Sep 21

Autumn Equinox & Synchronizing Your 2 Brain Hemispheres


September 22 represents a day that was highly honored by our AfRAkan ANKHcestors thousands of years ago in KMT (Egypt). That day is the Autumn Equinox. See the diagram and text below.

We will continue to honor the Autumn Equinox by performing the Dohgon Medtitation 3 times tomorrow: when you wake up in the morning, at noon, and at night before going to sleep. We know you will honor that day that represents nearly equal night and equal day by also synchronizing your 2 brain hemispheres.

Don’t let your 2 brain hemispheres lose that synchronicity throughout the year. Rather, keep your 2 brain hemispheres always united… and you will become very settled and peaceful in everything you do.

Realize that this is a very productive effort that will always accelerate your actions to be good. Keep this effort going consistently. –Professor MOmOh

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

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Aug 25

Sad Emotions and Losing a Loved One

Sad Emotions and Losing a Loved One

by Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought, 08-24-2017


musukuraHow do you deal with the sad emotions when a loved one dies?

What you have to know is that you are also going to die when your time comes along. When that times comes, if you were a good, clean, TRUTHFUL and sincere person, you will not be overcome by the fear of death. You will appreciate going to a different universe where those that you’ll meet will welcome you and your presence among their experiences.


That universe is the Spiritual or DARK Universe, and you will be welcome there forever. You will experience the peace, harmony and joy that those who have gone before you already participate in. Therefore, always be kind, honest and generous to others who will become very important in approving the kindness that you have demonstrated about your presence on Earth.


Know that everything you do towards kindness is recorded, and the evidence becomes very clear that you are a kind and generous person. Your kindness follows you with Spirituality. So even when you die and become a Spirit, you will continue to enjoy that kindness with other Spirits. Therefore, kindness is not anything new to you. It is something that has existed within you even when you were a physical person.


The edict of kindness that you have demonstrated will live with you as a Spiritual being. You, as a physical person, were very intelligent to maintain a Spiritual quality that has continued to dwell within you.


No one will destroy that edict that you have demonstrated. In fact, people must know that an edict of kindness is a condition that emerges with everyone at birth. It is not imposed on people at the time of their existence as a physical person, but it is a quality that we are all born with. We must follow this quality all the time, not just assume that it will come to us by chance.


It is worthy to know that Spirituality does not come to you when you are dead. It’s there all the time. You must be comfortable being sincere, honest and TRUTHFUL because it is a part of you. If there are people who do not want you to express those qualities, then you have to leave them alone and find a way to express them through others who sincerely need you to be as good as you are. You will find that your good attitude is welcome by those who are Spiritually evolving.


Now is the time, in the physical world, to know that you have to be acCOUNTable for everything you do as a person. This is because when you become a non-physical being, you will become either a ghost or a Spirit. And it’s always better to become a Spirit than a ghost.


As a Spirit, you are always very secure to have continuity as a Spiritual being.


But when you become a ghost, you will never ascend to the quality of goodness that you never had as a physical being. Since you never had the good and clean qualities of someone that will become a Spirit, you will continue to suffer when you become a ghost. As a result, you will suffer with what you did or didn’t suffer from as a physical being. When you become a ghost, you will always suffer from what you did wrong as a physical being.


But, as a Spiritual being, you will never suffer from any of the tragedies of a ghost. You are now ready to exist in another world that is set to elevate you to the Kingdom of Goodness. That Kingdom is what people call the Kingdom of ‘God’. If you happen to go to that Kingdom, it means that everything that you did on Earth was full of good, honor and honesty. That Kingdom is where you will live forever. This means you will enjoy the peacefulness and stability that longevity offers.


But are you going to live forever?

Yes you will, and you will live in either a pleasant way or in a very horrible way. This is why people always talk about “hell”. Those who are wicked on Earth will visit hell, where they will burn and burn and burn. We have to realize that people go to hell because they are doing wrong. It is why we all have to know that we have 2 brain hemispheres, the left and the right brain hemispheres. One makes us emotional and the other makes us logical in whatever we THINK.


When we become emotional, we forget about the other side of us that requires us to be acceptable to other people’s attitudes. If other people’s attitudes are unpleasant, we leave them alone. They do not match what we deserve in our THINKING.


However, if our thinking is also unpleasant, we get to the point where we do not qualify ourselves of the Goodness that is necessary for a Spirit to exist. Now, we have a difficult time understanding where we are going to be. Are we going to be a Spiritual being or a ghost? Now we are in a very difficult situation because we are in doubt of where we shall be in the future.


The two brain hemispheres, which are your left and right brain hemispheres, must always be united for every THINKING that you do. If you decide on THINKING about the quality of togetherness, than peace is going to follow your thoughts.


However, if you decide on just how you can please yourself and forget about everyone else, then your thinking is selfish and illogical. Now you have a reason to consider your thoughts as unworthy because they no longer include others in what you think.


What you THINK must always consider others as worthy and deserving of your good thoughts. This is how you will become appreciated by goodness because you are already including others in the goodness of your THINKING.


Always consider being thoughtful of others… and goodness will follow you.


How do you consider death?

What we have to realize, then, is that death is not at all a bad thing. But if you become a ghost, it measures how the bad things you did affect you now that you have become a ghost.


Death is, thus, the continuation of no longer living as a human being, but as a ghost or a Spirit. Death is considered a transformation, and you have to make that transformation worthy of what you were as a human being.


If you lived as a human being in a terrible way, your transformation, then, will not be good. You will suffer as a transformed human who did not wish to die at this time, because at this time you are now exposed to what you have done wrong when you lived as a physical person. That transformed human being will then become a ghost, who will have a different place to go to. That different place is what people call ‘hell.’


When you become a ghost, this means that your left and right brain hemispheres had failed to coordinate themselves properly as a human being. As a result, you incorrectly made choices that forced you into taking actions that were wrong. For example, you exploited the goodness of others to make your own existence more valuable than what other people’s existence was. You also cheated others when you didn’t have to.


On the other hand, if you become a Spirit, your existence becomes a valuable evidence that you were worthy of everything you did to others as well.


Becoming a Spiritual being is only leaving a physical environment and re-entering the Spiritual environment from which we each appeared from DARKNESS as an infant through our MTHR’s womb.


Certainly, the transition is a sad one for you when someone you have known for years dies. When that person leaves, there is a connection that is lost. However, we should never be totally grieved if we know that that person is going to an environment where he or she shall live forever pleasantly. This is the reason why it is important that we each act in a very good manner so that when we become Spirits, we won’t face any condition that is imposed upon us through the evil we did on Earth.


In other words, our existence on Earth is an experiment that requires us to act in a very good manner. We must know that everything we do to another person will always appear after our death. We will have to show why we were so unkind to our fellow humans. This is how Spirit verifies that it was connected to a person whose behavior was sensible or not sensible.


Our Spirits are constantly recording what we do right and what we do wrong. Some people’s Spirits have little or nothing to write about the wrongs they did. Their Spirits will not have enough documentation of wrongs to present to “God,” and they will easily enter the Spiritual realm.


Others, on the other hand, will require days and days… or months or years… to unleash the bad behaviors that require a great punishment. They will not enter the Spiritual realm, where those who did good have a place to live. Rather, they, with the bad behaviors, will be led to hell, where they will exist as ghosts and burn and burn and burn.


We must know that our existence on Earth, therefore, is an experiment to determine how good or bad we exist. If our behavior has been bad, then we have to present a very long list of the bad behaviors to the God that will question whether we go to heaven or hell. This is important because our death actually explains our ability to exist forever in either a pleasant way or in a very horrible way.


When we die, and become Spirits, we shall no longer need material things nor shall we require things to protect us, etc. We will live in an environment that has no rainfall, no sunlight and no need to buy food. It is an environment in which we shall never feel hungry nor desire to go to places. Rather, we will have the ability to travel to anywhere we want to go instantaneously.


Spiritual existence is a very good existence only if you prepare yourself to be a good and clean Spirit by being good to your fellow humans. But, if you did not prepare yourself, then your existence as a ghost will be very worrying.



Be good and goodness will follow you. –Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought.


Copyright © 2017 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.

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Aug 20

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse of the U.S

The Cosmogonic or Dark Universe

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse of the U.S.:

The Spiritual Magnetism of Darkness for Peace happens by synchronizing your 2 brain hemispheres


MQ: Mighty Queen 06390, The Dohgon University of Thought

PM: Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought


MQ:  What is a total, solar eclipse?


PM:   A total, solar eclipse brings Darkness to daylight, which humanity must appreciate to fully understand how important its 2 brain hemispheres are needed to acquire peace.


MQ: A total, solar eclipse will be crossing the U.S. on August 21, 2017. The eclipse will make a rare 2,500-mile coast-to-coast journey across the U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina on that day. This will bring total Darkness to various cities along its path. What does this total eclipse indicate about the Spiritual Magnetism of Darkness for Peace?


PM:        Darkness always indicates Peace. Anything that happens with Darkness indicates there is an effect of peacefulness that follows it as well. Therefore, the total solar eclipse passing through the U.S. indicates how the U.S., itself, is now ready to exercise a peaceful transition from where peace is now paramount in the minds of many people. This means that the intention of people is peace, instead of war.


War kills a lot of innocent people. Now, the total eclipse is telling us that no more war is necessary because the eclipse, itself, is now bringing NIGHT during daytime. And NIGHT means the synchronization of your two brain hemispheres, which indicates calmness, peacefulness and TRUTHFULNESS in everything you do.


MQ:  Why does Darkness always indicate peace, and what is the relationship of Darkness to the synchronization of your two brain hemispheres?


PM:   Your two brain hemispheres are your left and right brain hemispheres. When they are well-synchronized, your two brain hemispheres are both coordinated in whatever you THINK about. Your THINKING, then, becomes very active and willing to pursue good and clean things that keep you very peaceful in everything you do.


Darkness always indicates peace because everything in Darkness is quiet and willing to remain peaceful until daylight appears. During daylight, humanity is awake and anxious to get things done very quickly.


So anxiety exists during daytime and quietness exists during nighttime. This is the reason why, when the total solar eclipse occurs during daytime, humanity must exercise the peacefulness that happens at night. This is why the Universe is making daylight disappear for that period of time throughout the U.S. during the total eclipse.


Humanity must, therefore, learn that the time for peace is now reachable to everyone, and that the period of war is over because those who pursue war are now leaving that direction of thinking for war. Thus, those who are seeking peace are increasing in numbers. Very soon, there will be no interest in wars anymore because those who pursue wars are now being pushed aside, and they are no longer in that position to make choices to go to war.


MQ: So the message of the upcoming total solar eclipse that will cross the U.S. is one that is energized for humanity to THINK peacefully by coordinating their left and right brain hemispheres?


PM:   Yes, the thinking is not just superficial, but one that people have seriously thought about expressing. It is the desire to let other people begin to THINK similarly that peace matters. It’s no longer an expression where people have to make songs about peace and do nothing about how the peace itself is made tangible for actions to manifest.


Humanity must understand why Nature is making the appearance of the total solar eclipse happen throughout the U.S. Is it happening because of a natural request by humanity itself or is it happening because Nature, itself, needs to make Darkness happen during daylight?


The eclipse has to enforce the conscious awareness of an attitude that must now make itself very clear that peace has to exist for people to express themselves without any limitations.


MQ:  How will people begin to synchronize their two brain hemispheres in order to bring this renewed THINKING process of calmness, peacefulness and TRUTHFULNESS to the Universe?


PM:        These peaceful qualities are always present with people who seek TRUTH. When TRUTH is a part of your THINKING, you will always be very cordial to other people… and their peaceful interests are also your own interests. There is already a connection between you and them. They are not different from you, and you are not different from them.


Synchronizing your two brain hemispheres is an easy process for humanity to accomplish. All that’s required is activating the logic of your left brain to connect with your mind. Your mind will transfer that logic to your Spirit, which will include the Spiritual Magnetic qualities of the Universe into your Spiritual qualities, and then transfer that information back to your mind.


When that information is now in your mind, it becomes an intelligent and creative energy that will help you acquire WISDOM. WISDOM is necessary for you to express what you can do to help others.


The reason why WISDOM is necessary is because it goes through your Spiritual system, which is internal to you. When that internal, Spiritual system of your WISDOM is activated, everything becomes expressed within you externally. Now you can see how your creativity and intelligence happen easily. This ability becomes so great within you that you are able to help others acquire their own creative forces without any struggle. You are now a person of great WISDOM who others will respect.


Through the physical connection that your synchronized left and right brain hemispheres now have with the Spiritually Magnetic qualities of the Universe, you are no longer in a position to impose yourself on people who haven’t offended you in anyway to start wars with them. You will always stand by your own TRUTH, and you will not compromise with those who need to go to war with others. You’ll always be very strong to express the TRUTH of the Spirituality of your mind, rather than the imbalanced and unstable emotions of your right brain.


MQ:  When will humanity as a whole begin to THINK by uniting their two brain hemispheres so that peace is now a common factor in people’s lives throughout the world?


PM:        People’s lives are valued when they have a purpose in life. If the purpose is to determine how each person succeeds and that success transfers to other people, then there will be a common vision where humanity as a whole begins to benefit by the success of individual people. So people are going to succeed in life. But this success is going to happen when there is a determination for other people to be part of the success of what individual people accomplish in life. When that success becomes universal, other people will rise to the joy of success as well.


The joy of success will pass on to all individuals where success becomes a common result that allows people to also be a part of a whole. Once people see the whole exists that affects them as well, then success is no longer an individual matter. Rather it becomes a general and holistic matter that engulfs everyone.


Everything will now be considered holistic. So the success of one person becomes the success of a whole community. This is not a communist doctrine. Rather democracy will still exist in the minds of people, and they will practice democratic views where people are helped to rise to the same level of success that other individuals have.


Here, nobody becomes over wealthy. But it is a condition where wealth becomes a common condition that everyone is pleased to have.


When a whole community of people is pleased to have wealth, then there won’t be people who are poor and begging for existence. Here, everyone will maintain a decent way of living and there won’t be any conditions that are managed by others so that those conditions are only appreciated by people who become affiliated with what has been established for their advantage.


Everyone has the same advantage as everyone else. So all people are privileged to be a part of the success that has been arranged. People are no longer individually successful, but the success is organized for all to have.


THINKING will only happen for peace to occur when all people THINK about peace. When that THINKING continues to occur in people’s minds, then there will be more concern about peace than the emotions that take people’s minds away from their logic.


In order to synchronize your two brain hemispheres, you must be highly aware of the logic that occurs in your left brain, rather than the emotions of your right brain. Once you express the logic of your left brain, like the Earth is doing now, with the total solar eclipse that will bring Darkness, or Spiritual Magnetism, across the U.S. during daytime, you are also attracting the importance of your THINKING to become Spiritually Magnetic so that others can be attracted to the magnetic qualities of the Universe as well.


Many people who will read what we are stating here will immediately say we don’t know what we are talking about, and that there is no way to relate what humanity does to what happens in the Universe. We all are aware of how the Earth will display the eclipse and how it will extend from Oregon to South Carolina. When the Universe expresses its own desire to affect what happens between day and night, what makes us doubt that the Universe will not affect the way humanity THINKS about uniting itself. These are conditions that occur, whether we like it or not.


Some people will desire wars because their two brain hemispheres are lacking the synchronicity to be in agreement for peace with other people. This does not mean that all of humanity is thinking that ways. There are people like us who demand peace. And, therefore, we will acquire peace regardless of what others think.


When that requirement for peace becomes real, we shall continue to strive for everything that unites us, just like the Universe, itself, is united to bring total Darkness to daylight during the total solar eclipse.


We, who are concerned about the selfishness of other people needing to deny the unity of humanity to bring peace and gracefulness to humanity, will never quit our unity expressing itself to bring people together so that their common interest is unifying people’s two brain hemispheres to always seek calmness, peacefulness and TRUTHFULNESS.


When people are now in unity, it means that their two brain hemispheres are all united to see the TRUTH coming to humanity as a whole. As a result, humanity will understand that unity now is paramount to everything that happens to them.


People will care about their fellow citizens, and those who were struggling to provide for themselves, will no longer struggle because other citizens will care for them. This does not mean, however, that you have a whole group of citizens that will be dependent on others to exist. Rather you’ll have citizens showing joy because they, who were once struggling, are now helping others become independent in whatever is necessary for them to do.


If you worry about the essence of losing what you have collected for all these years, you shouldn’t be afraid of what will happen to you, because the Universe will ensure that what you have now, you will always have. And you will have the ability to gather even more because your potentials will increase to acquire more so that you can give away more to other people who do not have as much as you do.


MQ:  How can humanity overcome the insecurities that single-brain thinking encourages?


PM:        Humanity must be willing to see the peace within the Darkness of the total eclipse. The fact that the total solar eclipse is crossing the U.S. from its west coast to its east coast indicates the Universe, itself, is involved in making that peace very clear to all of humanity.


The Darkness that will express itself across the U.S. during daytime on August 21, 2017 indicates the ability to overcome falsehoods and lies that have always preceded warfare. When people are bold enough to stand tall about the lies that have always preceded warfare, now people will wake up to no longer accept the falsehoods that entangle the lies that precede warfare.


MQ:  The last total, solar eclipse that crossed the U.S. occurred 99 years ago. That was in 1918. We all know how many wars have occurred since that time and how many millions of lives have been lost to all the wars that have occurred since then.


Will humanity’s THINKING really expand beyond the limitations of it emotional, single-brain THINKING? And what will people 99 years from now be saying about what we, as humans, did or didn’t do to overcome the insecurities of the our past 99 years (1918-2017) to acquire the Spiritual Magnetism and peace within our THINKING? Will people in the future say that we recognized the value of the total solar eclipse that appeared right in front of our eyes here in the U.S. on August 21, 2017?


Or, will they say that humanity fell right back into another 99 years filled with warfare due to its same individualistic and greedy concerns?


Is humanity at a critical mass point in time? Will humanity as a whole really have the ability to synchronize its two brain hemispheres to THINK with the Spiritual Magnetism that is required to bring 99 years of peace, rather than warfare, to our future?


Also, what is the significance of the number 99?


PM:        Humanity will not solve the problems that exist in the universe now because there is still greed that surrounds human thinking. As long as there is greed, there will always be the need for humans to seek what is available for their best interests.


When people think for what they can do for themselves, rather then what they can do for other people, there is a big problem. That problem is then confided in their ability to only use one brain hemisphere, instead of the two brain hemispheres.


When people are confined to one-brain thinking, there is always the need to seek only individual thinking, rather than the thinking that will benefit a whole lot of people. This is why, to solve any problems that we are facing now, we need people’s commitment to deal with individualistic, one-brain thinking as a problem. And this problem must be solved with people understanding the coming total solar eclipse in the U.S.


If enough people wake up to the message of Darkness (or Spirituality) that the total eclipse represents, we’ll have a good opportunity to begin to overcome impending problems.


Yes, humanity is at a critical mass point in time because everything happening is overwhelming for humanity. So if things continue to overwhelm humanity, then humanity’s THINKING is now at a critical mass point. This means that humanity is no longer effectively THINKING. Then something has to happen to human THINKING as well. This means that, just like the eclipse that will happen on August 21, 2017 in the U.S., an eclipse will also happen to humanity’s THINKING in a different way.


Humanity will no longer have the freedom to assume that everything it does is approved by whoever it thinks is there to support its ability to act foolishly.


Humanity must continue to THINK as if the Universe needs the care that it must exhibit, rather than some foolishness about what humanity can or cannot do.


Humanity must engage its two brain hemispheres to consider that whatever happens on Earth is under the auspices of the Spiritual Magnetism of Darkness within the Universe. That ability of Spiritual Magnetism emerges from human THINKING by synchronizing the two brain hemispheres. If, however the two brain hemispheres are not organized, then turmoil will prevail.


Humanity is no longer in that capacity to exercise turmoil in its brain hemispheres because what is happening with the eclipse in the U.S. is a warning for humanity to organize itself to ensure that peace is always within their reach.


Number 99 represents the transition of what is happening physically to translate into something new Spiritually. Will that newness be valid for humanity to initiate changes in what it will manifest in its coming existence? That’s a question that humanity has to answer for the coming generations. If the question is answered well, then the coming generations will not worry much about what the question signifies.


However, if the question is not answered well, then it becomes a problematic condition that will happen over and over again.


MQ:  What should people be concentrating on during the Darkness of the total solar eclipse that will cross the U.S.?


PM:   The best thing that people can become involved with is the Dohgon Meditation. The Dohgon Meditation is very clear and simple. All it has to do with is NUMBERS. People must meditate by COUNTING from 0-100 and 100-0. This must be done during the time Darkness persists during daylight during the total solar eclipse that will be crossing the U.S. It will be wise, however, to continue the Meditation even when the eclipse is over.


The Dohgon Meditation is practiced by COUNTING the numbers from 0-100 and 100-0 three times a day in the morning upon waking, at noon, and before going to bed. This is necessary for all of humanity to connect with its Spirituality and also help synchronize your two brain hemispheres.


There is a special flux method of COUNTING that is used by the Dohgon. To find out more about this method, please see the “Books” section of our website and consider purchasing, Dialing Your Mind with NUMBERS.


MQ:  What will counting the numbers do for humanity?


PM:   The numbers will create a bridge between people and their Spirits. The more you are connected to your Spirit, the easier it is to understand how the Spirits are your ANKHcestors (ancestors), and you have the ability now to link with them and to know how their presence in the Spiritual World is helping you also to connect with your Spirituality. This takes away the fear on your mind so that you can become mentally strengthened so that your two brain hemispheres can become well synchronized and balanced.


MQ:  How can people be very confident about themselves in practicing the Dohgon Meditation, as well as synchronizing their two brain hemispheres?


PM:   Once you understand the purpose of synchronizing your two brain hemispheres, you will always be settled, instead of overwhelmed with pursuing your purpose. You will now be very confident within yourself to know that everything you are doing is organized and its purpose is consistent.


If you have any questions, please email us at

Calmness is necessary for the human mind to get back to its purpose of existence. –Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought


Copyright © 2017 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.


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Aug 16

Interview With GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, creator of Ancestor Bottles™

Ancestor Bottles™:

… people fall in love with them

Ancestoral Bottles


The Dohgon University of Thought interviews

GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, creator of Ancestor Bottles™


The following is our July 2017 interview with GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, creator of Ancestor Bottles™.


MQ: Mighty Queen 06390, The Dohgon University of Thought

GM: GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, Water Witch Creations

PM: Professor MOmOh, The Dohgon University of Thought


MQ: We’d like our readers to learn more about the origin, history and Spirituality of the Ancestor Bottles™ that you’ve created. This way there will be no doubt on anyone’s mind that you are, indeed, the original designer and creator of these great and wonderful Ancestor Bottles.

We state this because we recently viewed photos online of a summer 2017 event in which parts of a doll character’s head were nearly identical to one of the heads of your Ancestor Bottles. What do you make of this copy of an image that you created with the Ancestor Bottles that you’ve designed before anyone else?


GM:  With the internet, it’s easy for people to follow you on social media and steal and copy. They’re not creative and they want to be creative so they copy what you have. People will copy, but it won’t have the same Spiritual energy so it will just be a copy without the Spirituality. They’ll make a few dollars off of it and steal from another person… it’s a viscous cycle.


PM:   What you have to do is design something that can’t be copied or easily viewed by other people. You have to actually create something that people will find difficult to understand.


GM:  How do I do that?


PM:   The same way I told you to design IMHOTEP. You came up with the design that will always be IMHOTEP’s head… a design that will be inscribed on his head. Always think about something unusual that is not available to someone else.


GM:  OK, got it.


MQ:  When exactly did you come up with the idea of creating your Ancestor Bottles?


GM:  That was about 4 or 5 years ago. I first came up with the idea when my daughter Orisha was about 3 years old, and I was coming out of a Spiritual attack while living in New Orleans. The idea first came to me in October 2012.


MQ:  How did you come up with the idea of the Ancestor Bottles?


GM:  The Ancestors spoke to me to make me do it. It brought me out of the Spiritual attack. So something had to happen Spiritually first before I started to create the dolls. Before I was running away from the Ancestors and not listening to their messages. Now I know that the attack I had was to let the Ancestors come to me.


PM:   Spirits don’t attack. Rather they reveal to you what you have done wrong and what you are going to do even worse. They alert you that you are going in the wrong direction of what you should be doing correctly. Once you begin to do things correctly, your direction of doing good will occur. If, however, you don’t listen and change your ways, then another person’s ghost, not Spirit, that does not want you to proceed in a successful direction will emerge and destroy your progress.


GM: Yeah, that’s true. I believe that. That makes a lot of sense.


PM:   There are, therefore, conditions you must be very aware of and always maintain a clear path of your journey to TRUTH. Do not ever become impressed by what someone else lies to you about. Know that you have the power within you to receive many good things that are waiting for you. All you have to do is TRUST yourself and know that what you can do has already been planned for you.


That’s the reason why you have the Ancestor Bottles. You know that everything has been generated for you. All you have to do is use your own intelligence and whoever wants to control you will fail.


GM:  O.K. That’s true.


MQ:  After you came up with the idea of the Ancestor Bottles, how soon was it before you actually started creating the dolls?


GM:  I started creating the dolls immediately within that month with the materials I had at home I had fabric, cowry shells and mango seeds and pieces of jewelry that broke, nails and sticks. I would find things in Nature… certain sticks with a certain texture that I liked. I would just be walking and something would say look down or look to the right or to the left and a piece of wood that would be the right shape, the right texture and the right feel would be right there. It would be perfect. I wasn’t even looking. Something would say, go down this street. I would never consciously look for anything.


MQ:  Your creations are called Ancestor Bottles. How did you come up with this name?


GM:  Actually someone came up with the idea of the name. Her name is Luisah Teish. She’s the author of “Jambalaya,” a book she wrote in the 80’s. She’s written 4 or 5 books. She’s very well known. I went to see her for some Spiritual work. I brought her a doll and she fell in love with it. She said to call them Ancestor Bottles.


MQ:  What gave you the idea to use bottles to make your dolls?


GM:  They were available… and I can sing into them. So basically, they were available. I was drinking Scotch in New Orleans and saving the bottles. My neighbor had given me a bottle of Scotch and I finished the bottle… and I made the first doll out of the Scotch bottle. People would just give me bottles and I would save them and make the dolls.


When I and Orisha moved back into the same place in California I was making them rapidly. The neighbors would leave bottles on the doorsteps. I was making the dolls and I couldn’t stop. I was making them in rapid succession. I would go to the crafts store and the fabric store. My friend would bring me bottles. I found bottles in crates on my way taking Orisha to school. I was in Berkeley and bottles were abundant. Things were given to me or found. The only things I paid for was the paint, hodge podge and beads. I used coconut shells for some things.


The first set of dolls I used mango seeds for the head. I was in Job Corps when I was 19 years old and I still remember the story my friend, Astrid, told me. She and her family were so poor in Jamaica that her grandmother made dolls out of mango seeds. They were called “mango seed dollies.”


MQ:  That’s very interesting. And you say you were making the dolls in rapid succession. Can you tell us more about this process?


GM:  Something tells me it’s time to make the dolls and I stop whatever I’m doing and start to make the dolls. I’m thinking happy when making the Bottles. It flows the way it flows. It’s never pre-done. Something says it’s time to make dolls and I make the dolls. It’s never in my mind… and I know how it wants to feel in my hand. I just listen to the universe and how the Ancestors need me to appreciate them.


Something says, “Go get feathers,” and I go get feathers. “Go get beads,” and I go get beads. It’s never pre-planned. It has to be beautiful. So I have to get what they want. Just like I drew FTHR TANG and IMHOTEP for The Dohgon. IMHOTEP wanted binary codes. So, OK, I’ll give you binary codes. I never question the source. I put my ego aside.


MQ:  That’s quite interesting because we are currently writing about the ability to Spiritually hear in our book about Jean-Michel Basquiat, the artist. The book is called Basquiat: The $110.5 Million Spiritual Communicator.


GM:  Wow… Wow… All I can say is Wow!


MQ: For instance, Chapter 4 – The Ears: Always Listen to Hear, describes the two ways to hear — one way is through focusing with your physical ears and the other way is by CONCENTRATING through your mind and Spiritual ears. The Spiritual messages are actually secret messages that everyone hears, but not everyone understands.


PM:   You, GoddessMother, have actually received the two types of hearing. All you have to do now is understand them well and begin to apply what they will bring to you.


GM:  All I can do is receive it… and have gratitude.


MQ:  Is there a Spiritual reason why you and your daughter moved back to California?


GM:  I didn’t want to be in New Orleans. I just hated it there. The bad juju that was placed on me was holding me there. The Spiritual attacks were removed and I was able to see and breathe and come back to California.


MQ:  Do you credit your coming back to California as an added adventure to your creating more Ancestor Bottles?


GM:  Yes I do credit my return. My mind was clearer and free from the attacks.


MQ:  When you left New Orleans did you bring back all the Ancestor Bottles that you created there to California?


GM:  I left New Orleans with my daughter about 3 months after starting to make the dolls. That was around January 2013. Some of the bottles I sold and some I gave away as gifts to people. They fell in love with them. I sold or gave away about 20 or 30 bottles. I don’t have any of the stuff I made in New Orleans.


MQ:  Each of the Ancestor Bottles is designed with so much value and originality that anyone taking a look at them will be attracted to them. Am I right to say that each Bottle has a magnetic attraction that pulls people to them?


GM:  People have told me that when they put one of the Ancestor Bottles in their home, it changes the energy of their home. They say the dolls make them happy and bring them peace.


MQ: Where did you first display your Ancestor Bottles?


GM:  I first displayed the dolls on my personal Facebook page in late 2012 or early 2013 while I was still in New Orleans.


MQ:  Are those dolls still on display on your page?


GM:  Yes, but you’d have to scroll way back to see them. I also set up a Facebook page for the dolls last year in 2016 that’s called Water Witch Creations.


MQ:  What can you say is the purpose for creating the Ancestor Bottles?


GM:  I create the Bottles to bring people closer to their Spirits and to make people happy and for people to enjoy them.


PM:   The fact that the dolls are in people’s homes makes it very real for the magnetic quality of their Spirits to come searching for them. This is why the entire Spiritual nature of people changes with the Bottles in their homes. Their Spirits are close to them now.


It is, therefore, necessary for people to observe more of these Bottles in their actual physical form in galleries, museums and other institutions.


GM:  Yeah, I guess you can say that. Yes it changes the energy in their home.


PM:   You have quite a few Bottles that you’ve designed. We’d like to know how these designs can fit into an animation film?

GM:  They’d need back stories. They’d have to have an origin and a Spiritual hero.


MQ:  The Dohgon has assigned names and a history to each of the Ancestor Bottles. So each Bottle has a different Spirituality or purpose to identify itself and its mission in life. What do you think about this identification for each doll and how this will contribute to the dolls’ portrayals as animation characters?


GM:  I think it’s a good idea. I never thought about giving them names.


MQ:  We’ll display a few of your Ancestor Bottles, with their Spiritual values, on our website for our readers to appreciate.

Ancestoral Bottles


PM:   Orisha has a Spiritual connection with your Ancestor Bottles. As you say, she sometimes talks to them. Could you tell us about some of her talking points? We are very interested to know about promoting a dialog between her and the Bottles?


GM:  She likes them. She stands in front of them and laughs. She runs out of the room and runs back into the room and stands in front of them and giggles like they were telling her jokes. Or she would just stare at them and walk away.


MQ:  So they bring Orisha good energy as well.


GM:  Yes, they bring her good energy.


MQ:  You have a collection of your Ancestor Bottles in a gallery in the Bay Area. How did that come about and when did that occur?


GM:  The owner of the gallery and I had been Facebook friends for about a year. She was following my creations and shared them on her page. I then met her at a function in a gallery opening in San Francisco where I was vending my dolls.


Sometime this year I spoke to her that I would like to share my dolls in her gallery in Oakland. She said she would love to display them. That was around three months ago or so. So I gathered quite a few of the dolls I’d created and took them to her gallery, and she picked the dolls that she wanted to display.


You two are gonna love this. I went by the Gallery yesterday (07/18/17) because Orisha kept saying, “we need to go see Kelly,” the owner of the gallery. So Kelly tells me that some Japanese tourists came in the gallery drawn in by my bottles and were basically blown away by them. They asked her if they could take pictures and they were very excited by them. The universe knows what needs to be done. Ancestors powerful.


MQ:  That is good news… and such synchronicity with us talking about what we foresee happening with the Ancestor Bottles and The Dohgon Games of Higher Intelligence in Japan and other countries. It’s beginning to happen here.


PM:   We will be successful and things are going to happen very quickly. So be patient. Don’t rush anything.


MQ:  Are the Bottles in the gallery for sale to the public?


GM:  The Bottles are still on display, but they’ve all been sold.


MQ:  What are your plans now for displaying more Ancestor Bottles?


GM:  Currently I am in collaboration with The Dohgon University of Thought. We are working to establish a center in AfRAka where we’ll be creating animation films, among other projects, featuring the Ancestor Bottles.


PM:   The Dohgon University of Thought is about THINKING and everything that will emerge from the Ancestor Bottles will involve THINKING and how the Spirit involves the transference of good thoughts to the mind and actions.


GM:  We also intend to lease several of my Ancestor Bottle collections to different galleries and museums around the world. So anyone is welcome to correspond with us to get more information about this project.


Please email us with your name, title and complete institution information, along with your interest to influence people to know more about their own Spiritual powers. Please address your correspondence to me, GoddessMotherSupaQueenofOrisha, at:


MQ:  We appreciate your interview with us, and we’re sure that our readers will as well. ThANKHs a lot.


PM:   The information we’ve gotten from you is very challenging. We know that our readers are going to be very interested in the Ancestor Bottles… and we know the response they will offer will be very enlightening as well.


GM    That sounds good. I’m just patient about it. I’m actually really calm about it. I know it’s going to happen. I’m just waiting patiently. It will be here, definitely.



Never force things to happen to you. Depend upon your intelligence and WISDOM and things will come to you very freely and openly. Your WISDOM is the key to your intelligence. Once your WISDOM is freely expressed, then your intelligence will emerge with many important ideas that will be acceptable to you. — Professor MOmOh


Copyright © 2017 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.

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Aug 14

The 4 AfRAkan Queens have something to say to you

4 Afrakan Queens Bottles

The 4 AfRAkan Queens have something to say to you

Be sure of yourself. Do not ever hesitate in whatever good you do. People will come and criticize the good in you, but there is a Future that you see that others don’t see. This is what your purpose is all about. It is to read your Future and make it is as effective as your Past was and your Present is… so that when the Future arrives it will be as clean as your Past and Present.

Your Future, then, will be like your Past and Present, in which you have control over what happens in your life.

We, at The Dohgon University of Thought, are very grateful to collaborate with GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen, who is the creator of the Ancestor Bottles™ that are displayed above. Those ancestors are:

Muana, Kailondo, Lana, and MTHR TANG. These ancestors represent a collection of Spiritually Magnetic artwork by GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen. We, The Dohgon, are now introducing her artwork to the world.

If you own a gallery, museum or other institution… or you run a movie or anime studio… we encourage you to contact The Dohgon University of Thought and Goddess Mother so that we can make arrangements for your gallery, studio or institution to benefit from these creations by presenting them to a much larger audience.

Contact us at: with your desire to make these Spiritual creations available to humanity. Address your email to GoddessMotherofOrishaSupaQueen.

Copyright © 2017 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.

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Mar 02

Thinking with Humanity

Thinking with Humanity, Honor and Hospitality to ALL

The purpose of The Dohgon University of Thought is to teach you about the Spiritual and scientific nature of THINKING to actually understand the marvels of your Mind. One of the marvels is through the WISDOM of AfRAka, which has the 3 H’s mentioned above. AfRAkan WISDOM encompasses a unique form of Thinking that will help you compare the things that you are experiencing now–your pains, anxieties, stresses, fears…insecurities–and what caused those things to happen to you.

You will find all your healing answers through Thinking right here at The Dohgon University of Thought. Now explore the factors that probe your memories for things you have forgotten that have come back to affect your Thinking process. We teach the methodology that enables the necessary process to make you probe into your memories to discover and eradicate your PAINS. We don’t stay on the surface where it is easy to apply a bandage and pretend you’re healed.

I AM the I AM: Techniques to discover and solve the causes of your problems
We present this short testimonial to prove how systems that possess METHODS, rather than speculations and theories, will sustain their powers of strength and continuity over the theories.

I had a stroke in 1994. My right hand was totally paralyzed, my voice was gone and my jaws went asynchronous. I refused the heparin transfusion at the UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California, and the doctors told me I would get a massive stroke in three years without the treatment. I said I won’t take it because I AM the I AM. In four days, with IMHOTEP Dohgon Spirituality, I was completely HEALED. That was 1994, and as 2014 arrives, the ANKHcestorshave revisited me to prove whether I’m strong enough to overcome another problem they imposed on me, which is my 2 brain hemispheres were uncoordinated in 2011. This affected my speech as well as my right leg. BUT, to show the power of the ANKHcestors, 4 people on the short block that I live in Long Beach died within a year in which I had the brain un-coordination problem. Here I am still alive and it’s going to 2014. I’m almost healed, but I still have to show that the ANKHcestors are powerful enough to come to my aid. I have never seen a doctor to help me overcome the medical problems I have.

 Welcome to The Dohgon: The communication process through past, present and future, as well as through the Universe
I’m Professor Momoh and I welcome you to The Dohgon. I do encourage you to challenge me on any subject. We challenge any and everyone to compareAfRAkan Spirituality with any science. In fact, Todd M. Skorich, the young BRTHR you see on the cover of our book, How An AfRAkan Master Freed A White Slave, did exactly that. Here’s his testimonial:


I am a 34 year old Caucasian male who obtained my master’s degree in the philosophy of rhetoric less than 5 years ago. I challenged Dohgon Science all the way, over the course of 9 months reading with fervor each of over 600 emails exchanged with the founder of The Dohgon University of Thought, ProfessorMomoh-Sellu Sua Laye, and to each of many emails, I responded with a page full of questions in kind.

As a highly educated and extremely intelligent former marine, I felt I could prove Dohgon Science incomplete because of the truckload of knowledge I had accumulated over the years in search for higher and higher education. However, without a single contesting question left unanswered, I soon wrote ProfessorMomoh:

You encompass Wisdom i have probably been searching Lifetimes for; how Blessed am i to be learning from You NOW!!!
i feel as though you are fulfilling dreams of mine that i am not even aware yet that i have had– does that make sense?

Our 2009 book, How An AfRAkan Master Freed A White Slave, is a conversational re-enactment of this actual written dialogic exchange. In this book the reader will discover the immense awe and Mental and Spiritual liberation that I have experienced. We expect you to be in liberating marvel as well by the “truly astounding dialogue,” and the most profound answers to the science behind the human mind in explaining, in non-experimental, scientific ways The Laws of the Universe and how they’re synonymous with the Laws of Your Own Mind and Personality.

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Mar 02

IMHOTEP, The Great

4012814d03ecacddf786b7d1a6daa97a_0klh(WISDOM to you!)

imhotep the great



0. IMHOTEP lived many thousands of years ago  A.E. (AfRAkan Era, aka “B.C.”).

1. IMHOTEP was the World’s Greatest Architectural Engineer. He built The Step Pyramid, the first multi-story building on Earth.


2. IMHOTEP was referred to by the Greeks as Ascelpious, the God of Medicine, many thousands of  years before the greek people,
e.g., “hippocrates”/hypocrites who claimed to have invented the things that AfRAkans invented.


3. IMHOTEP was the First Medical Doctor. He was the first to write the most detailed Medical Encyclopedia.


4. IMHOTEP was the world’s First Greatest Male AstRAnomer.


5. IMHOTEP was worshipped in early Christianity as the Prince of Peace, the Anointed One, the KRST (Christ).


6. IMHOTEP was the Writer of a Multitude of Proverbs of WISDOM.


7. IMHOTEP was the World’s Greatest Scientist. IMHOTEP was the first male to explain and fully document the abstract to the physical—how Energy became a form of light. (Light is nothing but an expression of BLACK Energy to prove that that which comes from Pure Energy will always return to Pure Energy, which is why light fades, dims and is extinguished to return to its source, DARKNESS.)


9. IMHOTEP was the World’s Greatest Male Thinker. IMHOTEP originated the Sciences of Concentration and Focus. IMHOTEP, the AfRAkan Multi-Genius, originated the transformation of how forces within the brain and the Mind organize themselves to become Concentration and Focus. He clearly statedthat without these forces, no human can think and act appropriately, the truth of which we see today in people suffering from: autism, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorders, manic depression, “bi-polar” conditions, phobias, eating disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, suicidal thoughts, insecurity, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, health problems, purposelessness, lack of fulfillment, and so much more.


8. IMHOTEP declared that the MA’AThematical processes and procedures of every THOUGHT has a causal effect, which means there’s a cause and effect to every THOUGHT that you have. Sometimes the effect is apparent immediately, as when you become enraged, lose focus and run into the back of a vehicle in front of you. At other times, the effect is cumulative. This is when  people suffer from the problems listed in the previous paragraph.


10. IMHOTEP was a MW (Muu). He was about 5 feet tall. The Twa and the San People of AfRAka may as well be the IMHOTEPs of today.


11.IMHOTEP even laid the groundwork for the 1st electrical machine that lighted the PyRAmids.


See the AfRAkan features in The Great One. There’s no mistaking who advanced: science, medicine, MA’AThematics, astRAnomy, Transformational Logic…and so much more.

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Mar 02

Eye of Heru

eye of heru 1

The Eye of Heru
In case you’ve never heard of The Eye of Heru, you will in this short lecture. Here’s an illustration:

eye of heru 2

The Eye of Heru symbolizes the Power of your Thought or your WISDOM. Your Thought processes happen because all the minute elements of your cells are aligned. These minute elements are called the DNA of your cells. It’s very important to know the errors that your DNA produces when something challenges your WISDOM. You can often find what’s wrong with your DNA with a test we have developed called the DNI Test. This Test will let you know whether your DNA is physically weak or Spiritually strong or whether your DNA is both physically and Spiritually weak.

The DNI Test will reveal how strong you are internally, which means that if you are strong internally, then you can show a lot of strength externally as well. Being strong internally means that you have a lot of Confidence, and you are very powerful in the way you Concentrate. These factors are very important in determining whether you can endure your Purpose in Life or whether you cannot.

The MA’AThematics of exponents and fRAktions originated from the powerful AfRAkan Eye of Heru over 5,000 years ago, or about 3,000 years before any europeans stepped into AfRAka. So, shouldn’t we be asking why BLACK children are failing in caucasian schools? Is it the fault of the children themselves or is it the fault of a system that doesn’t understand education as a whole?

The reason why we mention this is because when AfRAkans ran the previous civilization of the world, all AfRAKans that were going to the Mystery Schools in KMT (Egypt) became High Priests or Professors. But now Black children are failing in larger numbers. The reason for this failure is the same reason why greeks, jews and romans were failing in schools in KMT. This race of people were very angry for failing what they thought they were learning, so they did everything to overthrow the AfRAkan Civilization. Today, they have an educational system that is full of knowledge, but has no understanding. The AfRAkan System was one in which understanding was prime to all students, because with understanding you get moral values.

The european education today is not meant for Black children because it has no understanding. Therefore, it is also immoral. That’s the reason why you are seeing such a high rise of crime, disrespect for women and wars. The educational system is completely wrong…. and I’m pleased that very soon it’s going to collapse and the system of UNDERSTANDING is going to come back.
Let’s assess the Number allocations inside the eye.

Smell = 2-1 : This exponent translates to 1/2. This means to smell anything effectively, you have to be about half the distance from it.
Sight = 2-2 : This exponent translates to 1/4. This means to see anything effectively, you have to be about a quarter the distance from it.
Thought = 2-3 : This exponent translates to 1/8. This means to THINK effectively, you have to be about one-eight the distance from it.
Sound = 2-4 : This exponent translates to 1/16. This means to hear anything effectively, you have to be about one-sixteenth the distance from it.
Taste = 2-5 : This exponent translates to 1/32. This means to taste anything effectively, you have to have it in your mouth.
Touch = 2-6 : This exponent translates to 1/64. This means to touch anything effectively, you have to feel it.

Helping children learn better
To make the Eye of Heru very effective for children, we are creating apps that will help children learn better by improving their Mental Concentration powers. The apps should be ready by the end of 2014.

eye of heru 3

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Mar 02

Dohgon of Mali

The Dohgon are very special for the whole world because they have done things without any scientific theories like the white race has, but have understood Nature so much that the white race that now runs the civilization has been taught to understand the Universe. For instance, in the 1500s, a Dohgon High Priest was kidnapped from Mali and taken to Rome. Pope leo x of the vatican and his bishops had a very long conversation with this High Priest. One of the things that this pope wanted to know was the fact that europeans thought the Earth was flat. The High Priest was very surprised to be asked this question. His response was, Do you have day and night in europe? The pope said, Of course we do. So the Dohgon High Priest said, How can the Universe be flat when there is day and night? The Universe must be like a ball where it rotates and revolves around the Sun. Added to that the Dohgon High Priest talked about the planets, Saturn and Jupiter and their moons. This High Priest also mentioned about the kalendars of the planets that he had just mentioned.

Fortunately, around 1600, when Galileo began to investigate the validity of what the Dohgon High Priest had revealed to the vatican, he learned about the 2 planets, Saturn and Jupiter. He didn’t believe that those planets existed. He then went and built a very crude telescope…and there it was…he found the 2 planets. Today, we all know that Galileo was the one that found Jupiter and Saturn but nothing about the Dohgon High Priest who was kidnapped and taken torome.

These are the things that we have to know. You don’t need to be a trained scientist to know the facts….but rely upon the universe to get the facts from it. The other thing the Dohgon continue to talk about is the 2 stars, Sirius A and Sirius B. These 2 stars are about 50 trillion miles from the Earth, and one star, Sirius A affects the electrical and magnetic qualities of the Sun. Again, white people never believed that these stars existed. In the 1990s, they manufactured the hubble satellite, which verified the existence of the stars and their distance from the Earth. The satellite also verified the trajectory of the stars, which confirmed what the Dohgon have said about the stars all the time.


What is so interesting is the fact that the Dohgon had no telescopes and nothing to fly in from Earth to the stars. Yet what they have said about the distance between the Earth and the stars–50 trillion miles–has been proven to be very accurate.


How are AfRAkan People so intelligent to be able to know about stars and planets that are far away without ever having telescopes, satellites or other vehicles that can transport them between Earth and these planets and stars? The ANKHser is very simple. It is their ability to CONCENTRATE by directing their physical senses upon these celestial bodies, and their MINDS are able to do the MA’AThematical kalkulations to come out with the kalendars of Jupiter and Saturn, the distance between the stars and the Earth, and also the trajectory of the stars and the influence the stars have on the Sun. All of this was done without any artificial means. This is why we want you to know that the time is coming soon in which you won’t have any artificial means to make things happens. Things are going to happen because the MINDS of human beings will become more MAGNETIC than electrical.


Stop losing confidence in yourself…and begin to become more purposeful in life so that the mistakes you have been making before will not occur again.


Dohgon Wisdom
People who lack understanding will always assume that everything is under their control. But they will soon realize that the Universe is functioning because it was made by NUMBERS…and everything functions because the NUMBERS become TIME…and everything functions with TIME.

Professor MOmOh

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Mar 02

Crow Intelligence

Crow Intelligence

Look at this video,, and see how a Crow is very Life-Oriented. An association with a Crow will always give you something good.

First of all, the crow is all BLACK. Secondly, it has a Pineal Gland that manufactures Melatonin all the time. Therefore, the crow has more Melatonin than humans…and it’s more  intelligent than humans are. The crow is able to probe Time–the Past, the Present and the Future, to stay stable and intelligent, which means that the crow has a lot of WISDOM. Therefore, it has the ability to CREATE things even though it doesn’t have any hands. For instance, it can create an instrument to reach food and other items that he cares about, no matter where those items are. Watch this video,



The Crow has Spiritual and Universal Intelligence. That’s why it has a connection with humans, plants, and other animals. We must appreciate this all-BLACK creature very much because it has all the attributes of higher Intelligence and more. The Crow knows how to fully produce MELATONIN, and it knows how to maintain the relationship that exists within the Universe.

The Crow is completely WISE because it sees the Past and the Future and is able to bring it all together in the Present. People who declare themselves as WISE must be like a Crow, which means that they must have a lot of MELATONIN that allows them to travel in TIME.

Humans have been brainwashed to believe that they can only manufacture Melatonin at night. This has limited their WISDOM and creative abilities, and therefore humans are less creative than crows. Humans, however, can be just as WISE as the crow by manufacturing Melatonin all the time….and this is done with the NUMBERS. By going through the NUMBERS, 0, 1, 2, 3….to 100 and 100, 99, 98…. to 0. with The Dohgon Flux Count, humans can develop the ability to produce Melatonin at any time….and they will be as Intelligent as the crow.

Find out more from The Dohgon University of Thought.


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