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The Great Thinker is
Dohgon High Priest-Professor MOmOh

You have always wondered why things happen. But, when the AfRAkan Civilization was controlled by AfRAkans in KMT (Egypt) thousands of years ago, everyone understood what was happening. This was because WISDOM was pertinent to everyone’s thinking.

When you have WISDOM, your mind is open and free to expand so that what once appeared to you as difficult now becomes easy to access. You are, thus, more certain about your good actions and what you can do to help others ascend to a higher quality of life. 

You, a wise person, have an advantage that connects you to your Spirit. So your actions are always stable and secure. You make choices that are correct… and you want to share those choices with others.

We are very pleased to be connected with you and work with you to expand all of our thinking. Ask the Great Thinker!… to expand your thinking as well.

Continue to come to the website to find out what others are asking. New posts will be added regularly.

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Q&A: The TRUTH of Time

IMHOTEP Readers, Whatever happened in the Past that was constructive had an impact on your mind, and something happening today that is constructive is also having an impact on your life. Let us know exactly what it is. DOHGON WISDOM Stay conscious of everything that is affecting you today because something else will happen tomorrow …

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Q&A: The Truth of Your Spirituality and DNA Structure

Ask The Great Thinker IMHOTEP Readers: There is always something that causes doubt on your mind. Don’t always rely on your brain because your brain only deals with physical things. What you want to become involved with is your mind. The more you understand your mind, the faster it becomes to resolve your problems. So …

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