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Dohgon Spiritual Dictionary


There is something that goes beyond philosophy. As we know, the white man has been in love with philosophy for over 2,000 years. The AfRAkan has to bring something of TRUTH to the intellect of humanity that will completely overpower the philosophy of the caucasian. That is The Dohgon Spiritual Dictionary. The entire Universe is coming back to Spirituality because people all over the world are just tired of evil and deception. We are, therefore, ready to give TRUTH to humanity.

We will be updating The Dohgon Spiritual Dictionary regularly….so please check our website quite often.

AfRAkan Black Spiral-Spirit Hair

Concentration is the system that sets your Mind in a stable manner in which your 2 brain hemispheres are always balanced. For instance, the emotions of your right brain are controlled by your left brain giving your right brain something of the past in which you had control. What emotions do in your right brain is to take that power of control away from you so you don’t have any ability to Concentrate on what you do.

As you can see with the educational system, anyone who goes through the educational system is more emotional than in control. That emotion allows that person to be a puppet to a system that encourages the idea of possessing a house, a new car, wining and dining in fancy restaurants and purchasing expensive clothes, etc. That’s the reason why many more people are workers than business oriented. The motivation to be free and own your own business is not in people who are highly educated because of the lack of Concentration, which takes away the purpose that people are due to have.
A person who Concentrates has a purpose, but a person who follows a routine wipes out the purpose.
Cosmogonic Universe
The Cosmogonic Universe is the Dark Universe or Spiritual Universe from which the physical universe and all things appeared. There is always a dependence of the physical universe on the Spiritual Universe because the physical universe needs Intelligence to understand the stars and everything that dwells in the physical universe. This Intelligence has a pulling force, which makes the cosmic waves to be attracted to anyone who has the means to attract them. AfRAkans had the means, but europeans never did. That’s the reason why the Dohgon understand so much about the Sirius Stars, and the europeans know nothing.

AfRAkans who are highly Spiritual are able to attract those cosmic waves, but europeans who are not Spiritual build satellites that look into the universe and record the waves trillions of miles away. Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop mentioned how AfRAkans were able to set the universal kalendar without ever having satellites or telescopes. This was the information that julius caesar used in KMT (Egypt) to form the calendar that the european uses today.
The Cosmogonic Universe is what anyone who wants to understand the physical universe must understand fully be able to have no doubts in discerning the universe as a whole.
Creativity is the process by which you bring to life that which has never been alive. This is accomplished when you have ideas that are controlled by Pure Energy Waves from the Cosmogonic or DARK Universe. Creativity starts from the Mind as Concentration Waves and enter the brain to form particles that are called ideas. These ideas are fed by what you form in your Mind. There is a link between your Mind and the ideas that are formed in your brain. That link is your Pineal Gland. Therefore, you must have something that keeps the Pineal Gland very functional.
The AfRAkans, having a Culture of NUMBERS, use NUMBERS to get their Pineal Glands very active and continuously linking to their Minds. This is the reason why, when AFRAka ruled the world, everything was Moral and Creative. Today, we have a lot of evil, deception and purposelessness in society. This tells you that Creativity is gone and whoever controls this civilization is proving that there is no Creativity and Morality in his design of civilization.
Creativity is an asset of your Mind. Your Mind must always come up with something that has never existed, which gives a definition on the Mind that is different from the brain. Anything that is new has no connection with things that are in existence. For instance, the pyRAmids were first built because there was nothing in existence in the world as a building that was more than 1-story high. AfRAkans came with the pyRAmid to show that buildings could be constructed higher than 1 story, as well lower than ground level.

Creativity, therefore, is what the human can do that has never been done before. This is different from innovation. Innovation is not creativity. Rather it’s something that is taken from something that has already been created and put in different forms.
To be Creative, you have to have a connection between the Pineal Gland in your brain and your Mind, then your Mind will have a connection with your 2 brain hemispheres as well.

Dohgon of Mali, The
The Dohgon of Mali are a people that communicate. This came from the name they had before in KMT (Egypt), which was Tellum. As you can see, Television came from Tellum, as well as Telephone and Telescope. All of these things are means of communication, which tells us that The Dohgon are people who communicate both Spiritually as well as physically. That’s the reason why The Dohgon understand so much about the Sirius Stars as well as the planets, Saturn and Jupiter. The Dohgon University of Thought also follows The Dohgon idea of communication that is both Spiritual and physical. This approach is very good because it never ends.

Duality explains the 2 sides of existence. First there was the DARK side, and second, there was light. The same thing happens with humanity. First there was the AfRAkan race, which is BLACK, then there was the white race.


Electricity is the potential that excites you and needs to be in control of everything you do. That’s the reason why you are extremely emotional about certain things. Electricity makes you produce more serotonin without regard to Melatonin. Too much serotonin makes you very aggressive and out of control. That’s why you need to be very stable and balanced so that you have the ability to produce a lot more Melatonin to counter serotonin.

All your cells are electrical because they have the means to receive nourishment from the blood as well as release waste products in the blood. All of that action is electrical because you have action potentials that do the exchanges that involve nourishment and eliminating waste products in the cells. This process is done by potassium and calcium ions. These are the ions that produce a lot of serotonin to keep you excited in eliminating things in your body or receiving things that will eventually harm you. For instance, people who are drug addicts look for things that are highly serotonin driven. Once they become involved in those serotonin-driven things, they become addicts and lose total control of themselves.
Electricity needs to be moderated in a person for that person to maintain balance.
Eye of Heru
The Eye of Heru is the system that defines your sensations depending on your 5 senses and your Mind. This Eye is very important for understanding fRAktal Geometry, which deals with exponents in the negative and positive powers, to people who know that fRAktal Geometry is based on how things manifest themselves in both a very minute and a grand scale. For instance, for Smell, you have 2-1 and 2+1. 2-1 is ½ and 2+1 is 2. Similarly, for Touch, you have 2-6, which is 1/64 and 2+6, which is 64. These fRAktions tell us the range of minuteness to the range of largeness that exists within the realm of what the senses do.


Focus is defined by the actions of the Eye of Heru, which are the senses. The brain focuses on the senses in order to: Smell, See, Hear, Taste and Touch what the body encounters. This is important for temporarily relating with your environment. These sensations are mostly temporary because you are changing locations all the time and your senses are experiencing different things all the time. So those things that are experienced cannot be saved in permanent memory.

Focus, therefore, limits you to temporary memory. This is the reason why you cannot educate yourself by focusing on an educational material. Since the white man only knows how to focus, rather than Concentrate, he therefore brings in the notion of memorization. This is the reason why people who acquire high levels of education with the white system are very limited and uncreative. All they can do is become innovative and steal ideas from creative people.
fRAktal Geometry
fRAktal Geometry means the minutest form of existence. This means you having the ability to understand how things came to be and what the essence is that causes them to do what they do. For instance, your eyes see and your nose smells. These are 2 distinct activities tell you the MA’AThematics of how these organs were developed to do exactly what they do. The geometry of your eye that sees is different from the geometry of your nose that smells or your ear that hears.
Frequency is dependent on Cosmic Waves. Cosmic Waves coming from the Universe as a whole, which includes both the Cosmogonic (DARK or Spiritual Universe), as well as the Cosmologic (light or physical universe) Universe. For instance, when it’s a hot day, people sweat, which means that the frequency coming from within them is faster than when it is a cold day. Thus, by knowing that the frequencies vary, you can also vary your performance based on what you wish to do. Some people will become slow when the weather is cooler, while some people will maintain a normal performance regardless of what the weather claims to be. People who maintain a regular performance will appear to be more stable than people who have a varying performance based upon the conditions of the atmosphere.

Frequency is, therefore, directly connected to how the energy and forces react to Cosmic Waves in the Universe. People who understand more about the energy from within themselves will maintain a stable performance, whereas people who understand nothing will vary their performance.



Heart and Feather, AfRAkan

The Heart is very physical and the Feather is not so physical. However, the 2 of them are in birds. The Feather makes the bird fly, which puts it in a Spiritual state, but at the same time it has the physical quality of the Heart. This tells us that the bird is in a dual state of both physical and Spiritual. The ANKHcestors, therefore, took the Heart and assessed it to weigh as much as the Feather, which then signifies that any person carrying such equality of the Heart and the Feather has that dual state. However, when the Heart weighs more than the Feather, the person has lost that dual state and is now solely physical.

Unfortunately, evil makes the Heart bigger than the Feather. Most humans, therefore, have made their Hearts to weigh much more than a Feather. Therefore, they are more evil than Good. Evil qualifies you to go to Hell, whereas Good qualifies you as a Feather and you go to Heaven.

To know that things start in the Mind and end in the physical universe tells us that everything is made of NUMBERS. In order to qualify this statement, we know that NUMBERS have the ability to transition from the abstract to the real form in which NUMBERS compose particles that form the physical state of things. A particle can be something that you touch or feel, which qualifies the abstract state becoming a physical object. But, the physical object only has a finite existence. When that existence comes to an end, we go back to the abstract state where NUMBERS transform again to their Spiritual state.
Then NUMBERS appear again and form a different object, which again ends and NUMBERS return to the abstract nature they were before. This transition from abstract to physical and physical to abstract is called the Infinity of Existence…and it’s only acquired with NUMERS. This is what we, The Dohgon, describe as the Infinity of Existence.




Magnetism is the process by which electrical potentials are minimized, while the potentials that create attraction and repulsion are maximized. In other words, your right brain is forced to be less active, and your left brain becomes more active. You, therefore, become less emotional and more constructive in what you do. For your Mind to become Magnetic, it must be attracted to moral values, while it repels the evil around it. If you find out that you’re attracted to evil, then your Mind is not Spiritually working and you have terminated the Magnetic flow to your body and your brain.

Melatonin is a motivator that is produced in the Pineal Gland. If you produce more Melatonin that says you will be highly motivated instead of procrastinating. Therefore, it’s always good to have the Pineal Gland working in order to produce more Melatonin. Melatonin gives you more ability to overcome the difficulties that you normally would not overcome because you have the motivation to resolve problems.

Memory works with your left and right brain hemispheres. It is, therefore, a physical part of existence. Memory is mostly involved with your senses and not with your Mind. Therefore, to be able to seriously remember something, you have to go to your Mind to save it there. Your senses are always fragmented because they are different.. For example, you have your eyes that see, which is completely different from your nose that smells. This is why you have to be in a position to save items that are different somewhere in which there is no discrimination about what you can recall. Your Mind is therefore that place.

Memory Fatigue Complex


Memory Fatigue Complex is where your memory cannot access the past or the future. It gets blocked all the time it wants to make an access, so you get more and more confused. If you are failing in school or you are not progressing in your career, or your children are completely out of control, this is the reason. It’s because you are confused and you are not expanding.

Now it’s time for you to change by going from your brain memory to your Mind by understanding the Eye of Heru. That’s why the first step you have to take to initiate yourself to The Dohgon. Sign up for the BSI and DNI Tests. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Mind is an independent function of a living being. It is completely independent of the left and right brain hemispheres. It is designed to see what happens in all the cells of the body and, therefore, control what the cells do. For instance, the DNA that you have saves all the information from your past and present. The DNA is able to do all of that. But it can only do those things with the help of your Mind. That’s the reason why humans will continue to be humans and birds will continue to be birds because their features are all saved in their DNA. When humans and birds are born, they will copy their older existences about how to follow the things they have saved in their DNA. A bird flies, walks and even swims, but the human being can only walk or swim. The bird, therefore, has a more complete DNA than a human because the bird flies many distances, sees many things and has a more functional brain than a human being because a bird’s brain is very Magnetic. This is why a bird migrates regularly and humans don’t. The functions of the Mind vary according to the DNA that controls the actions that are part of the features of the human or the bird or other animals or creatures. All animals and creatures have Minds.


In a nutshell, the illustration below shows the difference between TRUTH and philosophy. The TRUTH is Noumena because it’s one color that is BLACK. Phenomena is a combination of all colors, and each color has a different interpretation that will not synchronize with the other colors because the colors are different. So, if you choose Phenomena to be the way you express yourself, then you will have difficulty in explaining your philosophy to someone who is TRUTHFUL. That person sees the colors in your explanation, and your inability to link the colors together shows that you are lying and you are a deceptive person.

Noumena means DARKNESS or Spirituality. It’s abstract and it has the Magnetic qualities that work with your Pineal Gland. When that potential is connected to your Pineal, you begin to produce more Melatonin. It is, then, the Magnetic quality that got attracted to your Pineal that makes you become highly Magnetic. When you are Magnetic, you get attracted to good things and repelled from things that are harmful.

Noumena exists in your Spirit and it connects to your Mind. It makes you very confident because what happens in DARKNESS and Spirit is more powerful than what happens in light. You are more creative when you are operating from DARKNESS than you are when you are operating from light. With DARKNESS, you have the Magnetic quality of seeking everything that will continue to enhance you. Whereas with light, you have the electrical quality that will support you during light, but when there is no light, then there is no electricity. So you will be left stranded and empty. That’s the reason why people are aggressive because they are also empty.

Noumena Experience
A Noumena Experience is something that you think about and it actually appears without any struggle, which means that the transformation process between your Mind and your brain is working well. For example, you are thinking about something that you need more information about, and you decide to go to a blog page that has nothing to do with that topic, and exactly what you were thinking about appears on that page. This means that something beyond coincidence, which is philosophical, happens when your Mind is highly MA’AThematical. Your Mind is more superior than what philosophy claims about your brain. Your Mind has gone through the fRAktal Geometry of the Universe, and it gets the information to tell your brain to direct you to exactly where you’ll find the information. It’s, therefore, good to think rather than assume.

To learn to think, you have to go to the AfRAkan Culture of NUMBERS by starting with the Wonder Wheels Game and the Pure NUMBERS that allow you to transition from your brain to your Mind and from your Mind to your brain. Sign up for the BSI and DNI Tests.





Patience is a virtue of Melatonin. Many people are not patient because they are very emotional. Therefore, to be patient, one has to produce more Melatonin than serotonin. This makes the right brain less active and the left brain more active. Thus, you are able to produce more Melatonin that then makes you more patient.

Pineal Gland
The Pineal Gland is in the brain, and it feeds us with Melatonin. But, we must also remember that the amount of Melatonin we get depends on how much the Pineal Gland is associated with the DARKNESS from the Cosmogonic Universe (Spiritual Universe) that is exemplified by Pure Energy Waves and Numbers.

People who devote time to understand The Dohgon Numbers and Pure Energy, e.g., playing The Dohgon Wonder Wheels Games or Dialing their Minds with Numbers (performing The Dohgon Count) regularly, will be much more privileged to get their Pineal Glands working more than those who spend less or no time on these Spiritual communication exercises.

Procrastination is the lack of motivation within you. It makes you lazy and incapable of doing things that other people do easily.

Pure Energy Waves
Pure Energy Waves are Natural Waves that come to you without any effort. But, you must attract them with The Dohgon Numbers to become organized mentally to synchronize with the Waves. Most people are not organized mentally so they are anxious about things and their Minds are very corrupt. That’s the reason why we have a lot of evil in the world today compared to the good we had in KMT (Egypt) many thousands of years ago. People have to realize that they must take control over their lives to be able to do things for themselves, instead of things that are counter-productive. Pure Energy Waves are there to enhance you to have the confidence to do things that are regarded as undoable by other people. Because the Waves are Pure, that’s the reason why they look for people who attract them. NOTE: Pure Energy Waves are not the same as vibrational. Vibrational waves are physical and go to your brain and cells. But Pure Energy Waves are abstract and go directly to your Mind.


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that affects the right brain because the emotions that it engenders go to the right brain. Serotonin never goes to your left brain because your left brain only deals with Melatonin.

Soul is your physical body. This is how soul is exemplified:


Space can either be a Spiritual Space, which is all DARK or it can be a physical space that is both light and dark. When we talk about Spiritual Space we are talking about the DARK Universe that is all abstract. When we talk about physical space, we talk about things we can see, feel, hear, smell and taste. Our senses, therefore, work with the physical space, whereas we don’t have any senses in the Spiritual Space.

Spirit is that part of you that only communicates with your Mind. It is abstract, meaning you cannot see it, feel it, hear it, taste it or touch it. But it watches everything that you do. It is that part of you that allows you to be Pure. But, you still make a choice to be good or bad. When you are good, you are Pure. When you are bad, you are impure.

The Dohgon of Mali say that Time has 2 dimensions. One is physical time and the other is Spiritual Time. Physical time is much slower than Spiritual Time. Physical time is slower because all the forces–centripetal, centrifugal, gravity and levitation–affect physical time. These forces are not present in Spiritual Time. Spiritual Time, therefore, is much faster. In other words, if it takes you 5 hours to travel from Los Angeles to New York by air, it will take you less than 1 second to travel to New York from Los Angeles Spiritually. Time, therefore, is never entropic (random or disordered) because Time is run by NUMBERS….and the NUMBERS have a means to go from Pure Energy to applied forces. This means Time travels in the Spiritual Universe and transforms into the physical universe. Always check with The Dohgon University of Thought for anything you don’t understand.

Time Bubbles
Time Bubbles are aspects of Time in which Time is viewed both Spiritually as well as physically. This allows you to understand that you can do anything within that Time period to keep you alert to many things happening. It is a means by which you can have a great deal of consciousness with your senses working very hard so you can actually transfer that consciousness into Awareness (abstract). That’s the reason why Time Bubbles have the 2 aspects of physical time and Spiritual Time. The physical time is the consciousness you have that makes your senses work. Consciousness is turned into Awareness, which then makes your Mind look at things that are not currently happening. In other words, you have the same feeling of something that happened before or will happen in the future. That is Awareness.

Time Bubbles are what give you the Past, the Present and The Future. Time Bubbles are responsible for the balance you have in life.
TRUTH is something that has no manipulation or philosophy. It is all facts because it has the ability to balance with Nature. Therefore, anything that it TRUTH in one region, is TRUTH in another region. So why is christianity popular in europe and with the white man and why is islam popular in the arab world and the arabian. And why are these religions not popular all over the world except that they are forced on people? Now that you have TRUTH defined, now you have reason to understand whether being a christian or a muslim is how you have to define your life.

The Universe functions because of TRUTH. When lies dominate the Universe, things begin in fall apart. Rain forests begin to go, oceans begin to get poisoned; fishes, birds and other creatures die unnaturally. When things like this begin to happen, we know TRUTH is compromised and lies dominate the Universe. To get back to TRUTH, let lies go away from your life and prove that you have more confidence in you to show that you are both physically and Spiritually strong, whereas the lie makes you feel that you are physically strong, but Spiritually weak. You have to be Spiritually strong to have the confidence in you that makes you physically strong.
Zero is where all NUMBERS begin and where they end. 0 is Infinite, which means that NUMBERS will forever exist!

Zero, 0, stands for the beginning and closure of things. We must always respect 0 because it has the ability to teach us about how things appeared and how their beginnings are defined. Often, we look at things as if they have no beginnings and we can always alter them.

But everything that occurs has a beginning and has complexity. We, therefore, have to obey the things that we come across and thoroughly understand them—that there is always a beginning, which is the Spiritual aspect of anything, and an ending, which is the physical aspect of the same thing.
This is the task of 0 that tells us how things have MA’AThematics in their beginnings and how MA’AThematics occurs when they end.

You are always present because the NUMBERS that are composed of you always appear when there is a need to be fulfilled. For instance, the saying that a teacher always appears when a student is willing to learn is very true because the individual has the determination to do something that is meaningful. So the teacher only appears when that meaning becomes real to the individual. This is the reason why there is no end to things happening because there is always a meaning for one thing occurring over and over. –Professor MOmOh, 10-05-13

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