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Our Minds Don’t Die!

see here 2-set CD

Although we all leave this Universe, and transcend on, where exactly do we go? We go to where we have been already… and that is what we define as Our Purpose. Did you have a Purpose of AcCOUNTability? AcCOUNTability means being in tune with TIME.

Was your TIME slow or fast???
Was your TIME chaotic or realistic? Was your TIME expansive or constricted?

If your TIME was chaotic, constricted and unAcCOUNTable, then you know for sure you are going to where the particles that formed your soul (physical being) emerged. That place is the surface of the Sun. You will be part of those that keep fighting and fighting to free themselves from the burning fires of the Sun. The struggle that you will have to free yourself from those fires is what you’re seeing today as sun flares. The sun flares that we all observe are the souls of those who behaved as the devils of chaos, greed, human destruction, hate, and arrogance on this Planet. It’s estimated that the Sun has another 5 billion years before it becomes a dead star. So, if you were to die today, prepare yourself for millions of years burning in that fire to completely cleanse your soul before you proceed to that beautiful place where there is the INFINITY of all the beauties that we built when we built the pyRAmids in KMT… the courtyards, the…


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Dohgon Cosmogony: Before there was a beginning
Cosmogony is the emergence of the Cosmological Universe, what you may call “Creation.”
So, what created the Universe?
What Universe was created?
How was the created Universe created?
What tools did The Creator use to create this Universe?
Did The Creator have a formula for the creation?
Is that formula present everywhere in the Universe?
Who created this Universe?
From where did The Creator create the Universe?
Why should we, as humans, care why the Universe happened?
Did The Creator have a purpose for the Universe?
Was the purpose defined?
Was there, or is there, one single definition for that purpose?
Or, are there parallel definitions of that purpose?
How do we understand this purpose?
Is The Creator active in what he created?
How do we know he is active in what he created?

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The Dohgon: The Masters of Science

The Dohgon have always been and still are The Masters of Spirituality (Science)!!! Find out everything you’ve never known about The Dohgon from Dohgon High Priest Professor MOmOh. Listen and learn about the following:

Tellum People
Origins of The Dohgon
Power of BLACKNESS-Melanin
MA’AThematical Codes of The Step PyRAmid… Dohgon Power of Concentration to see Sirius Stars… Unwind the programming… Pineal Gland… Left and Right Brains… Know who you are… Principals you must uphold… Pendulum has to keep moving from L brain to R brain…Principals you must uphold… Microwave technology… Relationships… BLACKSIGHT…Energy… Spirituality… Singularity of Time… AcCOUNTability… Dependency on the system… Dohgon Cosmogony… Best form of Healing… Magnetic equals Waves… Water healing: Waves… DARKNESS… Serotonin: Melatonin… Power of Mind… Power of Intelligence


Dohgon Palm Tennis: Getting Started

Dohgon Palm Tennis is a left and right brain coordination exercise that gives you the power to easily measure the deficiencies of your eye focus, rhythm, coordination, continuity in performance, mobility, agility and endurance. This video will get you started on how to play Dohgon Palm Tennis at a beginner’s level… then you have the flexibility to challenge yourself further. You’ll also learn the count system and much more to improve your too right-brained or too left-brained self. Get started now! Watch the video. You’ll also receive our Dohgon Palm Tennis recording sheet to keep track of your progress.

Once you begin to balance your left and right brain, you’ll also begin to ask yourself, Why am I no longer saying the following:
Why am I so uncoordinated?
When will I get my act together?
Will I ever quit while I’m ahead?
How can I restore my confidence in myself?
Why am I so confused?

How can I use Numbers to my benefit?

Get the above DOHGON CD/DVD PACKAGE, $30.00
You get the following:
4 CDs:
Our Minds Don’t Die!, 2-set CD
Dohgon Cosmogony, CD
The Dohgon: Masters of Science, CD
1 DVD:
Dohgon Palm Tennis, DVD, (includes recording sheet)

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WHAT TIME IS IT? It’s now BRAIN TIME, and no one else’s time because with BRAIN TIME, you will take each of these Numbers, signifying your sensory organs, to regain your HEALING and CREATIVE POWERS. I, Professor MOmOh, will develop a special curriculum for you to ensure that THIS TIME, IT’S YOUR BRAIN TIME!!! Your …

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Brain Massaging Clock

 Senura ANKHi Is your child ADHD?    This is about your child, you, your parents … so READ! The Brain Massaging System is about giving you know-how on researching your own Child’s learning and behavior problems. Alice, who you see with her daughter, Senora, did not go to college, yet has learned to perform this very simple …

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Brain Mystery Solutions

Brain Mystery Solutions How do you take a failing school and make it extremely successful at minimal cost?     How do you teach people to overcome the fear of failure, without allowing fear itself to fail them? Nervousness is an automatic reaction to most people when they face challenges. How can you design a learning method …

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