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  • It’s now BRAIN TIME, and no one else’s time because with BRAIN TIME, you will take each of these Numbers, signifying your sensory organs, to regain your HEALING and CREATIVE POWERS. I, Professor MOmOh, will develop a special curriculum for you to ensure that THIS TIME, IT’S YOUR BRAIN TIME!!!
  • Your BRAIN TIME will work specifically for you, and not for your child or your spouse. Your BRAIN TIME will make you a different and more progressive you!


  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • PTSD
  • ANGER,
  • FEAR
    Take The Dohgon DNI Test. This is a Numbers test that’s designed to unravel the COMMUNICATIONS mishaps happening at your DNA level. The Dohgon DNI Tests will discover you from within you, through the fRAktal structure of your cells. The Dohgon DNI Test assesses the WAVES permeating within your DNA with the purpose to discover how those WAVES affect your Action Thinking Potential, your Magnetic and Memory Switching Timing Potentials. This information allows us to construct a pyRAmid, I mean a TriANKHle, that reveals the STRUCTURE of your problem. This problem is CAUSED by ERROR CATASTROPHES happening at your DNA level.Let’s ask the following questions:
  • Why are these errors happening?
  • For how long do they happen?
  • What happens to you when they happen?
  • Who is around you when they happen?
  • With whom did you interact when they happen?
  • How long does it take for the ERROR CATASTROPHES to go away?
  • How are your own type errors expressed?
  • Are they expressed as POOR SELF-ESTEEM, LOSS OF DRIVE (SEXUAL, INTUITIVE..)The solution is in NUMBERS. We are slowly entering the NUMBERS ERA. Aren’t you fortunate to have Professor MOmOh right here in your backyard waiting to guide you into this era?SO, WHAT TIME IS IT?
    It’s now the TIME for your own self discovery. It’s no longer that thing you used to call enlightenment… It’s dead. It’s no longer that philosophy you called positive thinking… it’s dead.ALL OF THESE AND THE REST OF THEM WERE NEVER YOUR TIME. IN FACT, THEY STOLE YOUR TIME FROM YOU!Here is how you start to HEAL yourself and start the new journey into the NEW ERA. The problems you have and care about eradicating are showed in structures. Please see the illustrations below:

  • The triANKHkles and the WAVES have an associative relationship.
    The questions are:
  • Which triANKHle and WAVE match your particular profile right now?
  • Is there just one triANKHle and one WAVE or one triANKHle and 2/3/4 WAVES that match your profile?
  • Are there ways to alter the triANKHle/WAVE Dynamics in order to restore your life to normalcy?
  • Can your particular situation be resolved with models that you, yes you, would love to make a part of your everlasting style development?
    Now you know why I declared that this whole process is about you.Your curriculum wll be developed just for you, and you will have the opportunity to modify the model as you please. Sign up now.3-week curriculum development system
    Brain Clock Curriculum Package
    includes the DNI Test, plus a special Spiritual Healing Clock for you
    $396.63Yes, I want to sign up for the Brain Clock package!
    Click the PayPal button below to get started.



  • Whatever your pain or traumatizing condition is, you name it, and we’ll design a special Spiritual Healing Clock for you. This is how we’ll start with your 3-week curriculum development system..This system will help you discover theNumbers that stimulate your electrical potentials at the DNA level. In conjunction to that, it will also induce your Magnetic potentials towards the things that you may think you like, but are actually not what your DNA desires. These Numbers will then work in conjunction with the Numbers that trigger your serotonin and Melatonin production rates within your Pineal Gland.

    Each week that we perform a DNI Test, you’ll be sent the results of the test.
    If the Numbers that showed up this week are the same that show up within the next 2 weeks, or they don’t show up again after the first week, then we know that your Numbers are accurately discovered. 
    On the other hand, if the Numbers change every week, the message is a serious one. The test will have to continue beyond 3 weeks.The message here is that your DNA has been badly programmed either by the foods you eat, the career you have or the relationships that are now in your life. So, your Brain Clock will require a lot of configuration in tightening your Corpus Callosum stria nerves. These nerves are responsible for designing the Consciousness part of your clock. Your Consciousness Clock is very important because it is what relates the external environment to your brain. It’s also responsible for relating your brain’s responses or reactions to the external environment. Once your Corpus Callosum Consciousness Clock is set, your Awareness Clock becomes easier to function.Your Awareness Clock is what relays messages back and forth from your Consciousness Clock to the billions of memory lobes all around your body, including those in your brain.Sign up now.


    How to clear the clutter in your brain. Watch this video now:

  • Sika of Detroit writes:
    Imhotep, Prof. Absolutely Brilliant, Generic,you read my mind my clock is changing asI write this e-mail.
  • 0Unlearner0 of Baltimore writes:
    Imhotep Sir,
    You are a brilliant man and your wisdom seems to have no end. You know where YOU are going! I just finished listening and looking at your you tube video How to Clear the Clutter from Your Brain and I read the Brain Clock information on your Web Site. Another course I will need to take.
  • Michelle of Ontario writes:
    You have done it again…I am very impressed. Your mind is so AMAZING, you are continuously coming up with new ideas to stimulate and motivate the MIND. I would like take the Afrakan Fraktals and the Brain Clock Curriculum course at the same time. I am preparing my fiances so within two weeks I could send my payment through PAYPAL.
  • Rudolph has made a comment on How to clear the clutter in your brain:  
  • dikkels has made a comment on How to clear the clutter in your brain:
    this is pure brilliance i hope some scientist would expound on what you just displayed in this movie.
  •  jawill has made a comment on How to clear the clutter in your brain:
    LOL.. you tell’em!!!! Good day to you Professor, I spoke with you a few days ago over the phone.. If ever you have an apprenticeship available PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZ DRAFT me with the utmost urgency.. I will submit willingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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