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The COLORS on the COWRY WHEEL enhance your consciousness (brain and memories). By enhancing your consciousness, you also enhance your AWARENESS (Mind). This allows you to link your focus (memory) and your Concentration (Mind) to whatever you intend to do without ever regretting your actions. People who are always apologizing for their behavior have no Concentration at all. They act on emotions.

So find out how you can operate these Numbers to focus and Concentrate and be very creative and expansive.


Here’s what others are writing to The Dohgon:

Everton of the U.K. writes:
just a thank u for saving my life

Robert of New Jersey writes:
Your information and your advice is powerful, as well as greatly appreciated! I will heed your words and stay disciplined.

Ateba from the Netherlands writes:

Good morning BRTHR . I first want to say thank you for the work you are doing to our people. But they don´t understand that you was send back here by our ANKHcesters to teach the whole planet. Thank you also for the three files I appreciate it very much, I say thanks to every thing that you are sending to me. I am very happy to have you as a teacher and I thank our ANKHcesters for that. Greetins to you to the Queen. 

Ashton of St. Kitts & Nevis writes:

Queen 0Unlearner0 of Maryland writes:
I have just read Ask Professor MOmOh. So much Wisdom is within the passage. ThANKHs. I went to the Dohgon Site to find the specific Meaning of the word NARMER. FIND IT. I did… For me, The Dohgon is the only source of TRUE WISDOM. Again, ThANKHs.

Buildwithme writes:
Peace family, dropping in and showing love to the Dohgon family!!!

Edwina of New Zealand writes:
… I appreciate and respect nature thanks to your teachings and knowledge you are second to no one else in the universe, thank you.

Hadley of Connecticut writes:
I have come to realize, it is difficult to understand the true knowledge of self, until you have an understanding of dark energy, also the dark universe. Thank you so much for knowing you. 

Michael from Toronto writes:
I would like to join the Dohgon University of Thought and to introduce it to a vast community for universal peace 
who are on their spiritual journey. Never before in all my years of searching for the true science of universal truth have I witnessed it so perfectly clarified as through the Dohgon University Of Thought.

Kemetianqueen writes: I love you so much Professor Mohmoh for your intelligence and upliftng videos…Continue to teach us all! Ase…Where is the blues like singing you usually do before the video?

YS2GOD has made a comment on EYE of Heru-How To Unstock Your Thank You Professor MoMoh for Being a Wonder Strong AfriKanTeacher. There is No One Like YOU. I Thank Almighty GOD of All and Our Ancestors The Man of Wisdom and Science. We LOVE YOU, Brother. 4EVER. 4JS4U. YOU are GREAT. ASE’

Martha of Michigan writes:
Dr. MOmOh I need You. I have looked high and low for you. Please tell where to start. I look forward to hearing from You. I Know I will gain much wisdom taking Your classes. Thank You.

SiriusMoor9 has made a comment on How Numbers Resolve Mysteries

Michelle of Ontario writes: 
The children are doing very well. Lynnea [age 6] told me to tell you IMHOTEP for her …she also wanted me to update you on her progress. Today shefinished her Wonder Wheel game in 2 mins. I  have obtained my goal today as well. The Dohgon University has been the best thing to happen to us, and we look forward to the New Year also continuing to be apart of the extended Dohgonite Family.

Reghubert has made a comment on TIME BUBBLES What if he lied about TIME, 04 11 11: I am a trained electrical engineer and I sign-up to the facts and truth in this message. After watching and listen to this professor I am now a real electrical engineer. Thanks!

Chiazo of Decatur, Georgia writes:
My testimony to the power of numbers. 
I’ve been searching for 6 years to find the answers to all my questions/problems. When I came across ProfessorMomoh’s video on Youtube, my spirit was drawn into and focused in on what he was teaching. For hours at a time I watched his videos and listened to his radio shows. Within a weeks time I decided I no longer wanted to be on the outside looking in so I gave him a call to get started. Once ProfessorMomoh sent me the FFINDDing Yourself Study pdf…. (to read more)

Olivier of France writes:
I’ve been following your videos for awhile, yet haven’t acted upon receiving this great material. I’m hoping to receive the complimentary TELESPRIT FLUX COMMUNICATIONS pdf download so that i can finally continue my path through life. You have been a great help, thank you.

Kina of Illinois writes:
…You’re going to be bigger than Tony Robbins!!!  You should be on TED (!!!

SiriusMoor9 has made a comment on How to kill Alzheimer’s by changing your thinking: Dr Momoh we need to award you with the IMHOTEP award!! Real talk … keep it coming!

Violet of California writes:
I enjoyed looking through your site, especially the videos. I have been interested in numbers, geometry, dance, art, music, yoga, and spirituality for a long time but never found something to integrate them as well as you have on this website. I have held off going to Graduate school 
because I want to pay for an education that fits my worldview and purpose. This appears to be such an education. I am curious where the University is centrally located and if Dr. MOmOh gives classes in-person?

Frankie of Florida writes:

I am pleased (happy), that you have accepted this mission and I anxiously await the moment to become a student. Very revealing and provocative..the sum of what I have heard is amazing. Thank you!

… This book [H.E.R.U.: Highest Exponential Reasoning and Intelligence] will enhance any library… I enjoyed the wonderful and revealing questions and answers, many praises to Young KingMan Rick Morris! I will review over, and again, the many significant points to support my development.
Daphne of Illinois writes:

Receiving the invitation to visit The Dohgon University was like receiving an open ticket to the UNIverse. Standing at it’s entrance to welcome me was a warm, Enlightened being ~ Priest MOmOH awaiting to take me on a personal tour of the Galaxies. I AM humbled for being presented with

this opportunity to experience greater understanding.I look Enthusiastically forward to this life-elevating journey which is preparing me to assist others on their return to The Source.

Amisi writes:

I Love You Prof. Momoh!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your knowledge & Wisdom. I have some how found myself being very happy & excited after reading the material you’ve provided on the TFC meditation. It makes a lot of sense and I am eager to learn more about the Dogon way of life. I think I may have found the treasure at the end of the rainbow (sort of speak)…lol.

flanetese of Georgia writes:

Thank You for being truly U and doing what you do for the community, for humanity. I hear the passion and I can tell you really love what you do. I appreciate U. You make the difference that really COUNTS!

user3x from Ottawa signed up:

Hello DR. MOmOH. I just signed up to your 3mt course. I’m 45yrs old and I live in Canada.

For a couple of days I have been reading through your website and viewing some of your videos and I am really impressed by your confidence in the message that you are trying to teach the world.

One of my favorite sayings is “Humans, learn as we go” because as a species we seem to just be stumbling along through space and time. Reacting to problems as they arise instead of being in sinc with our mind, body, soul and the world around us. If you are that one person that “knows everything” I would like to be your student.

user3x has made a comment on HOW TO ENTER AND FEED YOUR BRAIN:

added to my blog aquariandohgondohgames

user3x has made a comment on People are getting too SENSITIVE, Why are you SENSITIVE?: To understand the world, how it works, why it exists, and your purpose in it you need to understand yourself first. Even the most experienced psychologist cannot tell you why you think the way you do but Professor MOmOH can. No abstract theories needed.

Leo of Alabama writes:
Professor MoMoh my heart is overflowing with just the feeling that I felt when I first saw your video on you-tube which was a feeling of truth love and compassion for humanity and willing and trying to share I love you brother and everything that you are doing and when I received your meditation package it just ran my cup over.  Yesterday I went through the complete meditation program and already today I feel much more balanced so that tells me thatyour programs are for real and they are the keys to refurbish humanity.I am in the process of trying to sell my vehicle to get the money to take your complete program so I can share yourknowledge with the people of Arkansas through establishing a branch of your university here if it is alright with you I already have a non-profit organization that I’ve been sitting on for 8 years just for this moment I do believe.  I am sorry professor for going on so but I am so excited please forgive me I would have called you on the phone but your number didn’t register when we spoke last so please keep up the good works and may God continue to keep and bless you your brother.  Leo777OGU has made a comment on People are getting too SENSITIVE, Why are you SENSITIVE?Words of Wisdom!!

K. Amn writes:

Greetings Professor Momoh
I have been wanting to connect with you from the moment I heard your show on Blogtalk radio. I know that everything you are saying about Math and Manifestation is true and I want to know how I can study with you or is there a Webinar that you are conducting for those people that do not live close to you. I believe that your specific Branch of Science is the Most important Branch that the World will see in the Now and in the distant Future. Pleases let me know what I can do next as far as exercises for the Brain etc. Thank You

Carol of New York writes:
Professor MomOh – All praises to the Ancestors for making our meeting today possible!  Attached are photos of my grandson, Kwabena taken on our trip to Accra, Ghana last November and a more recent school picture [for the Wonder Wheels games]!  I will forward one of myself as soon as I locate same!   We must save our children and particularly our 
Afrikan Princes who are viciously under attack on all level from in the womb and beyond.

Todd of North Carolina writes:

my Word, i am still continually amazed @ your brilliance! something new everyday.
i am reminded of the Words of dostoyevsky:

“.… People with new ideas, people with the faintest capacity for saying something /new/, are extremely few in number, extraordinarily so in fact…
The man of genius is one of millions, and the great geniuses, the crown of humanity, appear on earth perhaps one 
in many thousand millions.”

my most High Professor, You are extraordinary!
 … i shutter to think how many lifetimes i have searched for the quality You now provide–your Wisdom is of the worthiest treasures in the Universe…
Todd M. Skorich
co-author, “How an AfRAkan Master Freed a White Slave

Robert of Oregon writes:
last night I was working on the snake puzzle and realized how much ma’ath I was using. I started mutiplying numbers using my mind. i understand how it helps to break that stone around the pineal gland. You crack it!! You basically give your brain a workout. I’ve worked a few problems over and over in mind this morning aloneSiriusM writes: So employing the usage of the Wonder Wheels Techniques in classrooms will raise the creative abilities in kids, teens and adults? Appreciate the SCIENCE Prof. Momoh, “Keep it coming!“

Sara of Michigan writes:

… I have been working with the wonder wheels game and I have noticed a big difference in my ability to remember little things. Instead of lookingeverywhere for my car keys, I just see a vision in my mind of exactly where they are! My problem solving ability has also greatly increased and I can see further ahead then I used to be able to.
We are so very grateful for this tool can’t wait to reap the benefits of an activated pineal gland!
Much Love,

Queen Donna of Maryland writes: 

The real education segment (11/21/10) was so very powerful.  As you say nothing is by coincidence.  You started the segment with dance, dance,dance and last nite that is all did – I danced ALL night and never tired.

Queen Nicole encouraged me with the counting and for the last 3 weeks EVERY morning I did the count and did yoga and I have energy like I have not had.  Like a well of energy that is never ending.

So I felt you should know about this great improvement and I will say ThANKH you for the gift of the count….
… I would like to complete my DNI testing and then enroll in the 3 month course in December.

Artist2k1 writes:
i really love what you doing for us man. sometimes i cry when i watch your videos because what u say is so true. hope ur university get bigger and maybe one i’ll be there in one of ur classroom. When are you coming to Miami?

kuntah kinte of Arizona writes:
may the creator increase your vibrations past your own imagination. i love you brother like my owe father whom i’ve never met. but this is the case of many african brothers in this american wilderness so our own ancient memories are our own comfort, only comfort. Your relations are on point & touch directly2 da soul, so there’s no denying the truth of the universe.although i may not be able2 afford your 3month course, i am aware that this in-formation is priceless, so when the universe agrees, there’s no doubt that I will prove 2B your best pupil. I look forward2meetin u in person making physical contact with the “Embodiment of the Ancestors”. Peace&blessingz2uyour family forever.narmer
Eugene Mc… (slave name…kuntah kinte NOT toby or eugene!!!)
BRTHR IMHOTEP of Florida (a chemical engineer) says:
What you have here is beyond everything that I have been taught. It’s beyond every knowledge I have learned. This is why I like your teachings. It is very thorough and indepth
Lovemore from Australia writes:
I was a christian, an atheist, a Black Jew and I now follow khemmitic Wisdom i write to appreciate your works and the dohgon mystery have always enthralled me…i am ready to learn ……
Maurice of Ottawa writes:

Imhotep professor. Hope you are having a great day. I am still waiting for the material you sent in the mail. Until then I have been using my spare time to reorganize myself. For the past few years I have taken up the hobby of blogging and socializing on social networking websites. I have grown somewhat frustrated with the whole thing though. Everyone seems to be stuck in their own ways and opinions even when many of them have no sense and understanding. Indoctrination is a killer of free will.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and decided to write a promo bio on you and post it up at hubpages but before I do that I have posted it up at one of my other blog sites first. have a look and tell me what you think or might want me to change.

Sara and Rasheed of Michigan write:

My husband and I just wanted to send you a quick note to extend our gratitude in your very generous gift of the FFINDDing yourself Study for myhusband Rasheed. We are only a few days into the study but I am seeing profound effects on my consciousness. Even our 4-year old daughter, Nefetari, has been doing the Dohgon count!
Thanks again!
Much Love
Neemah of Michigan writes:
I am very interested in the couse of studyI want my son and I to get started right away!
Ali of the U.K. writes:
I was a christian, an atheist, a Black Jew and I now follow khemmitic Wisdom i write to appreciate your works and the dohgon mystery have always enthralled me…i am ready to learn …… I am very interested in the couse of study–I want my son and I to get started right away!

I’ve done many courses in the past and I’d have to say Professor the Dohgon Science has taught me more about myself than any other course, philosophy or mediation. I’ve learnt so much about the external in other courses, but nothing about me, and my mind!

Dohgon Science is very powerful indeed. Also what I like is it’s practical [FFINDDing yourSelf Study and Wonder Wheels] and you can feel the results almost instantly.

Leslie of New York writes:
Listened to Professor Momoh on Consious Plat hour on blog talk radio. Interested in Dohgon University and TELESPRIT FLUX COMMUNICATIONS Moon Meditation.

Tonya of Houston, TX writes:
Sir, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on YouTube. I am in search for myself the spiritual knowledge to reach peace within myself. I am attending church but there is so much I feel is missing within to reach the inner peace. I am seeking spiritual knowledge to know the truth. Please contact me.

Kay, an architect from London, writes:
Prof Momo, I have been searching for this type of knowledge for a long time and want to know more. I am having issues with time since completing my masters degree in Architecture early this year. I cannot seem to complete anything thoroughly and am having difficulty in waking up on time and staying awake….I feel like my mind is moving much faster than my body can keep up with. How do I decode my situation. Can you help?
Ronnie of Maryland writes:
… I would also like to introduce The Dohgon University and its teachings to my students.

IMHERUU of New Jersey writes:
Subject: ThANKHS for being truthful


Michelle of Canada writes:
…. I heard you speaking to Mrs. Blue on youtube “people please wake up“. I was very impressed and decided to have a look at your website. I was fascinated by everything I encounter while I was viewing your site. Exposure is very important. I want to prepare for the transformation by incorporating what I learn to my children. I want to learn as much as possible and I feel that your program can help us accelerate to be the creator within us. 

… 1 month later:
Lynnea is enjoying her Wonder Wheel Game, now my niece wants her own Wonder Wheel as well. Your program has been receiving excellent reports. I friend of my has met someone who has already taken BSI assessment, now he is also interested and has introduced your site to his students.
There will be a lot of Dohgonites in Canada very soon. I am on my way to the post office to mail my assessment.Enjoy your day, Thank you again for empowering our people
Nichole of New York writes:
…I definitely have trouble concentrating and making my goals just happen. Also I want to truly be the powerful black woman i am, I am tired of all the wrong knowledge.
Jay Levin, founder LA Weekly, writes:
Hello MOmOH,
Well, I read the material and watched the videos and found them fascinating and was feeling glad to see your work starting to get the honor it deserves….
Donna of Los Angeles writes,
Hotep Professor,
I watched the Brain Art video.  I can say it made me curious to know more.  I know I have a lot to learn.  One thing at a time though – first I’m looking forward to the Full Moon Meditation.Thank you againBRTHR Rasheed writes:

This is the master teacher Bro. Rasheed. Whatever you listeners do [ numbers-colors-sound-silence], get the Wonder Wheels game. Please participate in the FINDDing yourSelf Study… Colors, Waves, Numbers. Contact Pro. MohMo.Dikkels2 writes:
It is getting clearer every day to me that everything they call their science comes from the doghon but it is like what you teach us prof momoh when you have knowlegde without understanding you come up with theories and myth and whatever, and they obviously have a lack of understanding. I thANKH you for the teachings you present NARMER

Stephen of the U.K. writes:

bless you godman. keep up your good work. i givyankhs.

John of Illinois writes:
The great gift of life awaits us when we listen. I am listening for the truth in every situation. Your information is thought provoking and spiritually uplifting.

Unlearner of Baltimore (69 years young; student of the Eye of Heru webinar classwrites:
I humbly bow to your wisdom.

Aina writes:
Your site has lots of valuable information that I plan to access…keep up the god work in getting the word out to the people.

Robert of Florida says:
I was up from 11pm to 2:30am reading your website and because of finances I finally decided on getting the 
How to Read your Own Mind book with the hope to take the BSI Test later.

Aaron of Georgia writes:

The system, from what I understand of it, is incredible. It’s like pure mathematics. I would love to be taught this system. How can I become involved?

Kemthought writes:
I was a christian, an atheist, a Black Jew and I now follow khemmitic Wisdom i write to appreciate your works and the dohgon mystery have always enthralled me…i am ready to learn …… I am very interested in the couse of study–I want my son and I to get started right away!

I was a christian, an atheist, a Black Jew and I now follow khemmitic Wisdom i write to appreciate your works and the dohgon mystery have always enthralled me…i am ready to learn …… I am very interested in the couse of study–I want my son and I to get started right away! 

Please Make a videos about dogon cosmogony!!! By the dohgon Native Like You!! Please Sir. We Always have Europeans telling Our Story !!!

Darrin of Arizona writes:
Hotep Dohgon University of Thought. I am very inspired with what I have found on the site. I am empowered by your blogtalkradio Real Education. I am interested in 
taking courses and purchasing your reading materials for my family. Peace and Blessings

Lennox of New York writes:
Greetings Professor Dohgon Momoh, I am well pleased with what eye have seen so far. Can you let me know how I can expand on this info. Nama
Jason of Arizona writes:
Respectfully Professor Momoh: Just a guy who wanted to know it all… now I have this insatiable hunger to learn.
David, from Washington, D.C., writes:
I’m still enjoying your broadcasts on blogtalkradio.

Shining Thru writes:

OMG!! The bowing down & apologizing to woman, really really touched me. Thank You!

Kdreama writes:

love all of your messages. Your a Great Teacher! we need teachers like you and others on a Progressive vibration to Knowledge theYouth.

Ptah from Memphis, TN writes:

 Hotep, What’s up Prof. MOmOh! I haven’t had any free funds to get the BSI Test done yet but rest assure this will be the first thing I’m going to get when I get paid.
…. As I said before I am extremely hungry for more knowledge! When I get paid, I am getting with a couple of my friends to try and purchase all of your books, CDs and DVDs. “I also would like to know how much do you charge to do lectures?” As stated in a previous email, we are trying to get a building where we can establish an institution of higher learning complete with a library and lab (computer and chemical) here in Memphis, Tennessee.

… .your information is perfect for part of the curriculum

Thank you

silveryan of New York writes:

My daughter Sarah 🙂

HOTEP DEAR BROTHER! BLESS BE OUR ANCESTORS FOR BRING THE DOHGON TO US. My daughter is awake and no longer incubated and breathing on her own. According to doctors she had two small strokes. In the brain it’s affected are bilateral thalamic infarct. But we’ve been singing her the numeric song. And she’s making progress fast. She has a feeding tube that I see coming out really soon too. We also got her to stand up and hold her own weight today. BLESS BE OUR ANCESTORS! BLESS BE THE DOHGON! MY THANKS GO OUT TO YOU AND YOU WIFE AS WELL! I will be the DOHGONS MASTER PUPIL. BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!

Femi writes:
… im trying my best to make sure I spread your valuable work to the world both online and off in my own little way.

Dikkels writes:
thANKHs for these great teachings prof. momoh. There are a  lot of people presenting false teachings, but thANKHs to yourteachings it has become easier to identify them. i am very grateful to you for that. keep up the good work I always wait for the new vids from you brother, by the way you really was mindblowing on the occult science radio this week you dropped a lot of science about the universe. thANKHs for sharing.
Samir writes:

much respect & appreciation for your work!

Azzaiel writes:

RE:  Dohgon WISDOM Mall–The Journey is The only hard times the reason i haven’t started ….. damn it =( 

Alilibra writes:

Simply excellent, Professor MOmOh giving the Elders and Youngsters a chance to be express themselves. I love you and your Poems SSTR Flossie [ SSTR Flossie’s]. Much respect!

Filmtress writes:
RE:  AfRAkan FRAktals Explain Animism.avi:

Thank you for being here to teach us this. I want to know. The European/American way of educating us falls short of what Africans needs. It’s time we as Africans get back in touch with our intelligence. You are very appreciated.
Mark of Illinois writes:
thank you for all your en darkening i am tired of screwing around with trying to be come enlightened now i want to be en darkened. i 
got your book READ Your Own MIND First and Dohgon Philosophy a couple of years ago and i see now you have so much more material i am not sure where to start.

Rosemary of New York writes:

I don’t believe in accidents. I was listening to Dr. Blair and happened to see the Awakening. I listen to Dr. Momoh and was fascinated. It’s funny I didn’t notice your divine plan before.

Kwesi writes:
I loved your youtube video 
mind works wonders. I have been having a problem with memory (forgetting where i placed my keys etc) and concentration and focus. When I am reading I am easily distracted or sometimes a trigger word in the book would cause me to wonder off into other thoughts. What should I do to correct this? Direct me to the process or program on your site so i can buy and begin correcting these abnormalities. Hotep

Jusffarr writes:

This is EXACTly what I needed right now. Thank you professor.

Devon of Brooklyn, NY writes:
Hotep> im very much interested in becoming a student of the Dohgon science. My spirit understands it and the words of prof. Momoh, i live in the NYC area and i wonder how can i furher my studies in this city. i dont have the funds currently to take the B.S.I test but i will sign up when i do.

mac holy writes:
Talking to proffessor momoh asking questions getting answers. And working on the findd yourself exercise is liberating. As a African i feel good just talking to proffessor momoh . Their is someone doing this, someone is trying to help not just with words but with a physical application. But even words i am thankful for. The information alone makes me feel good to be an African. There are not enough professor momohs around. Thank you

Martin of the Netherlands writes:
I like the language that is used in the book [Who is the Idiot in Your Family?] it is firm and straight forward, this is the way you talk and i appreciate it, it is like what you said in class we have to take sides we can’t afford to stand in the middle of the road to try and to keep everyone happy. i am experiencing this more and more that when you are learning the truth you cannot keep on living the way you was when you were confused, i find it difficult at times but i also see it as a challenge, and know when i overcome this challenge my power will expand to take on even greater challenges. I 
truly thank you for your teachings, it is thanks to these teachings that my purpose in life is starting to emerge from deep within me.

kdreama writes:
RE:  BLACK Hair, BLACK Power.avi:

GREAT Video!! Enough with the Chemical Alterations.

XangoGrandMastermind writes:

“Happiness is not pleasure, it’s victory.” It’s a great victory finding your channel and to be subscribed.
Kemthought writes: SUPERB

RwKhuti writesdohgonmomoh like i have said before, i think you are an amazing person

 Filmtress writes:

So what’s the secret? How are you doing this? Concentration? Focus? I think it’s more than that. You have to combine dexterity through mastery of the physical body too right?. Wow. Nice.

Errol from Canada writes:

Momoh I would like to tell you more about myself. I was born and raised up here in Canada. Both of my parents are from Guyana and came up here in 1970’s. I am 33 years old right now and started a spiritual journey 13 years ago. I was taught by many spiritual teachers and studied many spiritual sciences but it is your Dohgon Wisdom that is really changing my life in great folds. I didn’t realize it but for the last 4 months I have been stuck in a rut or in other words I have been procrastinating for all that time and it is your Dohgon Number Meditation that brought me back to my senses.

Just like you I was studying Electronic Engineering years ago but got bored and uninspired by it. I am now laying the foundations down for doing something that I really have a talent for and that is problem solving plus creating systems to do so. I have been creating ways for people to manifest there dreams for a while now and its time for me to create a business out of me doing so. I am very creative and I have recently been combining the dohgon wisdom to my works, which has allowed me discover some amazing things that I will share with you on a later date.

I have dropped all my previous teaching and consider myself Dohgon. I would like to thank you momoh plus the Dohgon University for bringing me to the truth and I definitely see myself becoming a dohgon priest in the future. I will try to call in on one of your shows. Again Thanx

BTW,  The Memory Mind Matrix book that I got from has been amazing. There were times when I got emotional (eyes start to water plus energy levels drop) around extremely negative people but ever since I started doing the mental memory matrix training and now those problems have went away. Thanks

more from Errol from Canada:

I just want to tell you that I got my package last week and your Dohgon Science book has been an amazing read. Wow, All I got to say is that the dohgons are completly advanced in all there understandings of the universe. I see why they would kick anyone out of there village that would choose not to follow these teachings because they are complete. I have not finished watching the dvd’s but I have finished listening to the cd’s and they have been (just like the book) amazing.
I am honored at your invitation to be a real student of the dohgon and I accept it.

Marlon of Florida writes:
I listen to [you on] the nickyloveankh show last night and I was blown away on the science because it was very informative I am interested in learning Dohgon science I want to know about the programs that are offered in Doghon University.

David from Washington, D.C.

Professor MOmOh,
I emailed 
Ms Blue and suggested she should have a follow up show with you.  Told her it would be a great follow up to the 4 consecutive shows/series she is currently doing with this guy named Panic who has been disscussing Haiti, the movie Avatar, Gnostic similarities to ancient Kemetic thought, and will end the 4th show with suggestion on opening up the pineal gland. Her first show with Panic had just over 214 people logged on and listening from the chat room. Her show has one of the biggest audiences dealing with Spirituality.

Gicanda of Washington writes:

slow and hesitant on 77, 76, 45, 40 skipped completely 34, 33, 32 Will join the University at the beginning of March. My mother will join to. I want to work on her forgettfulness. She is 78. I want to be part of the study and start studying the books, tapes and DVDs. Thank you Gicanda PS Heard you on MS. Blue The Remix Please go come back on her show!!!

Mike from Alabama writes:

I heard part of the discussion on Ms Blue’s radio station and was fascinated by what the Dr explained about healing and the counting backwards from 100-0. I scored a 70 before I made a mistake. Looking foward to hearing from you. Thanks for the blessing! Peace

KemThought writes:

much respect my elder

Adwoa from New York writes:
Daily practice of the WW gives me the insight of what shape my mind is in. Like for instance, today, I caught myself going back to the number I had to locate, when I normally only do it one time, not losing any second. So, this WW is so perfect. After I did my practice, I started doing some unfinished reports very quickly. I love those WWs. No I haven’t reached the 2 minute yet. I’ve reached 3 minutes but not over 5 minutes. So I’m between 3-5 minutes. It’s all good.

Justin writes:
Keep up the excellent vids my friend,

Ali from London writes:
Greetings Professor MOmOh, Once again a many, many thanks for your prompt reply. I fully overstand your reasons for not given a break down on the numbers. Many thanks for clarification on the points I queried. I will get onto the website later on this evening. I have a seven year old and I really want to get him started on this system. As I haven’t been taught math(s) correctly it’s like blind leading the blind. I made payment for the BSI course viapaypal. I hope to receive the materials soon….we always find money for the things we want. In my case it’s something I NEED! Once again thanks forpassing down this extremely invaluable system. It is truly a blessing. Hotep Professor

Mwanzie from NJ writes:
I am DEFINITELY interested as to how to increase my concentration my Sierra Leonian brother ~ My father is Mende!
muptahu24 writes:
give thanx, ive been to mali- and started learning, but would like to partake in the wisdom here its our destiny to make the change 

Nzinga from the U.K. writes:
Well, this is my experience with my daughter who is four years old. One evening, she and I were having a disagreement, as all parents will know at some point and I told her off as I was quite annoyed. She, who became upset with me for reprimanding her began, spontaneously, to count down from 10-0. My anger dissipated instantly as I witnessed the effect of the DOhgOn Meditation Count. As she performed the count -correctly-without prompting, I realised that this method could be an important tool in the process of self-reliance. This she has done after only having been practising the count for about a month. The Ptah to spiritual freedom begins from birth………Every experience is a clue to finding our way back home.

Martha from Pennsylvania writes:
EmHotep Professor,
I am please to read your response because I found it to be very enlightening. As I continue to study, I find so many verifications pieces of your work. I will be in touch soon. I am beginning to realize your work is incredibly nobel and groundbreaking. peace and 

SLM of New York writes:
Please Bruh Come On The Show and Share Your Wisdom If You Have
Any Lecture Or Books Or Whatever mind elevating Materrial We Will Be Glad to Intruduce you to the Global African Family. Let Start With U And TheDogan and The Whole Beautiful things. 

Femi from the United Kingdom writes:
I am in the Uk, what do i need to get started/// fees, info etc pls so i can prepare, ill appreciate any info , i want to start and im a very serious student,infact i think i wii be a scholar all my life, i love learning

This is special because its 1oo percent relative to me….this is my culture.
I am the great grandchild of Ogedengbe..Legendary yoruba warlord……so i should be continuing in the culture of my ancestors before we were made dysfunctional and turned against self…hence our confusion and predicament today/

Thx i await reply in your time.

Errol from Ontario
, Canada writes:

Hello Imotep, I will accept the pdf download that you are offering and I would also like to say that Professor Momoh is a man of true wisdom. I wish himand the rest of the DoHgon University staff many Blessings. Peace, Errol

Keith from Florida writes:
Enjoy reading your sight and would love to learn more and implement the science into my life? Thanks

Martin from The Netherlands writes:
I just want to say that i’m very impressed by the dohgon science that you present and thank you for sharing this information. i’m beginning to study it so you will certainly hear more from me. imhothep.

Adwoa from New York writes:
Now, today, my concentration is much better, and it appears that the exercises have begun to open up my brain. I have been getting ahead of myself, notlooking into the book, but amazed at my progress. And I feel the concentration sticking and not going away. It appears to be apparent in everything I do. Now isn’t that progress?

Devon of Brooklyn, NY writes:
Hotep> im very much interested in becoming a student of the Dohgon science. My spirit understands it and the words of prof. Momoh, i live in the NYC area and i wonder how can i furher my studies in this city. i dont have the funds currently to take the B.S.I test but i will sign up when i do.

Michael of North Carolina writes:
I am very much interested in learning the truth not only for myself but for my children and family as well. I have learned one way my entire life and it hasbeen my programming thus far. I am awakening into my ascension and I wish to harness all of my full capabilities of my mind, body, and spirit.

Sernuaaba from Colorado writes:
caucasoid psychosis covers a lot of illusions. it destroys every area of our being, our identity (mind, hair, features, beliefs, etc.) the belief that i can straighten my hair and still be universally intelligent is a lie (lye). so use to disconnecting our bodies, minds, souls can’t believe that we can talk, walkthink black while looking like michelle, oprah, condoleeza, etc. the totality of our being must be natural!!! the rationalizations, ignorance we tell ourselves is continuing to be washed into our brains at an earlier age. our babies comehere with those lies, images, thoughts.

Tre from Alabama writes:

Greetings & Good Day to you Dr.! This is my very first time meeting you after listening to you on blogtalk radio. I am extremely interested in so much, I don’t know where to start. I heard you mention this website, so I immediately found it. If possible, I would like more information on the “towers” video from you tube. I am also interested in any information you can share or lead me to on who or what is the creator. Furthermore, since I’m a novice of your work & the sight, I was wondering is there a permanent way I can become a student of your wisdom? I have, for so long, lived a life of untruths and I’m almost ashamed to say it, but, I’m 38 and have only known “real truth or facts” exist that are unheard of to most. Whatever information that is,I would very much like to become a receptor of it. I appreciate whomever for taking the time to read this.. Much energy and prosperity to the good Dr. & staff! Tre‘ 

Odubi, a Ugandan BRTHR living in Sweden, writes:

Greetings Professor; and thank you very much for your selfless dedication to African Science and Spirituality. I must confess that it will take me a while to go through all the materials on your website, that stated, I am already overwhelmed! Question: Do you have contacts with educational policy and curriculum developers in Black Africa; or in your own home country? How is your precious work received? PS: I am a Ugandan living with my family in Sweden.

Duval from Winnipeg, Canada writes:

Thank you alot Momoh i am greatful to you and all my other rooted distant family members for introducing this information I would 
like Momoh’s personal email if available a phone conversation would be greatly appreiated and what should i start with first when it come to your pdf. file thatare available get back to me with love  Soldier of Love

Joseph from Ghana writes:

Hello thank you very much for your mail and hope something good will come out. Please tell them to come home we are ready to welcome them. please can you mail me your fon number. hope to read from you soon  thank you

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