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DNI Test

DNI Explained

The Dohgon People of Mali brought you the trajectory of The Sirius Stars in the Orion Constellation. They provided all the details that were beyond any types of scientific arguments, that is, after NASA built the $1,000,000,000 Hubble satellite and sent it into space in the 1990s. This foreign intervention of AfRAkan WISDOM validated exactly what The Powerful Dohgon had stated about the Stars without spending a penny. It took $1b to prove The Dohgon right.James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins won the Nobel prize in 1962 for discovering the DNA. But what has never been told is the FACT that Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen, two French anthropologists, spent 25 years in Mali, studying and documenting every fabric of Dohgon WISDOM. From 1931 to 1956, these Europeans published their findings about Dohgon astronomic and neural dictates in many prestigious papers around the world. It did not surprise me when Francis Crick, one of the Nobel Prize winners for discovering the DNA, stated “We stumbled on it!”… ‘it’ meaning the DNA.

The GFR Effect in DNA Helix and Sirius A and B Dynamics
GFR is gravitation-force-radiant dynamics. The 2 Stars, Sirius A and B, have a very distinct GFR Effect, as they travel in a constant Snake Dance dynamics. Who initiates and controls this dance is Sirius B. This tiny Star influences her bigger sister’s motions and her light radiant emitting powers.

How GFR works
Sirius B exerts tremendous gravitational force upon Sirius A to bring her bigger sister closer to her. When that happens, Sirius A minimizes her light emission to the Sun. The Sun will react and emit a lot of Sun flares on her surface. Now you can see how Sun flares can easily be explained relative to the indelible influence that the Sun’s nearest Stars have on her. As the 2 Stars continue in their elliptical journey, Sirius B will relax the pressure to allow Sirius A to move farther away. At this point, Sirius A will emit a lot more intense radiant waves of light to shower the Sun and the Earth. This solves the problem of Sun flares.

So how does this relate to your DNA and your internal and external communications capabilities?
This Snake-like wave shape is our representation of the DNA. Instead of Sirius A and B, we now have Pyrimidine and Purine. These are the 2 strands of the DNA. Read more on our partner site, Secrets of Your DNA.

Are you CONCERNED about cell phone or electrical radiation?
Are you STUCK in life?
Are you UNFILLED in your career and relationship?

Any questions you may have can be solved by Professor MOmOh.

The Radiation Factor in DNA
There’s tremendous radiation going on within every cellular nucleus due to the varied electrical and magnetic variations in the electromagnetic composition of blood serum. Professor MOmOh uses these discoveries to describe to you his findings about your DNI Test. Sign up for this test now by phone.

DNI Testing

MA’AT from Canada writes:
I have been dedicated to doing the flux count from 0 to 100 and 100 to 0 every night before bed and it has definitely made an improvement in my clarity. A few weeks ago I became so aware that I began to see people as their brain, myself included, instead of their outer shell. I began to realize that the shell is just a façade that hides the real person. The mind creates an illusion that helps people fit into their environments. Improving the health and functionality of the brain increases the power of the mind. Working with Numbers has made the difference.

Henri from Canada writes:
i am still counting the other day i count to 1000 and there was this tremendous amount of inner peace n balance, i am still persistent in my WWG.ThANKHS again Professor and mightyqueen!

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