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 How an Afrakan Master Freed a White SlaveHow An AfRAkan Master Freed A White Slave:
Liberation Theology Redefined,
(paperback),  $25.00

  by Todd M. Skorich and Professor MOmOh-Sellu Sua Laye
This book is about looking at science no longer from a philosophical view, where each theory is accompanied by the excess of verbosity with the purpose to create mass distractions and confusion. With Dohgon Science, we can disprove every misconceived theory, from the Big Bang to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity to evolution to parallel universes… and many more. We sincerely hope that you enjoy this book and continue to journey with us in this learning process that will free us all from our destructive ways and restore peace to our precious planet that is now in such pain.
The Freed White Slave writes:
my Word, i am still continually amazed @ your brilliance! something new everyday. i am reminded of the Words of dostoyevsky:
“.… People with new ideas, people with the faintest capacity for saying something new, are extremely few in 
number, extraordinarily so in fact…The man of genius is one of millions, and the great geniuses, the crown of humanity, appear on earth perhaps one in many thousand millions.”my most High Professor, You are extraordinary! … i shutter to think how many lifetimes i have searched for the quality You now
provide–your Wisdom is of the worthiest treasures in the Universe…

Andi of North Carolina writes:
Until I found Afrakan Science explained in How an Afrakan Master Freed a White Slave,  I had been searching for answers about LIFE that have beenpartially answered by theory (contradicting ones) and that has not been enough for me.  Now,  I am compelled to seek and 
be the truth in its purest form and it is a beautiful challenge.  My previous studies have greatly prepared me for what the Ancestors have been trying to awake in me for so long and now I am finally ready to receive the answers and bring them forth to others who are ready… 

————————————————————————————————————————————————Read Your Own Mind First, Then Read Others MindsRead Your Own Mind First, Then Read Others Minds

  Available now as a pdf download only.

 Read Your Own Mind based upon how well you can Concentrate. If you are able to Concentrate well, you can certainly Read Your Own Mind. Fortunately, your Mind is just a part of what you can do. You can also read your own cells and not worry to have a microscope about what your cells are doing. This is exactly what The Dohgon of Mali have done to discover the DNA in the human cells. Unfortunately, Francis Crick stole their ideas and and gained the Nobel Prize in 1962.

There is a lot you can do when you have a Good Concentration. Focus (using your senses) can never be trusted because it’s always trapped in your memories and never expands your understanding. Reading Your Own Mind through Concentration also expands your Mind to where everything happening around you or the universe is easily understood.


 Sex and The UniverseSex and The Universe
pdf download, $30.00

The fact that there are rain forests around the equator, then you have forests and grasslands around the tropics, then you have no forest in the temperate, cold and frigid regions. This is all Nature telling us how it encourages SEX within the Universe as a whole.

We see that around the equator of rainful and plenty of forest, as well as creatures that live in abundance, This tells us that in this particular area, there is a lot more Melatonin than you can find in the Temperate up to the frigid areas. We can, therefore, say that sex is a natural phenomenom that is supported by Nature as well.

There are certainly people in Temperate and Frigid Zones that are equally active about sex. These people are basically having the natural aspects of sex and are able to express
it just like people in the Tropical and Equatorial regions. Sex is, therefore, a natural thing that must be respected and not wasted at all. By waste, we mean having sex and having babies without ever having responsibility for those children. Children are definitely people, too, that grow up to have sex as well. If children are not properly brought up, then they will continue to make sex appear as if it is a game. Learn the rules about sex in this book.



ADHD Dilemma2x3 ADHD Dilemma
  Providing the neurological answers through Numbers
–pdf download,

  A distinguished retired surgeon says, “Amazing!”





Healing Dynamic Dance 2x3The Healing Dynamics Dance

pdf download $30.00

What role do your feet play in the healing process? For years, you’ve been stuck in a mental loop. You’ve gone to gurus and they haven’t cured you. You’ve gone to your neuroscientists and they’ve experimented with a variety of drugs on you. When are you going to walk away and feel freedom at last?

Why don’t you begin to investigate and do your own research on yourself, because who knows you better than you? Don’t you decide when to go to sleep and when to wake up? Don’t you decide what to eat and when to eat? If you can make these decisions, what’s wrong with you making decisions about your own quality of life?

This is where our AfRAkan Snake dance is what you need to perform. Get the dance and exercise videos and begin to take control of your life.


Gifts with numbers 2x3Discover Your True Gifts with Waves, Numbers and Colors
pdf download $30.00

 Get this pdf download and learn about WAVES, NUMBERS and COLORS. You’ll begin to understand that each WAVE is a NUMBER and a COLOR. Knowing these combinations is
a gift in itself as you begin to much more efficiently utilize COLORS and tap into their NUMBERS and their WAVES.

For instance, if you are somebody who has never been interested in natural foods, associating with the I AM GIFTED system will allow you to understand the power behind the color GREEN. This is sufficient to give you the motivation to start investigating things that are green. Hence the
NUMBER 3 becomes a NUMBER of interest to you. The 3rd Harmonic WAVE even starts to increase
your love for the environment and your awareness of the benefits of green foods in your diet.

Now get Discover Your Own True Gifts with Waves, Numbers and Colors! and learn that
it’s all in the WAVES, NUMBERS and COLORS!


Carbon Girl 2x3The Origin of Ideas 
–How Do Ideas Form on Your Mind To Motivate
and Transmute Your Life?
pdf download $30.00


If you are constantly bored, depressed, stressed and full of anxiety, fear and  anger, those are signs that you have created walls that are blocking fresh ideas from emerging in your memories.

You are experiencing the Choking Effect. Your memories are flooded because you are recycling the same old ideas over and over and over. Because those ideas are tired of being recycled, they have become white due to The  Bleaching Effect. This is the same problem that has happened with American corporations and Wall Street. They ran out of ideas and they fell for themortgage scam.

You can do better than that. Get the pdf download.


Afrakan Fraktals 2x3AFRAKAN FRAKTALS and the All-Seeing Eye of Heru in Your
Memories: Understanding Your EMOTIONS
Available now as a pdf download only

AFRAKAN FRAKTALS and the All-Seeing Eye of Heru in Your Memories: Understanding Your EMOTIONS:

This book is still in authorship, but if you are still interested, please send a contact to us to keep you on the waiting list. AFRAKAN FRAKTALS exemplify communications within your own memories. This book will begin to show you the forces that generate communications within your own memories that eventually lead you to the good or bad communication skills that always give you reason to either trust or mis-trust yourself.

This book will help you become well-defined in your own thoughts so that you will
understand when the good ego comes into play to dominant the bad ego that creates
the aggression and failing attitude that makes you procrastinate and feel insecure.


Alzheimer’s COUNT 2x3Alzheimer’s COUNT $30.00
Available now as a pdf download

Are you suffering from consistent memory loss? OR, do you have a relative who is experiencing the same? If this is the case, please engage yourself or that person with the very simple DOHGON COUNT five times and see how many errors you have. Time yourself on each COUNT and sent us the results and your questions. Order the book and get acquainted with the many exercises and puzzles to improve your mind.

Find out why numbers are the ultimate healers of any disease. Take the computer you use or your cell phone. Nothing happens without numbers. So how are you going to use numbers to cure yourself or somebody you love?


Dohgon SIGINGI HARPThe Dohgon SIGINGI HARP: Discovering your own skills by traveling back to Ancient AfRAkan musical techniques

This book is still in authorship, but if you are still interested, please send a contact to Professor MOmOh to keep you on the waiting list. The Dohgon Sigingi Harp is designed to help you synchronize lyrics with movements… as well as expand the rhythms that accompany each beat of the music. The Sigingi is bound to expand new dimensions to your song writing abilities, as well as your capacity for expanding your rhythmic vibrations. This system is directly associated with the science of MA’AT, by which AfRAkans caused massive rocks to levitate effortlessly.

If you are a songwriter or dancer, the Sigingi is waiting for you. The Sigingi Harp will begin to give you the gyrations of the AfRAkan children that you see moving their bodies in wavelike manner as if they are boneless.

Keep yourself healthy with this great Ancient AfRAkan musical style!


 COWRY Color-Number WHEELThe Dohgon COWRY Color-Number WHEEL

 Available now as a pdf download only.

The COLORS on the COWRY WHEEL have significance. What do you think each wheel’s  color significance is to your own creativity?

Are you struggling to be creative?
Are you still stuck with the old mind in which things always stay the same?

Let the Cowry Color-Number Wheel wake you up to a different journey with a different experience in the same reality, so you will start to see how you can perform magic by means of numbers that allow you to get healed when others are struggling to find unnatural solutions to their problems.



Communicate at DNA Level for A Better Living 2x3Communicate at DNA Level for A
 Better Living

Available now as a pdf download only.
 This book is meant to guide you back into the history of the reality of human thinking. Thinking starts right at the nuclear, cellular level. When we truly understand this source of THOUGHT, we know that there’s a bond that ties all of us together. As a result, we’ll all have similar qualities because we’ll have similar commonalities that bind us together. So, will there be hate, discrimination, greed, exploitation, terrorism and

Thinking from the cellular level is what separates the civilized human from the uncivilized barbarian. This is where your DNA determines who you truly are and what your purpose in life ought to be.

Get this book to understand the forces that work within your DNA so you can begin to
fully understand yourself in order to heal yourself from your doubts, procrastination, self-hate, self-imposed anger, fear, insecurity, depression, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, and much more. The code to all your problems lies in your DNA. Take our DNI Test, the illustration of which you see on the book’s cover… and begin to understand yourself.



H.E.R.U. Highest Exponential Reasoning and Understanding H.E.R.U.: Highest Exponential Reasoning and Understanding

 How to Liberate Your Mind to Transition Your Soul
 Co-Author: Rick Morris, Jr., age 21

In an era where you have young Black men rushing into the areas of entertainment, sports and other activities that land them in concentration camps that they call jail houses, 21-year-old Rick Morris Jr., has clearly defined his future. This young BRTHR is currently a student at Florida A&M. He understood that just going through the caucasian educational system, which he has seen his family and many other Black AfRAkans go through and never benefit them, gives him cause to seek a more authentic education.

We welcome you to discover the authenticity of AfRAkan Dohgon education. Read this book and you’ll want to read the 2nd edition as well because you’ll learn things about your Pineal Gland, Melatonin and Melanin. This is an opportunity for you to encourage other Black AfRAkan youth to discover their own powers of immense growth.




3 Videos and Dohgon Science book white3 Videos and Dohgon Science book 

 With this package you’ll also receive two extra CDs: “Dohgon Cosmogony: Before there was a
beginning” (powerpoint CD) and “Our Minds Never Die!”

 Errol from Canada writes:
Hello Professor Momoh, 
I just want to tell you that I got my package last week and your Dohgon
Science book has been an amazing read. Wow, All I got to say is that the Dohgons are completely
advanced in all their understandings of the universe. I see why they would kick anyone out of
their village that would choose not to follow these teachings because they are complete. I have
not finished watching the dvd’s but I have finished listening to the cd’s and they have been (just
like the book) amazing.

I am honored at your invitation to be a real student of The Dohgon and I accept it.


BSI TestingBSI Testing
Brain Stimulation Imaging Testing

Test your Pineal Gland and see how the switching systems in the thalamus of your brain aresynchronizing with your THINKING, your CREATIVITY and YOUR HEALTH.

It’s a simple 90-minute test. You can take the test anywhere in the world.

Once you make the discovery about your brain timing and your Pineal Gland functionality, you’ll then start with the next two levels of the Wonder Wheels  Games.

The benefits are immense!
Your MOTIVATIONAL POWER for CREATIVITY will be revealed immediately and the incentives to keep improving it will continue to drive you deeper into discovering your other TRUE POTENTIALS.

If you’ve been having problems with your life or constantly misplacing  things and not seeing things that are obvious, there are blind spots in your CONCENTRATION. If you have had some previous education that keeps you doubting yourself and your powers to be, the Brain Stimulation Imaging Test will reveal the inadequacies within those systems that you have trusted previously, and your doubts will start to become clarities and certainties.

Your CLARITY OF MIND to control confusion, incompetence, fear and uncertainties will be quickly revealed. You’ll start to resolve problems without the hassle of any kind of discomfort, or dependence on drugs.

Decision-making problems or problems with making choices will become a thing of the past. Your brain switching systems are now running on a different time.

If you’d like to see a picture of how your own mind works, the WONDER WHEELS Game is a very simple, daily activity you can perform to keep you CONSCIOUS, AWARE and IN CONTROL.

How important is TIMING between your BRAIN and your MIND?

The only place to get this test is from The Dohgon University of Thought.

What makes Tte BSI Test the stepping stone into Dohgon Spirituality?
  • The BSI Test reveals the CODES by which your entire existence has been set.
  • It plays your own movies, with the clarity that identifies the codes that have been influencing your life.
  • The BSI provides the scripts in drawing (graphics), words, Numbers and structures.
  • The BSI Test is a system that stands on its own. There’s none like it anywhere on this Planet.
  • This system provides detailed cinematography, as stated above, that will play simultaneously to reveal the areas of your totalexistence of which you had totally forgotten. This cinema will show you:– Images that had affected your life constructively or destructively
    — Words that have guided you or misguided you
    — Structures and colors that directed you towards stability or made you unstable,
    — Numbers that could have accelerated your growth or stagnated
       you into your demise, and
    — Stories that could have affected your life gloriously or miserably.

The BSI Test provides very detailed neurological information that leads to fully determining how you perform.

How do you Focus? 
The information that’s gathered during The BSI Test provides clues to the intensity levels of how you focus and the directions towhich you focus. For instance, are you intensely focusing on matters of relevance, or those of emotional self-derision andirrelevance?

How do you Concentrate?
The BSI Test, through the Wonder Wheels Games, provides very clear information about the measure of your Concentration. Do you have a stable Concentration? Does your ability to Concentrate last long enough to make you accomplish tasks efficiently?

The Pineal Gland Gauge and Pineal Calcification
The Pineal Gland Gauge is extremely powerful because it’s a comparative system for measuring Serotonin-to-Melatoninneurotransmitter ratios in the brain. This is what we utilize to determine the potentialities of your Pineal Gland based on whetherthere is calcification, and at what amount of calcification the gland is functioning. Your child, for instance, as young as he or shemight be, may already have a high level of Pineal Calcification. This could be one reason for ADHD problems. Current tests will never work because they lack this comparative Dohgon AfRAkan system.

Sign up for the BSI Test.

BSI Test Package  $330

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