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Brain Mystery Solutions

Brain Mystery Solutions

How do you take a failing school and make it
extremely successful at minimal cost?

    How do you teach people to overcome the fear of failure, without
allowing fear itself to fail them?

Nervousness is an automatic reaction to most people when they face
challenges. How can you design a learning method with the potential of
ridding nervousness when students are challenged?

What is the best way for students to learn without being taught?

Carefully think about this question. Ask your colleagues, then share your
ideas. You won’t have any answers because your left and right brain
hemispheres do not yet understand how each brain automatically sees
problems so that you can immediately solve them even before the
solution appears to you.

Here are some additional pointers about the mysteries of your brain:

  • You have a lot of information about self-help principles and practices but still find it difficult to apply them in your life. The reason why you can’t apply them is because those principles are a mismatch for each of your brain hemispheres.
  • You would like to drastically improve your life by understanding what causes you to procrastinate… and even eliminate your lack of focus, motivation and all the bad habits etc.There are easy ways of accomplishing these improvements at minimal cost. One way is what we describe as the BA Method. BA is Booster Ambiance. It’s what puts you in an atmosphere of ease and relaxation through the 5 Zones of Mental Concentration. These are the Zones of Concentration that you will learn to perfection when you enroll in the class.
  • Every experience must tick your brain at different frequency rates. If your brain has not been ticking, your brain is not generating the right frequencies. So, how about taking our course to learn the types of frequencies that make your brain tick?
  • Over the years, you have spent thousands of dollars on self-help programs, CDs, books and tools… only to continue in the same behavioral patterns that you wish to change. Do you know why they didn’t work? They didn’t work because they could not get at your DNA level. So remember, if it doesn’t get to the DNA, it won’t work!!!
  • Come to The Dohgon Brain Formula Center to change behavior patterns, such as procrastination, tardiness, inconsistency, lack of focus, motivation and Concentration, then understand the reasons behind them.
  • Again, come to The Dohgon Brain Formula Center to get the no nonsense scientific solution to balancing your right and left brain hemispheres?Finally, from your own array of disappointing experiences, you can now testify that of the millions of books, CDs and programs that address the self-help market, including others available, that you are still stuck at the level where you only “know about” the information, but you don’t know what to apply to change the habits that prevent you from living and performing at your highest levels.Sign up up for the course.
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