Aug 18

How do IMHOTEP and The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time affect you today?


The message we deliver to you should stay on your mind for a very long time. This means you must read this information over and over and over.

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How do IMHOTEP and The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time affect you today?

One of the greatest Spiritual and MA’AThematical geniuses in world history rose from the continent of AfRAka. His name was IMHOTEP. He was the multi-mega genius that foresaw the Spiritual and mental blueprint of the world’s first Step PyRAmid, which was built in KMT (Egypt) many thousands of years ago. Discover more about IMHOTEP below.

How did IMHOTEP foresee the 6-Step PyRAmid, with its intricate exterior and interior design?

IMHOTEP understood The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication. This made it easy for him to internally investigate exactly how the PyRAmid would evolve. This required a very complex design that IMHOTEP had to put together based upon his THINKING.

IMHOTEP’s THINKING was, indeed, very complex, yet simple, as well. The fact that he was able to design and build the world’s first Step PyRAmid so that it’s still standing today, shows us that his ability to present what the ANKHcestors demanded of him was fulfilled. In other words, IMHOTEP’s ability to present something that goes on and on in history is what we have to look at as very worthy. IMHOTEP did not just put something together that could serve him and his community, but something that would last forever that all of humanity would observe and talk about throughout history.

Because IMHOTEP was highly flexible, open and expansive in his THINKING, he was not overcome by the stresses of building such a large and intricate structure. Rather, he was always at ease and expressing his desire to present a design that humanity would, again, appreciate forever.

Why was IMHOTEP so much at peace with himself?

IMHOTEP always kept his two brain hemispheres balanced and in harmony with each other. This meant that he was internally organized, and he was ready, at any time, to present what he knew Spiritually that became known to others physically. This is how a monumental building, the first Step PyRAmid, was built. At the time, there was no other building in the world that could compare to what IMHOTEP had thought about and erected.

See the diagram below.

Why did our AfRAkan ANKHcestors identify TRUTH within a specific shape, the triangle, in building the 6-Step PyRAmid?

There is a value why our AfRAkan ANKHcestors made things appear in triangular form. The ANKHcestors were concerned about THE TRUTH of the three aspects of human existence. They are the Past, Present and Future or what we, The Dohgon, call The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time. See the diagram below.

The reason why the circle surrounding the triangle above is Black is because Spirit is BLACK, or invisible, and all of humanity has the value of BLACKNESS that surrounds TRUTHFUL Thinking on their minds. If you choose to access the TRUTHFULNESS of your mind, that’s exactly the way it should be.

However, it’s very easy to choose not to apply the TRUTH on your mind when the emotions of an event or experience overwhelm your memory. When this happens what is not TRUTH confirms itself by flooding your memory in such a way as to make you completely forget what TRUTH you have to pursue in life. This is always a sad situation because your thinking slows down, and your ability to pursue good things that bring TRUTH back to you is impeded. See the diagram below.

How exactly does humanity have the value of BLACKNESS in TRUTHFUL Thinking?

TRUTHFUL Thinking comes from the BLACKNESS of your mind. Therefore, as long as you think good thoughts your mind will maintain its BLACKNESS because your good thoughts come from the base of BLACKNESS. When you maintain good thoughts, your mind will always be BLACK and PURE, as in PURE ABSTRACT ENERGY WAVES OF CARBON.

However, as your thinking changes from goodness and TRUTH to hatefulness, corruption, greed, lies and other evil acts, your mind will not support your thinking anymore, and the emotions of your memory will take over. This indicates that your two brain hemispheres are no longer unified to support the good thinking of your mind. Rather, you will now depend upon your memories for everything you identify with and claim. At this time, you will now become unable to make reasonable decisions because your memory will cause you to act irrationally and without a purpose.

How does The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time relate to the BLACKNESS of one’s Spirit?

The TRUTH is there was no light before creation occurred. There was only Spirit, or BLACKNESS, which was all-encompassing and invisible. Spirit was, is and always will be Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. That’s the reason why good still appears in human existence.

Spirit, being BLACK and invisible, therefore, had to be represented in a different form than its original or abstract appearance. Thus, Spirit revealed itself as a human being in the presence of light on Earth. The human being was as BLACK as Spirit was.

Thus, The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time makes it very clear that humankind appeared as an extension of the Spiritual or BLACK Universe.

What does the Timelessness of Spirit have to do with The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time?

The Timelessness of Spirit will always maintain itself. This means that its TRUTH is always the same anywhere, everywhere and all the time. Therefore, when you search for TRUTH, its value will be the same all the time. TRUTH will never change, regardless of the lies that surround it. In other words, TRUTH always has the same PURE Abstract Energy Waves of BLACKNESS or Invisibility. TRUTH, therefore, will always have the same PURE Abstract Energy Waves from the Spiritual or BLACK Universe of Origination anywhere you enCOUNTer it. See the diagram below.

The Timelessness of Spirit is, therefore, a confirmation of The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time, which emphasizes the continuity of TRUTH wherever you find it.

There is always TRUTH in all existences. Therefore, you must be very sincere in whatever you decide to do because the TRUTH of what you do will always follow you. –Professor MOmOh, 08-17-2018

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Aug 10

The MA’AThematical Powers of the AfRAkan Mind and The Dohgon Power of 8


This is a special post for you to really understand how AfRAkan intelligence has always existed for humanity. This is based on how AfRAkans saw themselves and how they interacted with other human beings so they could exist peacefully with all of humanity.

Please take your time to read this document fully and understand it well. Send any questions you may have through our contact form.


The MA’AThematical Powers of the AfRAkan Mind
and The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication

The MA’AThematical Powers of the AfRAkan mind do exist because of the expansion of the mind through the proper use of the pineal gland, also known as The AfRAkan All-Seeing Eye of Heru. When this gland is active, along with The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication, the ability to concentrate rises tremendously. This occurs because there is now an open and free-flowing communication between your Spirit and your two unified brain hemispheres through your mind. See the diagram on the left.

You, thus, have the power to make everything occur that you rightfully think about. This possibility occurs when you know that nothing can impede you from advancing to a height that other people will think was impossible to acquire. The difficult situation that others thought was impossible to overcome is now an easy process for you to display. For example, watch this 17-year-old pianist’s breathtaking performance, which you might have thought was impossible to acquire.

The Spiritual and MA’AThematical Powers of the AfRAkan All-Seeing Eye of Heru

The MA’AThematical display below indicates how you, with two unified brain hemispheres, can overcome any challenges that you come across in life.


You must, therefore, know that the challenges that come to you are meant to be overcome so that you can rise to your own level of Spirituality. That level is meant to elevate you to the quality of life that you deserve.

Indeed, these Spiritual powers do exist because the AfRAkan has a very high level of concentration. Concentration, unlike focus, is abstract. It lets you communicate Spiritually. This means that what you cannot physically resolve can always be referred back to your Spirit, which will provide you with the solutions to overcome difficult circumstances.

Your Spirit is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. This means that you have a quality of great power within you to do good and amazing things. This power that you have gives you the potential to provide solutions to many things that occur around you so that you no longer run away from difficulties. Rather, you stay committed to overcome difficult circumstances.

When you understand The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication you can quite easily overcome all difficulties that could have impeded you from progressing. This occurs because of The Dohgon Power of 8 free-flowing communication with your Spirit and your two unified brain hemispheres occurs as your mind freely expands as you explore the good activities you intend to accomplish.

IMHOTEP, the world’s greatest multi-genius, and the builder of the first Step PyRAmid many thousands of years ago, in KMT [Kemet] (Egypt), understood The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication. This meant that he could both receive and transmit information directly to and from his Spirit via his mind all the time. IMHOTEP, therefore, had complete and open access to the Source of all TRUTH, WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE, his Spirit. See the diagram below.

Through his intelligence, IMHOTEP could unravel everything that was unknown to humanity through his own mind. His ability to understand what could happen now and in the future was quickly expressed by the talents he had. This was a special quality that humanity did not know anything about.

IMHOTEP was, therefore, a special person that was respected all over the world.

You, too, have the ability to raise your concentration through The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind communication by always doing good things that humanity appreciates.

Always be good. . .  and stay committed to your own desire to pursue goodness in life. –Professor MOmOh, 08-10-2018

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Jun 27

Dancing is an Excellent Exercise to Unite your Spirit, Mind and Two Unified Brain Hemispheres


We know you will find great pleasure in reading about how dancing connects you with your Spirit. Let us know what you think as you read this article.

Dancing is an Excellent Exercise to Unite your Spirit, Mind and Two Unified Brain Hemispheres

Every healthy person must dance everyday either on their minds or with their entire body.

Dancing is an exercise that demands physical and Spiritual synchronicity. When you dance everyday you are helping to unite your two brain hemispheres by bringing your Spirit and your mind into your everyday life.

Dancing is good because your two brain hemispheres are having an opportunity to synchronize with each other. This relieves either brain hemisphere from overtaxing the other. So by dancing, you bring more freedom and openness to your two brain hemispheres, thereby giving your mind the expanding independence it needs to think creatively.

When you balance your two brain hemispheres, your right brain knows what your left brain is thinking… and your left brain also knows what your right brain is thinking. So each brain is playing an active, equal and open role in its communication with you.

This free-flowing and synchronized communication between your two brain hemispheres elevates your intelligence and creativity because you are no longer subjected to the instabilities of your emotions or the strictness of your logic. Rather, your thinking is free and independent to always express the GOODNESS and TRUTH of your balanced and stable mind.

When you have good thoughts and actions, your Spirit easily sends its Spiritual messages to your brain through your mind via The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication. See the diagram below.

When the communication between your Spirit, mind and unified brain is open and free flowing, your dancing will have have all the rhythms that any good music offers. So, get up and dance everyday to your own good choice of music!

Dancing is freedom! Exercise that freedom everyday and you will share that freedom both Spiritually and physically. –Professor MOmOh, 06-27-2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

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May 31

Saving a Child in Paris is Easy for a 22-year-old-AfRAkan from Mali

IMHOTEP Readers,

This is a story about saving a child in Paris. You must read this amazing display of concentration and share it with others.

Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid is Easy for a 22-year-old AfRAkan from Mali, the Land of the Dohgon people


The Dohgon University of Thought recognizes the CONCENTRATION POWER of Mamoudou Gassama, a 22-year-old AfRAkan from Mali who recently used his power of concentration to efficiently and meticulously ascend the façade of an apartment building in Paris, France to save a 4-year-old boy dangling from the railing of the fourth floor. BRTHR Mamoudou, we, The Dohgon University of Thought, appreciate what you have displayed for all of humanity to recognize as the power of the concentration that exists within your mind. You are our first recipient of The Dohgon University IMHOTEPIAN AWARD for the Power of Concentration.

An amazing feat of concentration to save a 4-year-old boy

BRTHR Mamoudou’s ascent up the building was an amazing feat of concentration and determination, in which he lifted himself up the building from one floor to the next until he reached the fourth floor and pulled the child to safety in less than 30 seconds. See the story and video here.

BRTHR Mamoudou stayed focused upon the child as he concentrated upon what he had to accomplish to save the child. By keeping his ability to concentrate active and Spiritually alive, Mamoudou actually affected the power of the child’s mind to also concentrate as he held onto the railing of the fourth floor balcony with both his hands. This, thus, became an action of Spiritual powers working together. It is a complex communication in which Spiritual powers come together to influence a physical action to save another person.

Once that Spiritual power of concentration was enforced by Mamoudou, that child was affected by the Spiritual communication that Mamoudou emitted to him. That child was then able to hold onto the railing without ever feeling afraid to fall. When Mamoudou, then, reached the fourth floor, he simply pulled the child to safety – all in the name of Spiritual communication through concentration.

The Power of the Mind is to Spiritually affect other Minds

What Mamoudou accomplished was something that all human beings must think about — that is, that there is a connection between all humans. And that connection happens through the mind. The power of the mind is to affect other minds so that the other minds are Spiritually informed about what has happened in the past, what is happening now in the present, and what will happen in the future. This is a very complex involvement to solve a problem.

Once the power of concentration exists on your mind, you can then influence many things to happen according to how you can make them happen. It is a Spiritual and magnetic thinking that is always essential for GOODNESS and TRUTH to prevail.

Unite your two brain hemispheres and open your mind to all possibilities

With the power of concentration, you have the Spiritual ability to think beyond the impossibilities of all situations. And you are always motivated to look at conditions that are usually difficult for others as if they are not difficult for you. Your motivation is so high that your mind is free of all conditions of impossibilities.

Your ability to concentrate happens because you understand how to unite your two brain hemispheres. Once your left and right brain hemispheres are well synchronized, your mind becomes open and free to expand limitlessly into any aspect of thinking. You, thus, have the easy ability to rise up IMHOTEP’S 6-Step PyRAmid with elegance, grace and ease.

This is what Mamoudou did to appreciate himself and let others also know that Rising Up The 6th Step PyRAmid is easy when you have the ability to concentrate.

Is Mamoudou a Dohgon?

Is it any wonder that Mamoudou is from Mali in West AfRAka, where the Dohgon people established the ability to concentrate through the mind? This ability was particularly unique with the Dohgon people of Mali. Through the ability to concentrate, the Dohgon were able to calculate the distance between the Earth and the Sirius Stars in the Orion Constellation without the aid of telescopes. This was something that no one had presented before. The Dohgon people of Mali were also able to understand the weather capabilities of the planet Saturn. How did they know this? The Dohgon were also the first people to mention anything about the DNA within the human body. These, and many other discoveries, were implemented by the Dohgon People of Mali long before others knew anything about them.

When BRTHR Mamoudou saved the 4-year-old child in Paris, we know that his powerful ability to concentrate has revealed that the Spiritual concentration power of The Dohgon People of Mali is still active today. We, therefore, have to continue to exercise that Spiritual concentration power in our lives as well.

The reason why the ability to Spiritually concentrate is so important in our lives is because we need to understand how our existence is not just physical, but also Spiritual, in which we can each exercise the uniqueness of our existence to express the Goodness and Truth that exists in our thinking.

Now Mamoudou’s actions will give us an incentive to know that everyone has a powerful mind through concentration, if only we use it for enhancing our understanding of humanity.

It’s always a great opportunity to concentrate on things that others view as impossible. This is how you raise your intelligence to a level where impossibilities are no longer accepted on your mind. –Professor MOmOh, 05-30-2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

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May 05

Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid Can Be Easy or Difficult


Below is another article, which is an excerpt from our book, “Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid Can Be Easy or Difficult,” which we know you will enjoy reading. The book pdf will be available soon.



Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid Can Be Easy or Difficult

IMHOTEP’S 6-Step PyRAmid is a model to guide you towards eternity after you have parted from the physical world. You will realize that each step of the PyRAmid has a purpose. Each purpose is to guide you towards the eternity from which you emerged as a human being.

You experienced the physical aspects of your existence in the physical world. Did you experience a long life? Or was it a short existence?

A long life, however, does not always indicate that your existence has been good and free of evil and wrongdoings. People who live very long can sometimes be evil, selfish and insincere in the way they deal with others.

You must, therefore balance your existence as a physical being so that you are always fair and sincere in the way you treat others and Mother Nature. You can see that being sincere is the TRUTH that dwells in you and must exist forever. If, however, you are insincere in the way you treat others, your TRUTH only visits you when you decide. At that time, TRUTH has not demonstrated that it is a part of your being. Now you have to question your own TRUTH… because when you finally depart the physical universe, you will struggle to climb the 6-Step PyRAmid towards eternity.

The struggle in climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid can be very difficult because you have committed insincere actions that are now appearing to you. The actions that you committed when you were living will still be with you as you climb the 6-Step PyRAmid. This is a preamble to indicate that what you needed to have resolved peacefully was not done by you in your physical existence. As a result, you now experience difficulties in climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid.

If your thoughts and actions were wrong in your physical world, then climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid will be painful for you, causing you to endure difficult actions as you climb. For instance, you will experience aches and pains as you climb the steps, in which your ascent will be undermined by the pains and difficulties you caused others. Now, what you have done to others has come to affect you.

This is why you have to always realize that whatever evil you do to others will come back to affect you. Evil is not something that you as a human being must accept. It is not a part of you. Therefore, you must never think about accepting evil in your thoughts and actions.

Whenever evil comes to your mind, quickly get rid of it and don’t accept it. When you accept evil, it becomes Spiritually recorded in you so that when you die everything you thought about concerning evil or acted in evil ways are now exposed when you die. You will begin to feel the difficulties when you climb the 6-Step PyRAmid.

It is the ability to climb the 6-Step PyRAmid that begins to express the evil that you inflicted on others. When that difficulty begins to express itself in the PyRAmid, you will decide whether to fall off or continue to climb. Often, the pressure on you, due to your evil deeds, becomes so great that you will decide to fall off the Steps and decend to hell, rather than continue to climb further.

Therefore, don’t become a part of evil because your Spirit is not designed for that connection. Your Spirit, however, always records everything you affiliate with and do, both good and bad. It is, therefore, important that you don’t do anything evil to yourself or others. Once you stay TRUTHFUL to yourself and humanity, you will not suffer climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid when that time arrives.

We are all being monitored by our Spirits

Climbing the 6-Step PyRAmid is a test of TRUTHFULNESS within you to indicate that your actions were acCOUNTable to yourself as well as to others. You will have to acCOUNT for the evil that you did as a human being in the physical universe. This is the reason why your Spirit is constantly recording everything you do. And those who assume that they will not have to pay for what they do wrong in the physical universe are only deceiving themselves.

We are all being monitored by our Spirits. So we should be very aware of whatever we do that is questionable. Our actions will always affect us according to the wrongs we do to others and to the environment. That’s the reason why we all climb the 6-Step PyRAmid after we depart the physical world. If we fail to climb the 6 Steps, we automatically drop down to hell because we have not been acCOUNTable to the TRUTH and GOOD we were supposed to administrate.

Where will you find yourself after your physical existence?

Dropping down to hell is a long distance to travel. Hell is like a place you find yourself when you slip from a high elevation. It’s like you falling many, many miles down a very steep and rocky mountain. When you finally hit the ground, many parts of you are already broken and shattered. However, you are still alive and you can feel the pain of your fall. Unfortunately, you can’t get any relief from the pain you are now suffering. Rather, the heat and severe intensity of light that consumes you in hell will keep rising because of the wickedness, greed and unfairness that you displayed to others. You now wonder why you have arrived at a place that you clearly know is not where you wanted to be.

Your existence in the physical world was not balanced. And you did everything to suit yourself because you had an opportunity to do so. Now you don’t have any advantages when you move on to the afterlife because in that condition you no longer have two brain hemispheres assisting you in whatever you do. Now you are in pain, isolated and very lonely.

The question is, What do you do to overcome the pain, isolation and loneliness that overpowers you in the afterlife when you no longer have two brain hemispheres?

To be continued in our book pdf, “Rising Up The 6-Step PyRAmid Can Be Easy or Difficult”. Get the pdf when it’s available.


IMHOTEP’s 6-Step PyRAmid is a guide that our AfRAkan ANKHcestors of many millennia ago determined was a process in which we, as human beings, had to rise to return to where we originated from as Spirits in the pure and everlasting Spiritual Universe. Therefore, always know from where you came, where you are now, where you will return. –Professor MOmOh, 05-05-2018

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Apr 06

CONCENTRATION and The Purpose of Your Mind


You will enjoy reading this information about your mind and brain. Be careful when you use your right brain all the time… you are actually overusing your memory. And your mind is not properly being assessed. So be aware of how you use your memory and your mind.


CONCENTRATION and The Purpose of Your Mind
— The reason why all students need to learn the Dohgon Count!

The Dohgon Concentration Games are all numbers and letters. Numbers are first abstract before they become applied. When they are applied, you can use them as commodities or as money, for example.

Schools use applied numbers to teach students in different ways. But students do not know the different types of numbers, which are abstract and applied numbers. Students must learn that abstract numbers are used on their minds and applied numbers are used by their brains to exchange values.

The numbers that you keep on your mind (which is abstract) are different from the physical numbers that you apply with your brain to anything. The numbers that you apply with your brain can be altered any time your mind chooses to change a direction of flow of that number. For instance, you might apply a certain number to indicate a positive or a negative direction. Then your mind will decide that you need a particular direction for using that number. Your mind will then choose that direction to be positive, neutral or negative. For example, let’s say you decide to dig for something that you might find valuable to you. But your mind will say, “That’s not what you should do.” Then instead of digging for something, you start to look for that thing in the river or somewhere else. Your mind has the ultimate choice for directing your path to whatever you should do.

Thus, every mind must be utilized with the abstract Spiritual worthiness of abstract numbers. Through that approach, children will understand that there is value to every application of numbers. This is the way that our AfRAkan ANKHcestors applied abstract numbers to build pyRAmids and other structures that are valuable to human civilization today.

The abstract numbers were examples for IMHOTEP, the world’s greatest multi-genius and architect, to build the 6-Step PyRAmid, and to suggest that humanity must advance to explore the stars in the Universe. So if you see satellites exploring the Universe, that’s an idea that started with our ANKHcestors in AfRAka during the AfRAkan Civilization many thousands of years before 0 B.C.

Your mind is completely different from your memory. Why?

Your memory deals with your brain, specifically your right brain. Everything that your senses perceive will be stored in your memory. Your senses of smell, sight, sound, taste and touch are directly linked to your brain, particularly your right brain and memory. This is because your right brain deals with all your emotions. And your emotions are stored in your memory, not on your mind.

If a student is failing in school, how can focusing solve that problem?

Focusing alone definitely can’t solve that problem because what the student perceives as intelligence is not what is drilled into his or her brain by the teacher. INTELLIGENCE, rather, is achieved through CONCENTRATION. This means that your mind must open up in such a way as to absorb what is focused on, as well as what links all of what you have focused on so that you have a greater understanding of what your focus is about.

When your mind opens up to the reality of what is intended for you to focus on, then your mind will accept or reject many things that you have focused upon through your senses of smell, sight, sound, taste and touch. This is where our ANKHcestors made a big difference with FOCUS and CONCENTRATION. They knew exactly what was important for them to FOCUS AND CONCENTRATE on. Thereby, they were able to CONCENTRATE and know that what they focused on was an extension of their INTELLIGENCE. They were, therefore, able to build important monuments like the The Great PyRAMids, TEKHenw (obelisks) and many other things that we see and benefit from today.

Medical science also started from IMHOTEP, the world’s first medical doctor, in KMT (Egypt). That’s the reason why you go to doctors’ offices and you see the medical symbol, the caduceus, hanging in their offices. The two intertwined snakes tell you that medical science originated in AfRAka. Our AfRAkan pharaohs and queens placed the two intertwined snakes in the middle of their forehead to represent the power of the Eye of Heru (the pineal gland) and how that gland sees the past, present and future. The intertwined snakes represent the Pure Energy Waves of Abstract CARBON from the Spiritual or DARK Universe from where we all originated as Spirits. So if you follow the WISDOM of that gland by understanding the Eye of Heru, you will be preserved and without any complexities of sickness.

AfRAKans do not demonstrate any greed towards what was accomplished in the past and what is advancing now. Rather, they know that whatever happened in the past will be revealed again, and those who initiated the beginning of what happened in the past will have the intelligence to, again, influence others to expand their worthiness today and in the future.

This is why CONCENTRATION has always been a strong foundation for building the pyRAmids, as well as many things that the AfRAkan Civilization established. Our ANKHcestors in AfRAka demonstrated that the CONCENTRATION they applied in building the Great PyRAmids in KMT (Egypt) was essential for other things to happen. So we must now determine now how we can CONCENTRATE to make other ingenious things happen as well.

Thus, people who CONCENTRATE well always THINK GREATER AND WIDER… and with more OPENNESS, PEACE and GOODWILL. And they are able to contribute a lot more worthiness and good for humanity to appreciate.

If a student is failing in school because the logic or intelligence on his or her mind is not the same as what the teacher is teaching, then how can this be resolved?

If people who are imparting WISDOM to others are themselves ignorant about the expansion of WISDOM, then they ought to learn how WISDOM is transformed from intelligence. When the transformation is well understood, then WISDOM becomes INTELLIGENCE in itself. Therefore, the understanding will then expand in other people because WISDOM is applied. It no longer becomes a selfish idea that is difficult to undergo expansion.

Educational institutions must understand that there are differences between the two brain hemispheres, focus and concentration. You can focus with one brain hemisphere, which is your right brain, but you can only concentrate when your two brain hemispheres are actively synchronizing. When the synchronization begins to happen between your two brain hemispheres, which are your left and right hemispheres, you now have an ability to concentrate well because your two brain hemispheres are uniting.

We, the Dohgon, feed the mind abstract things because the mind itself is abstract. Pure energy waves–which are different from vibrations that are physical and enter your right brain and memory–are abstract. Numbers and all forms of MA’AThematics that originate from your mind are abstract. Abstraction heals the mind.

Begin to use the DOHGON NUMBERS to discover how CONCENTRATION is easier than focus. Let students have a choice.

Always remember that when you CONCENTRATE, you use your MIND and brain. But when you focus you only use your brain. It’s, therefore, better that your MIND and brain are always united when your CONCENTRATION is active.  –Professor MOmOh, 04/06/2018

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Mar 09

The Spirituality of Peace


There is always something new for you on our website. We’ll continue to be very active in posting topics that you like. Please read our latest post below.



The Spirituality of Peace

The Spirituality of Peace is where peace has been before, where it is now and where it will continue to be in the future.

The Spirituality of Peace exists in the Spiritual World. Therefore, everyone who dies as a physical being will always want to travel back to the Spiritual World where there’s complete peace.

The Spirituality of Peace exists on your mind because you are a person who is interested in the peace that your mind exhibits.

Most people who are dedicated to peace in their lives will always stay peaceful under any circumstance that is against them. They will exercise peace at all times. They will not fight anybody because they have no animosity towards anyone. They will always stay calm because they want to remain peaceful.

Peace is, therefore, on your own mind because you don’t want your memory to override the peacefulness within your mind.

People who are always dedicated to the good thinking of their minds will stay calm and very dedicated to ideas that are peaceful. They are not people who will become excited about anything. They are people who will stay calm even though conditions around them are chaotic.

Your own free and open mind to THINK clearly

The message in this post is about you having your own free and open mind to THINK clearly about things you do. Sometimes there are personal things that are against you, but you have to always recognize that you have a mind.

Once your mind is directed towards good thinking, your actions will always lead towards goodness instead of the the uncertainties that cause others to act wickedly.

We must insist that our minds will be strong and will never yield to the emotions that weaken other people. Our minds are strong only if we continue to think right. The more that good thinking continues, the better we are bound to be.

You must always go to your mind, instead of the emotions of your memory. Your memory stores everything that has occurred in the past and carries weight that you are not prepared to express. But the anxiety is still within you about getting rid of the weight that your memory still carries.

We must also insist that all physical weights are based upon gravity. It is the gravity of weights that becomes so heavy on you that your ability to think evenly no longer happens. The gravity of weights forces you to do evil things. Therefore, you must know within yourself that gravity will not control you.

This is why you always have to depend on your mind. Your mind sees the Universe, in which there are many places to go. Whereas, your memory only sees what you have acquired or achieved for yourself. These are limited advantages you have. These advantages may collide with what you contain within yourself.

You must, therefore, activate your mind so that it’s always productive with the good things of your thinking, not the unresolved things and emotions of your memory.

Being flexible in the choices you make

The sole idea of flexibility within your thinking is you having the choice to overcome certain limitations that occur to you. It might be with your own family or with others that you meet. Or it could be the career you have chosen to be a part of for the rest of your life.

If the conditions that you encounter in your career, for instance, are not exactly what you could have chosen, then it’s a good thing for you to decide on leaving that career. You have considered the career you have chosen not to be comfortable in your mind. And always know if your mind is not happy about something, there is always that condition within you to be dissatisfied.

If that dissatisfaction continues for a longer period of time, you will be displeased with whatever you encounter. Now you have a responsibility within yourself to quit that barrier that impedes you from seeing the whole TRUTH of the choice you have made.

Unite your Left and Right Brain Hemispheres

Here, your two brain hemispheres must be united in making certain choices. If one brain hemisphere is satisfied with the choice you have made and the other brain hemisphere is not quite up to that choice, know that there will be more and more dissatisfaction within you as time goes along.

For instance, if your right brain likes the choice you made for a particular career, but your left brain doesn’t agree with that choice and the fulfillment that you are supposed to attain with that choice, think again. You will become dissatisfied because your right brain does not see the logic within you to have made the choice that you made.

There must, therefore, be a clear understanding within your left brain to see the logic of the choices that your right brain is making. The reason why your left brain has to confirm any choice that your right brain makes is because your left brain is more logical than your right brain. Therefore, the logic needs to confirm the choices that you make.

If you disregard your logic in assessing your right brain, you will be extremely emotional and lack any logic or TRUTH in what you do.

It is only when there is unity between your two brain hemispheres that you will be satisfied with the choices that you make and become fulfilled with what you choose to do. Otherwise, you can stay with a career for a very long time, possibly for a lifetime, without getting the fulfillment that you must have for that particular choice you have made.

Your Pineal Gland

Your pineal gland is the EYE that sees inside of you and outside of you as well. That EYE is the AfRAkan All-Seeing EYE of Heru. It sees everything that you think about within you and it sees everything that you see outside of you.

Your pineal gland is very active when your two brain hemispheres are well synchronized.

You have to make sure that your two brain hemispheres are always synchronized for your pineal gland to work effectively. This gland is very important for the fact that it has to look inside of you, as well as outside of you.

People who keep their pineal glands very open and free will accomplish many good and worthy feats that most people believe are too difficult to accomplish.

Therefore, your pineal gland is ideal for synchronizing your internal actions that depend on your mind with the actions that you undertake that are outside of you.

Because you need the unity of your internal strength, as well as the strength that you display externally, you always require confidence within you to establish that strength. Therefore, always unite your two brain hemispheres so that everything you do links to your Spirituality of Peace.

The Spirituality of Peace

Peace always exists on your mind. If your mind is adequately enriched with good things from the Spiritual or DARK Universe, it will structure all physical things to be at peace with your mind as well.

This means that all the actions that you express are all peaceful. And things that you might do in the future will also be peaceful.

This is how you eradicate evil doings from your mind. You are no longer vulnerable to the evilness that quickly overpowers others.

You now become a person who is so different that no one who talks or thinks about evil comes to you to convince you to become a part of that evil.

You now stand out as a person of TRUTH and one who exercises TRUTH in your life.

TRUTH will continue to come to you. And people who are seeking TRUTH will come to you to find out how you can help them to maintain a strong level of TRUTH as well.

TRUTH will always come to you if your mind is strong and willing to correct things that you have done evil in the past. You now are prepared to correct the evilness of your past and go forward with TRUTH. –Professor MOmOh, 03/09/2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

Copyright © 2018 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.

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Mar 05

I Am an AfRAkan Genius


These are two poems that you should read. They were written by an 8 year-old and 10-year-old student of The Dohgon University of Thought many years ago. Please read and give us your input.

Why I Am an AfRAkan Genius
by E. Brown, 8

I am an AfRAkan genius
from a long history of spiritual energy
in my ANKHcestors
that they passed on to me.

They appeared first deep within the AfRAkan continent,
where they migrated toward the north to Egypt
nd created the longest lasting structures that are still standing today.

These structures speak of their great civilizations
and the spiritual genius in them.

This is the place and the people that I came from.
And by using The Dohgon focused spiritual meditation
I will re-awaken the AfRAkan multi-genius in me.


Why I Am an Genius
by S. Brown, 10

I am a genius because of the spiritual connection
that I share with AfRAka and my AfRAkan ANKHcestors.

These spiritual geniuses built the first pyramids that still stand today.

They did this through the AfRAkan Mystery Systems
using the spirituality of numbers.

This Mystery System of spirituality through numbers
reawakens the powerful AfRAkan spirit in me
that will bring the multi-genius in me to my people,

which will be used to strength the AfRAkan continent
and reconnect all AfRAkan people to their spiritual purpose.

The genius continues and will appear through
focus and concentration.

I will be that genius.


What we have displayed here is the freedom of the mind. Ensure that your mind is always free. Professor MOmOh, 03/05/2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390


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Mar 02

Will you pass The Nile River Test of TRUTH?


This is test for you to connect you with your thinking.

There is always a Spiritual wind blowing gently through your mind just as the natural wind blows in the mountains and valleys. You must discover how this Spiritual wind affects your thinking.

Read about your thinking and TRUTH below.


Let The North Winds Blow
… Will you pass The Nile River Test of TRUTH?

Let the north winds blow
Let snow come down
Oh! Let the north winds blow
Let cold come down

Let the north winds blow
Let the roads get slick

Oh! Let the north winds blow
Let the rains come down
Oh! Let the north winds blow
Let’s all get wet

Oh! Let the north winds blow
Let’s all get cold

Let the north winds blow
Let the north winds blow.

Let the north winds blow
Let the north winds blow from the north.
Let the north winds blow gently against the swallows
migrating north to San Juan Capistrano.

Let the north winds blow, while the polar bears stay north
Let the north winds blow, while the seals stay north
Let the north winds blow, while the walruses stay north

Let the north winds blow, while the Eskimos stay north
Let the north winds blow, while they all stay north
For they are the natural and independent thinkers of their environment.

Let the north winds blow
Let the north winds blow
And everything will fall into the natural order of the Universe.

Let the north winds blow
Let the north winds blow
gently against the swallows migrating north to San Juan Capistrano.
For the swallows are the natural and independent thinkers of their environment.

You, the reader, must appreciate your own mind so that you can think
about the natural things occurring around you all the time.

When you think with goodness, you’ll begin to respect
the natural qualities of Nature and the Universe.

You will always seek to protect Mother Nature
so she can continue the goodness she is offering.

Your thinking will always flow with WISDOM,
just as The Nile River flows from its origination point in Equatorial AfRAKa
— the birthplace of humanity, and the womb of Mother Earth–
to KMT (Egypt) where the greatest civilization of the world was established,
still exists and will exist in the future.

KMT represents the CARBON BLACK Mind that receives WISDOM
from the Spiritual or DARK Universe of Abstract CARBON.

Since CARBON BLACK AfRAkans communicated with our Spiritual Mother Universe all the time, they had the ability to transmit that WISDOM to their two unified brain hemispheres.

This gave them unfathomable creativity, intelligence and WISDOM.

We, existing today, must acknowledge the WISDOM of
Our Ancient AfRAKan ANKHcestors… and know that we are also prepared to have that
Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent WISDOM as well.

All you need to do is keep synchronizing your two brain hemispheres
and exercise the TRUTH with whatever you say and do.

Mother Nature is in favor of what she has established
and all of humanity must follow that TRUTH.

Will you pass the test of TRUTH?

Let the north winds blow
Let snow come down
Oh! Let the north winds blow
Let cold come down.

Let the north winds blow
Let the north winds blow.


Your mind works well because the natural and Spiritual wind is blowing through your mind. It is so gentle that the WISDOM that comes through your mind will always calm you down and increase your WISDOM. –Professor MOmOh, 03/02/2018

MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

Copyright © 2018 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.

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Feb 23

Are We All Connected Spiritually?


Please read our latest post below and give us any input on how you think this information will help you and others advance in life.


Are We All Connected Spiritually?

Yes, we are all connected Spiritually in the sense that we all originated as Spirits from the same universe, which is the DARK or Spiritual Universe.

The DARK Universe is all powerful. It’s Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. It was, it is and it always will be. And it will always exist as your Forever Lasting Spiritual Home… if you maintain the same goodness, stability, patience, acCOUNTability, TRUTH and WISDOM from which you appeared.

Your Forever Lasting Spiritual Home will always seek you so that you are directed back to the goodness that dwells in that Home. The goodness is there because everything that exists in the DARK or Spiritual Universe is good.

” And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

From where was God, or All-Goodness, giving instructions for the physical universe to appear? All-Goodness was, in fact, and still is, and will always be in the Spiritual Universe of DARKNESS. That’s the reason why we, who are physical, will never see All Goodness. The only time we will see All Goodness is when we become Spirits… and that happens when we no longer exist as physical beings.

It is from the DARK Universe of abstract or Spiritual CARBON that the physical universe of light, water and all living and non-living existences appeared. This is why CARBON is intrinsic in every creation, although it may not always be apparent.

The essence of DARKNESS will always exist in every living thing. This is because the Spiritual CARBON of the DARK Universe is the origin of the CARBON that exists in all living existences. This is also why the First Mother and the First Father of Humanity (Our First Parents) were CARBON BLACK and appeared in Equatorial AfRAka.

The CARBON BLACKNESS of Our First Parents provides us with every indication of The DARK or Spiritual Universe as our Origin. The appearance at the Equator indicates the perfect balance between day and night, as well as the perfect balance between the left and right brain hemispheres of Our First Parents. That’s why Our First Parents were in complete harmony with each other.

The Garden of Peacefulness

Our First Parents were glad to see that even the creatures that lived around them were also well-balanced and synchronized. They all lived together happily without any chaos. This unity between Our First Mother and Our First Father was a good example of the unity we should have all carried on from them.

It was certainly a Garden of Peacefulness to which Our First Parents emerged and existed. This was the model for all future parents to know about and respect. When that respect persists, then we will all be good examples of how our two brain hemispheres unite and give us the peacefulness that we deserve in our lives.

Our First Parents were a good example of how unity exists within us before it transfers to others as well. This is the reason why we must know how to synchronize our two brain hemispheres, in which there will always be harmony and peace. If these qualities exist in you, personally, they will, certainly, transfer to others as well.

The DARK Womb of Human Existence

Just as The DARK Universe gave birth to Mother Earth, we can also look at Mother Earth as a wOmb that has brought all existences into being. We must, therefore, equate our own Mothers with Mother Earth… and further expand that understanding to our Omniscient Spiritual Mother of All Goodness, the DARK Universe of our Origination, where all Spirits dwell. She will always be there for our return.

We must, therefore, prepare ourselves with goodness, honesty and intelligence so that we do not deviate from the expectations that She, Our Spiritual Mother, has for our coming back to her in our Forever Lasting Spiritual Home.

How did we appear in the physical world?

To fully understand how the DARK or Spiritual Universe connects to us personally is to consider how we each physically appeared in this world. That appearance came through the DARKNESS and comfort of our mother’s wOmb.

Every child that comes into this physical universe from their mother’s wOmb always screams and cries upon birth. Why? The child is now experiencing a different universe, which is completely different from the child’s mother’s DARK wOmb from where the child physically originated.

We need to understand that there has been a change in environments. This is a surprise that the child does not fully understand. Therefore, the child has to accept the surprise with a shock.

However, because the child is well accepted by his (or her) mother and father, the child’s discomfort will stop. That child is now ready to become familiar with his physical universe.

Creating unity within ourselves by synchronizing our two brain hemispheres

The process of learning about the physical universe may slowly cause a child to forget about his original existence as a Spirit in the DARK or Spiritual Universe. This is why it’s so important that parents do all they can to keep their child well balanced, secure, TRUTHFUL, kind, open, patient, sincere, purposeful and full of WISDOM. When they do, their child will develop a well-balanced and synchronized thinking that always refers back to the Spirituality of his (or her) origination.

This is a child that will easily balance his two brain hemispheres because the parents maintained a well-secured and balanced existence. The child will then continue to live with that goodness… and his purpose will always maintain the Spirituality from which he originated and to which he will return.

However, when a child is not properly disciplined, or is abused or rejected, then that child will have a terrible introduction to life. That child is then forced to grow up with a lot of instabilities and insecurities because he (or she) has not been well nurtured and trained to properly coordinate his two brain hemispheres.

This lack of coordinated brain training is bound to bring confusion into the child’s life. This child will grow up very insecure and out of control because of the high level of emotional trauma that he has experienced.

What this child has experienced are the emotions of his right brain without the proper guidance from his parents to bring the logic of his left brain to his thinking. If this problem becomes severe, the child will become unmanageable.

The parents must begin to see the good welfare of their child. This means that they have to introduce their child to the good thinking that results in two well-balanced brain hemispheres.

Are your two brain hemispheres balanced?

Having your two brain hemispheres balanced is always required for you to exercise peace, calmness, stability, acCOUNTability, TRUTH and WISDOM. These are qualities that are needed for you to interact with others so you can always have peace and goodness.

However, when your two brain hemispheres are not balanced, you will always have an imbalance of logic and emotions. This creates a difference between what you think and do and what others think and do.

The imbalance of the two brain hemispheres is the reason why we are not all connected Spiritually.

There is always a foundation that connects us all together. That foundation is Spirituality. Once you know enough about your Spiritual connection to where you originated, you know you are not alone. There is always a connection between you and your Spirit because your Spirit is always with you in whatever you think and do.

Likewise, there is always a connection between you and someone else based upon your thinking. That other person might be the person you are meeting now or who you will shortly meet.

If, for instance, you’ve maintain the synchronicity between your two brain hemispheres and your Spirit, and one of your neighbors also does, you’ll find yourselves very amicable with whatever you discuss.

However, if another neighbor is always angry and impatient about simple things, and you are always calm and patient, then your thinking will not coincide. Your neighbor uses the emotions of his or her right brain much more than the logic of his or her left brain. It, therefore, becomes very difficult to communicate, both Spiritually and physically, with this neighbor.

There’s a third neighbor that uses his left brain much more than his right brain. That neighbor, too, has an imbalance in thinking. His logic is very subjective and he lacks the ability to be open, TRUTHFUL and sincere. His two brain hemispheres are not united so it’s difficult for him to connect with his Spirituality… and the stiffness of his thinking inhibits him from displaying the sincere kindness and goodness that you often display to others.

However, due to your ability to be a genius in thinking, it’s possible that those you communicate with will find a great interest in uplifting their own in thinking. This happens because of your patience and goodness in thinking.

Your left brain is always ready to synchronize with your right brain so that there is total harmony in your thinking. Once harmony exists in your thinking, then you can quickly accept TRUTHFULNESS and ALL-GOODNESS in everything you do.

The Good Qualities of Your Mind are based upon Good Qualities of The Garden of Peacefulness.

We are all connected Spiritually when our two brain hemispheres are synchronized.

When our ability to think using two synchronized brain hemispheres exists, we’ll all start to look at each other with equality and TRUTH. That condition occurs today when you have TRUTH within you and you consider everyone else to be as equal to you as you are to them.

With two synchronized brain hemispheres, we’ll all be peaceful, honest and sincere without wishing any person any harm because we’ll all be connected Spiritually. And we will all exercise the good qualities that are needed for our Spiritual existence… just like it was with Our First Parents in the Garden of Peacefulness.

Traveling Back to Your Forever Lasting Spiritual Home

You are now beginning to fulfill your infinite journey as a Spirit. Your mind, which sees what will happen to you in the future, will never worry about the turmoil of hell fire that happens to others who do not have any security to where they will exist in the future.

Rather, your mind is fulfilled about how you have existed before, how you are existing now, and how you will continue to exist in the future. Since your mind is fulfilled with goodness, you will have no difficulty in knowing that you will sooner or later find yourself joyfully traveling back to your Forever Lasting Spiritual Home.

And She, your Spiritual Mother, will welcome you back to where you belong in the All Goodness of your forever lasting Spiritual existence.


Know that there is always something achievable… if only your mind is TRUTHFUL, sincere and honest. –Professor MOmOh, 02/22/2018

NARMER (Think with a Unified Brain and Mind!),
MOmOh & Mighty Queen 06390

Copyright © 2018 by The Dohgon University of Thought. All Rights Reserved.

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