he says. He doesn’t use a formula, he says that he just sees a picture of a calender in his mind and he sees what day he is looking for. It puzzled me so much that I thought about it all the time. Then finally I found the answer, well sort of…

You taught me that TRUTH exists in a realm of Universal Intelligence but since human consciousness is disconnected from Universal Intelligence we struggles to accept Truth. Therefore most of us function mostly on ideology rather than Truth. The Universe never lies. When we claim to discover something we are simply connecting to Universal Truth. Knowledge about everything in the Universe is available, we just have to know how to connect to it.

I think that the man in the video is able to tell the day of the week because his mind can access the Truth at will. But how is it Truth if the Time that we function by is a product of our own creation and not Universal Intelligence? We know that there is a Chinese calender, an Ethiopian calender, and many other calenders that people still use. This particular calender that most of the world functions by is a Roman calender that is partially based on religious timeline accounts of history.

This man is not accessing Universal Truth or predicting the future, he is simply accessing the truth of his reality. We also know that he is not seeing into the past and future because he is seeing a calendar that never existed or will exist in the form that he sees it. What he sees is a calendar page based on information already in his brain and his mind uses to create an image of. If he is asked who will win the World Cup in 2014 he could not tell because the information is not pre-determined as a calendar is.

What this man is proving is that the mind is capable of very powerful things. We just have to know how to reopen those areas of the mind that have closed based on centuries of neglect and brain washing. Thank you for reiterating the importance of Numbers.

The formula for TIME is Space divided by WAVES. Indeed, the calendars are different. But if you know what WAVES the christian calendar functions, you will discern the date of any year. The same thing is true with all calendars.

This man will not tell upiwho will win the world cup because he doesn’t know the qualifying teams and he doesn’t know how to CONCENTRATE at that level. To do that, you have to have Universal CONCENTRATION.


ThANKHs. It is becoming clearer now. The Waves are always here, we just need to learn how to Concentrate to harness them.


Greetings Prof

What is the interpretation of the ‘Nommo’ in Dogon cosmology/cosmogony and why to some circles it seems to refer to ‘extraterrestials’.Secondly some of our ‘leaders’ or as I call them talk show hosts seem so enamored of the aliens concept…some even say they have had contact with such entities,even CredoMutwa. What is the deal on this subject please?

The leaders are ignorant. The NOMMO is a symbol merely signifying The Spiritual Powers of man. Most of the people believing in aliens are satanistic and belong to devil worship.


Professor, thank you for these numbers. Should I write them and put them somewhere where I can look at them throughout each day?
I will put them near my bed…to study them when I rise & retire at night.

Yes, you can put the NUMBERS where you can reach them and say them. Eventually you are able to remember the NUMBERS without any assistance from looking at them. I talk about pain below because knowing the NUMBERS and saying them all the time makes your pain subdued.

Every pain has a physical and Spiritual component. The Spiritual component is always higher than the physical component. That’s why we have to CONCENTRATE a lot more to bring the pain under control. The Spiritual component takes time because the pain took a long time to build up without physically knowing about it. The physical component is the EFFECT while The Spiritual component is The CAUSE.

I will always be available to help you.


i have kept this message in my inbox for 10 or so dayz with utmost benevolent intent but scattered thoguhts…

if i am to fashion a litany of inquiries, as you request, meN33ds to have an ANKHswer to my initial questioning:

ie, wHOlLY brain= right brain (LOVE) + Left brain (???).

i meN33ds the last 3 ???’s addressed before i am able to prodcue MOre…

apologies for my impotANKHce of Thought…

The left brain function is as follows:

a. diligence




e. STRATEGY Formation

f. Fulfillment

g. Completion

h. Adequacy

i. Self-dependence


These and more are left brain functions. Save them.


I would like to know more about the idea of a Dohgon House of Life, Math, Science and Technology.
Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, has someone roaming the world for people with powers.
I am Hapi Sirius about being back a Telem.

Those people who are powerful now or have a lot of wealth are only telling us that they are physically fulfilled. But ask them whether they are Spiritually fulfilled and they will never know how to ANKHser you. We know the formula to be physically and Spiritually fulfilled. We don’t worry with the trends of the physical world. We only know that in a very short time the ANKHcestors are going to come along and give us the physical wealth as well, so that we are more fulfilled within ourselves that both the physical world and the Spiritual World can work together. The problem that those people who are physically wealthy have, which is imbalance, we will never be imbalanced because we are Spiritually fulfilled as well.

Indeed you are a Tellum because you are AfRAkan and your ANKHcestors built the greatest monuments that we have ever seen on the Planet. They also created a MA’AThematics that is so complex that the white man, with all his computers, was never able to decipher for thousands of years. I’m talking about the MA’AThematics, a formula, that our ANKHcestors came up with in 1897 A.E., AfRAkan Era (or B.C.), which the europeans were never able to solve. ThisMA’AThematics was said to have been proven by IBM in the 1950s with all its computers at work.

You are a great person, BRTHR. So are all AfRAkans. All we have to do is let AfRAkan People come back to the knowing that they are very powerful people, and they don’t need to cater to anyone.

BRTHR Good days i want to say hi BRTHR and that thanks for every thing you are sending to us.


be sure that I can´t never give up, Because I have my mission to do here and I will do that, Greetings to you and the Queen

Our ANKHcestor IMHOTEP cried after dreaming that at this time in our development, some of us will struggle. It’s happening now but the end will be good.



Just keep doing the NUMBERS. You will feel very confident within yourself, and things will unravel. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it will happen because your Mind and brain will become more stable.


I have to be patient and work with the numbers. I’m practicing keeping my eyes open. Thank you

ThANKHs Queen. The approach is very good. Be steadfast.


Yes I have to be patient you have so much it’s like breakfast lunch brunch dinner dessert and snacks and I want to be greedy and gobble it all.

I will always work with you to make you very important. Just keep on doing the NUMBERS and reading the books.


IMHOTEP Professor, I need to learn the TECKniques for improving my memory and mind.

Yes, you’ve come to the right place, and I’m willing to work with you for as long as possible to get your Mind and memory together. Please go to the website and we have the BSI Test and DNI Test. Sign up for those 2 to become initiated to The Dohgon, and after that we’ll send you materials that will begin to work for you.


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The ANKHcestors knew everything because for everything there was a question. We have to get into that mode as well. We have to ask questions all the time. That’s why we started this page. –Professor MOmOh, 10-14-13

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