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AfRAkan Spiral Hair

AfRAkan Black Spiral-Spirit Hair
The AfRAkan Black Spiral-Spirit Hair is one in which everything is natural, with the purpose of attracting the cosmic forces from the Universe. It is very important that AfRAkan Women, and all AfRAkan People, continue to have AfRAkan Black Spiral-Spirit Hair, with the purpose of linking with Nature all the time. That’s the reason why AfRAkan People are very dedicated and very loyal to whatever they intend to do because the Melanin and Black Spiral-Spirit Hair they have attracts the cosmic forces from the Universe to what they do.

AfRAkan Black Spiral-Spirit Hair acts as both filters of cosmic radiation, as well as transmitters of Thought. The spiral design of the AfRAkan hair acts like a spring coil. For this coil to transmit your Thoughts to the Universe, it compresses abstractly every time you, as an AfRAkan, go into a deep Thought process. As soon as the Thought transmission has been completed, the hair relaxes by springing out. Thus, when other Thoughts and cosmic waves come from the Universe towards your head/hair, the relaxed hair can only receive the less intense waves from the Universe because you are not well versed to welcome those intense waves. People who are well in tune with these waves will continue to process them.  The waves that are good, but very intense for you, are deflected back into the Universe towards the Cosmogonic or DARK Spiritual Universe. The waves that are bad and very intense are deflected to evil doers. This explains why people who are uncomfortable with the AfRAkan Black Spiral-Spirit Hair will receive these bad, intense waves and they will be very afraid of the AfRAkan or Black person. We already know that whites have been very afraid of AfRAkan People, e.g., when they share elevators withAfRAkan or Black People, they get out immediately because they are afraid. Whites discriminate against AfRAkan Black Spiral Spirit Hair because they know if they are too close to the AfRAkan, the Spiritual connection will force them to become realistic about the Spiritual Nature of their own existence, and they are afraid of it because it’s BLACK.

People, like our ANKHcestor, The Great IMHOTEP, who were always in deep Thought, were constantly sending out Pure Energy Waves and receiving an abundance of highly intensified waves from the Cosmogonic Universe….and the result was his ingenuity. This is what made IMHOTEP the world’s greatest multi-genius. These highly intensified waves brought a great deal of WISDOM to him. Unfortunately, all these powers have been destroyed within the AfRAkandue to european hate, fear, discrimination and their lack of wisdom.

AfRAkans need to tell people who are not familiar with this WISDOM that with the coming of Aquarius, AfRAkan People are going to suddenly wake up and understand that their potential is Magnetic. Even the Sun will become more Magnetic than electrical.  The Magnetic Powers that AfRAkans have will begin to manifest so strongly that other people will be afraid to even come close to AfRAkan People. AfRAkan People are going to be very highly Creative, just as they were in creating MA’AThematics, building pyRAmids, TEKHenw (obelisks), etc.

AfRAkans have always been Intelligent, and they will be Intelligent forever. It’s in their DNA and all they have to do is understand themselves very well….and forget about the foolishness they are trained to adore.

The Black Spiral Hair indicates that every Black Woman has a method that is sought by others. But the Black Woman has developed a lot of insecurity
within herself. Be sure of yourself and do things with TRUTH. Stop copying other people or colors and know that you are more important than anyone.
That’s why the Science of AfRAkan Black Hair is so important. 

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