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 “I must continually COUNT for My Learning and Unlearning. Your DOHGON WISDOM is penetrating.”


Why am I so confused?

Because you’ve never learned to THINK. You do not THINK by focus alone, but by CONCENTRATION!


Why is my personal life stagnant?

Because there is a better personal life waiting to embrace you. You have to be PATIENT! Don’t go running after it because you’ll never find it. You already know that in the disappointments in your short living life.


Why can’t I lose excess fat?

Because you are confused and out of control. Your CONCENTRATION is BAD and you don’t know how to THINK!


Your teachings remind me of many things.

Things like the positive and negative colors of electric cable in Jamaica the two wire black and red the red is positive and the black negative I can understand that the red can be destructive in some ways while the black is calm and silent is that showing magnetic and electric?

Yes, the colors are magnetic. ThANKHs for making the comparison with the electrical cables in Jamaica.


Ask Professor MOmOh 1 is as insightful as is Ask Professor MOmOh 0. It is so simple that We, AfRAkans, need to read it over, over and over to gain the Understanding of how simple it is.

All We need to do is keep COUNTing the Numbers. As you stated Sir, We, AfRAkans, must be Patient and remain Patient until our Outcome arrives. One’s Outcome will not come overnight because our Learning and UNlearning does not come overnight.

ThANKHs for the Wisdom, Sir.

ThANKHs for your input.
DOHGON WISDOM: Motivation comes from within. If you feel your Motivation is high, it’s coming from within you. Sometimes external forces stand in the way and internal forces are held back. Be careful how you make choices.


My written input is speaking directly to me. i.e, I must be Patient for my Outcome. I must continually COUNT for My Learning and Unlearning. Your DOHGON WISDOM is penetrating. Effort is external and/or physical… correct? Motivation is internal but I am not as clear as one needs to be as to how my external forces are standing in the way of my internal forces. I do so need to be careful of how I make choices. And i will be as careful as I know how to be. If you have any specific input for me, please share. I do COUNT as We students have been taught COUNT.

Effort comes from Motivation. Therefore Effort is also internal. This is why you have to be very careful in terms of making choices because, like you say, the Effort that you make choices with could be emotional and, therefore, external. But always know that Effort comes from Motivation, so everything must be internal. Always be calm and avoid emotions.


ThANKH you for sharing your wisdom. Now another question arises for me. ANKHser at your leisure:

What is wholeness in relation to two hands, two feet, two brain hemispheres, etc.,?
Ask yourself, CAN A BIRD FLY WITH ONE WING? Once you ANKHser that question, then you know the meaning of wholeness.


why did the 3 Priestesses have a better view of the SuperNOVA from KMT?

KMT has no trees except Date Palms. In Equatorial AfRAka, there are all the trees you can think of, in fact, in some places of the forest, you can walk for days without seeing The Sun. In those places, The Rain Fall is 8 feet a year. This why The 3 Priestesses came to the deserts of KMT.


When you talk about being prepared MAGNETICALLY, what would you say the benefits of being magnetic are? Am i right in thinking MAGNETISM is linked to what i mentioned in my earlier email. Attracting or repelling forces?

There are many things that will happen. Just THINK about Melatonin. Melatonin is something that is very hard to see, but we know it exists in The Pineal. When we become MAGNETIC, we produce a lot more Melatonin, and we are able to do things that other people will declare to be extraordinary. In effect, we will be doing things that others will say is impossible to do. For instance, there are people in AfRAka that levitate while others just vanish. These are extraordinary performances that some of us cannot do yet. This is why I want us to move to AfRAka to discover the formulas of these things.


What is the DUALITY part for ones neck?
Always remember that DUALITY only exists with wholeness. The neck is not a whole being, so it does not have DUALITY.

the number in the eye of heru why is it 2-1 up to 2-6


is it because of duality?

The Numbers from 1 to 6 are the sensory organs. The Number 3 is not a sensory organ that’s why it’s GREEN. It’s through which The MIND is accessed. And it’s through which the transformation from ABSTRACT to physical takes place and vice versa. You 2 keep asking questions because that’s the only way to have understanding.


Thannk you Professor Momoh. When one is learned of the truth, CONFIDENCE follows 🙂

I would be greatly honoured to help any brother and/or sister regarding teaching them the scientific ‘ESSENTIALS’.

Yes, see, once again, I’m a sponge and you’re my water, I need to know why they call The Sirius Stars The Dog Stars.

The Sirius Stars are called The Dog Stars because they watch The Sun. Dogs have keen ears, eyes, noses etc. These Stars are our Stars because they are bringing back The MAGNETIC Forces that only comes to humans through the Pineal Gland. And why are These Stars so determined to let The Sun send MAGNETIC WAVES to The Earth? Because the era of Aquarius is here now. Pisces has done its 2000 years, and that Star was for the white man.

Our own Star is coming, and for ever, we shall control The Planet, as we did for 900,000 years. This is why The Dohgon University of Thought will be so special because we will pull the Numbers from the abstract state, and make them do some wonders for humanity.

I am glad you are here because you will help in putting together curricula for all grades of learning.


Imhotep, Prof. I recently notice that my DNI number is the same as my

zip code, DNI # 087240 / my zip code is 48207, what if any is the

significance? Narmer



You are very keen on The Numbers. Yes, there is a great significance between your DNI Numbers and the zip code. If you were interested in politics, you will get the votes to get elected to any office. Since that is not the case, there is something coming your way that is quite significant, but it requires you to have a little motivation. I don’t know what it is but it is going to depend on your motivation.


I share this link as a question pertaining to Magnetism in its spiritual language; truth, trust and Love?  I am enjoying my classes and the culture of numbers, the questions I need to ask are embedded in the audio and or within the written material supplied on the internet.

Every human is Spiritually connected. That man with The MAGNETIC Power of Spiritualism, was able to travel to all the Elephants and tell them to go and honor his body.

You are definitely going to be with BRTHRS Myles and Anthony when we start to do intense research on MAGNETISM in AfRAka.


Hello,Professor Momoh
I’m so happy to know that, i am no longer alone with my way of thinking and now with your help I can achieve my true potential which is my purpose in this life.ive been searching for the truth for so long and couldn’t find anything which made any sence to me,Thank you.
Can I ask a question? If colours are the physical manifestion of both waves and numbers, is it colours that make forms?

That’s a very important question you asked, and I’m very pleased to ANKHser. Colors are a form of form that you asked about. But, you have a choice to make the colors continue to be representative of the NUMBERS or you can make them appear philosophical, in which case they can become evil. For instance, people like prostitutes wear nice colors, but these colors are shaped in such a way as to entice men to pursue the women. So, in this case, the colors are not representing NUMBERS, but they are representing the philosophy that the person promotes.

ThANKHs a lot. Please continue to get the TRUTH that is MA’AThematical in its pursuit.


Ben says, “I don’t consider myself blind. Ain’t nothin wrong with me”.  How do you explain Ben’s ability to see without eyes?

This is where fRAktal Geometry is really important because it’s able to bring the EYE OF HERU to interchange the sensory organs so that an organ of sight, which is dysfunctional, can be replaced by an organ of sound. All of that is done by the fRAktal Geometry of fRAktions being interchanged. If the fRAktions for the eye dealt with more vibrations than the fRAktions of the ear, then the fRAktions of the ear will now have more vibrations that will replace the eyes.  That’s the reason why Click lANKHuage is so vital because it causes a different rate of vibrations to occur, thereby changing senses as we know them to be.

CLICK Sonar Linguistics is the first lANKHuage (language) of humanity, which AfRAkans spoke, and still speak today in certain parts of Southern AfRAka, such as Namibia, South AfRAkan, the Kalahari Desert and rainforest areas. CLICK is a lANKHuage that originates from Pure Energy Waves and ends up as vibrations to manifest the lANKHuage nature of the Waves. This transformation creates the particle-Wave Communication that is spoken as lANKHuage. CLICK Communication starts in the Mind. This is where the Waves are. It is then presented as a consonant. This is where the particle emerges. Because consonants have reflective properties, they have the ability to affect the senses as well. This is the reason why Ben Underwood, who had no eyes to see, was able to hear sounds and create very accurate connections with them.

The transformation of one’s sensory organ to another, such as Ben was able to make the sound waves more active by transforming the visual waves to sound waves, made it possible for him to actually see without eyes.  This is a natural transformation, which occurs because the left brain is able to change sensory perceptions around when one is dysfunctional, like it happened with Ben when his 2 eyes were removed at 3 years old. His MTHR was very determined as an AfRAkan to hold onto the fact that her son was going to be very productive, not handicapped. Through CLICK vibrations, that left brain was able to transform visual sensations into sound sensations. Thereby, Ben was able to do things that any normal person would do. For instance, Ben was able to play video games without eyes. He was able to slam dunk a basketball and roller skate. All this was done without the usual 2 eyes. The transformation was possible in the left brain because Ben MTHR’s used the concept of The EYE OF HERU to make him see without eyes.


We, BLACK Women, must continue Learning and Unlearning. Our Black Spiral-Spirit Hair is something We in general do not know the significance about yet.

I…remember Angela Davis’ big beautiful Afro but I do not remember it being something I wanted. What a shame. What a shame. What a shame. Programmed I was. Programmed I am. However, My ANKHcestors Numbers are strengthening my Confidence to Unlearn the caucasian’s programming. ThANKHs to My ANKHcestors, I now look forward to the day my Afro becomes that beautiful.

Your AfRO will always be beautiful because you feel that ways. Beautiful is based on Confidence. Once you have the Confidence then you are beautiful. People who are beautiful but lack Confidence always trade themselves for something that is worthless, but once you have Confidence you will never do anything that lowers your level of Confidence.


I had a brother died 1999 he crash off motor bike a think he did involve in things which not good in the past before he die I usual dream seeing him. Do you think he maybe trapped in pain? I haven’t dream seeing him a long time now but maybe I will when I go Jamaica tell me what you think I could do if he is

If you dreamed of The BRTHR in pain, he must be in a great deal of pain. The best thing to do is to do The Numbers for him every night. You might dream of him again. But it takes a long time. It took 10 years for My FTHR to move out of pain. So be prepared to do The Numbers every night.


What do you mean in the following section?
Memory is physical and has to do with the cells, the brain and the soul (the physical part of you). The physical part of you is shown in the cosmologic universe (the physical universe) because you live there now.

How is the soul the physical part of you?

Great questions. The brain is physical because it’s in the skull of the head. The MIND, on the other hand, is ABSTRACT. You can’t see it.

Soul comes from Sun and Soil and that’s why people die and are buried in the soil. The soul, which contains the brain, is physical as well. The soul is different from The Spirit. The Spirit is like The MIND. They are ABSTRACT.


I was wondering how do you explain the brotha’s incredible memory? Does this ability have to do with the pineal gland? He wasn’t speaking until he was 5, then just began drawing.

We want you to know that everything that happens in Nature or with the human is a searching process, and searching is only done when the Mind is inquiring to know and understand something. That’s what Stephen has done. Go now and watch the video and see the wonderful this this young Black man is able to do.

The way Stephen was able to demonstrate his powers of his Mind is by attracting each segment of the city that he sees to a section of his sub-memory layers. The reason why sub-memories are very important is because they can link directly to the Mind. That’s why things that are stored in sub-memory layers are actually things that are also  stored for the Mind. The brain doesn’t have the ability to transform abstract things to physical things and vice versa. If such a task is forced on the brain, it will get confused and do nothing. That’s the reason why many people are confused because they depend on their brains rather than their Minds to do abstract things. The Mind is what does the transformation. The Mind converts what is abstract into physical, as well as what is physical to abstract.


By drawing the objects that are seen in his Mind, Stephen is actually creating formulas whose degree of complexity is based upon how Stephen presents the drawing. To read and understand more, get The Dohgon’s book pdf, The Power of the AfRAkan Mind.


We want to hear from you.


Professor Momoh, do you pilgrimage Merita every year?

I don’t understand what you mean, Queen. I don’t associate anything Spiritual with something physical. That’s the reason why we as AfRAkan People have had difficulties all along. We have been enslaved because what we knew to be Spiritual we gave up and adopted the physical rituals. The white people saw that was a weakness that we have and so they enslaved us and they are exploiting and manipulating us up to today. It’s hard to believe that AfRAka, being the richest continent, has the poorest people, the sickest and the most pathetic people that you can ever imagine. We have to overcome that craziness.


Greetings, can a person use the numbers to do evil?
I don’t do evil, why does anybody want to do evil?


Hello Dohgon Momoh, I would like to know what is ‘Probing’? Can you teach me it?
Probing means to get The DNA to search the meaning of something that affects you. Remember, you are not looking for the general meaning of anything, but something that affects you personally.


Get The DNI and BSI Tests and get initiated to The Dohgon.

Ask Professor MOmOh… to get back to the REAL TRUTH.
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Ask Professor MOmOh

Always ask questions for something you are either in doubt of or have very little understanding about. Questions always open the Mind and your concentration as well. –Professor MOmOh, 10-30-13

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