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 “Pure NUMBERS are needed to transform the thought process from an abstract state into a physical state, e.g., by lANKHuage or action…”


Blessings how are I wonder if I may ask you view on something. Is there a difference between looking after self and selfishness? I am wanting to understand this better as I see a few people who are as they say looking for self yet they do mainly for themselves and not much for others . This to me as lead to children not getting there true development as parents are too busy finding themselves. I have in my life sorry to sound sexist but observed that males often do not let anything stop them from what they are doing. As the woman is the main carer but now more women i Here say I must look after myself first. I have always felt that the more I worked with spirit the more I wNt to help other I understand self-presivation but being selfish seems wrong to me . Please help me to have better understating of this if I have made any sense lol many thanks

You are on the right path. You must care about your husband and children. That’s where the moral value starts. Don’t worry about what other people do. They are following the philosophies of the crooks and liars.
When you are not with the family, you put yourself first so you are not stepped on by others. But when you are with the family, you put them first so there is no chaos at home. You must show them you care for them so there is no chaos at home.


Why do you say your spirit is more important than your soul?

Your Spirit is more important than your soul because The Spirit lives forever, and the Soul, like Sun, Soil, Sole, dies.


On what number frequency can things be brought into reality?

The 3rd Frequency because it is what The EYE Of Heru connects with The 5 Senses.


Did we use to war before the arrival of the pale man?
No, there was no need for wars because we were and are still a MORAL People.


What are evil spirits, and can evil spirits be controlled by numbers?

There are no evil Spirits because Spirits are Pure ENERGY. They never die. There are evil ghosts who are waiting for judgment. These are the ones that are chaotic because that is the way they were when they were alive as souls.


Proffesor if there is also no evil spirit how is there evil on this plain of existence? where did evil first manifest?

Evil first manifested when the caucasian arrived because he appeared with hate and he still hates because he always wants to be in control. Even his religion,christianity, is full of hate. As long as there is hate, there is bound to be evil. There is no evil Spirit, there are only evil ghosts.


Professor to journey in the by using your mind to see/seek the truth is possible rite?, so how can we as people access that ability for truth. do we simply count, be patient and concentrate on what we want to know or is there a different method that must be used?

No, there is no different method. Religion is not a method for TRUTHFULNESS. Do The Numbers, be TRUTHFUL and be PATIENT.


How can numbers be used as a form of protection?

Numbers beginning with 0 are Pure. Numbers not beginning with 0 are not Pure. Pure Numbers will protect you but Numbers that are not Pure will not.
How can numbers be used to raise the vibration in the home?

Pure Numbers do not form vibrations because they link with Pure ENERGY and WAVES. Vibrations are not Pure, so they don’t form WAVES with Pure Numbers. Physical waves form vibrations because they are not Pure.


Are the Masais Dohgons?

The Masai are from Equatorial AfRAka, Kenya. This was around where MTHR and FTHR TANG appeared. This is where all human life began. The Dohgonmay have links to The Masai.


Professor are not all AfRaKans linked? what do you mean when you stated the Masai may be linked to the Dohgons?

Yes, all AfRAkans are linked, but their Cultures differ slightly. For instance, the AfRAkans of West AfRAka, use more left brain or MA’AThematical thinking, than those of Northern or Southern AfRAka. For instance, in West AfRAka, you have The Dohgon and The Vai. These are The People who invented Base 8 and Base 20 MA’AThematics. Then, you have The Ethiopians, who invented different kinds of religions, including christianity. The Masai may be linked to TheDohgon because they have some MA’AThematics in their thinking.


Can numbers be used in a form of divination?

Pure Numbers are already divine. You can become divine just by COUNTing Pure Numbers.


Can you explain to me how does sacred geometry works?

I call sacred geometry fRAktal Geometry. It is about the smallest part of anything. For instance, the smallest part of you is your cell, in which there is The DNA. By studying fRAktal Geometry, you learn about how your DNA communicates with your cell, and how your cell communicates with your MIND. In effect, what was hidden from you about yourself, is now what you thoroughly know. That’s why they call it sacred, but we call it fRAkal Geometry. It’s about knowing and communicating within yourself.


Can you explain the nature of a ghost, I am trying to educate myself on what it is, if it is not the soul, it is not Spirit, is it right to say that it is a vibration?

Ghost is a sophisticated form of vibrations. You can’t see it, but you can hear what it does. For instance, people who have bought homes that are invaded by ghosts hear their footsteps, but never see them. Ghosts want someone to free them from the turmoil they are encountering because of bad attitudes when they were alive. Ghosts are not Spirits.


Do plants communicate with each other, if so how?

Plants do communicate with each other through fRAktal Geometry. For communication to take place, the cells of one plant must align with the cells of the other plant. Once the alignment is complete, the communication will happen. Alignment happens when the frequencies of one plant matches those of the other plant.


I want to ask you about these numbers that keep seeing. they are 717, they keep repeating almost everyday. Can you please tell the significance these numbers? Thank you.

717 means the following:

7 = white = end or closure

1 = Red = initiation

7 = white = end or closure

This means that certain things will end in your life and you will INITIATE yourself to newer things. What those things are, I don’t know, but you know them.

Let me know more.


Thank you Brtha. I was also doing the count earlier and i got stuck on numbers 75 and 77 so I know the spirit is definitely telling me something.

Your Error Numbers were 75 and 77.


7 = white = end or closure

5 = emotions = sadness, misery, etc.
Be careful BRTHR.


How does Fraktal Geometry aid in Inventing and Creating?

FRAktal Geometry is the geometry of minuteness. Anything that you invent or create starts from minuteness. For instance, you want to start a business. You start from Step 0, then step 1 and so on.

Step 0 is the foundation. This is where the essence of the business is laid. The others are branches from Step 0. Step 0 is fRAktal Geometry because it is the essence or the formula from which everything else emerges. This how fRAktal Geometry helps because it goes to the minuteness of things.


What is the purpose of the Triangle/Trigonometry in Creating?

The purpose of the Triangle/Trigonometry in Creating is to give the abstract thought on your MIND a definition. That definition appears on your brain. Once you can define what to do, then you can do it. People can’t define what they can do, so their brains are empty and they get stuck.


What is Creative Thinking in Detail?

 Creative Thinking is a thought process that’s well defined and has the ability to TRANSITION back and forth to the brain and the MIND. The TRANSITION happens so The Creative Process can go back and forth to the MIND in order to correct itself and become more refined.


What does it mean to Think?

It means that your MIND is working. If you don’t THINK, your MIND is not working. Rather, the emotions of your right brain are providing what you believe is a thinking process.


What does it mean to think algorithimically?

Algorithm is a formula written in words, but it is more precise than philosophy because it is written very precisely. Therefore, to think algorithmically, means to think with precision or logic.

When you think this way, you have 3D THINKING. You can think about The Past, Present and the effects are bound to affect you in The Future. Algorithmic Thinking is another way of saying that you are thinking with logic.


How is the thinking of an inventor what is the process going on that results in that invention?

The thinking of an inventor is a very complex one because the algorithmic thinking that made the formula for inventing, never goes away. It stays with the inventor because it prepares him or her to invent again. Thus inventive thinking is a process. It goes about with layered thinking. After each layer is complete, another layer comes along and so on. An inventive thinker will invent a set of things that belong to a set of layers. Then, he or she will invent another set that belongs to another set of layers. An example of this is an Argentinian. He invented several things for auto mechanics, then he started inventing for doctors involved with child birth.
Are we the only physical or spiritual beings in the Dark Universe? How do we know this?
All creatures came from the DARK or Spiritual Universe. This means that we (all creatures) are the only physical beings in the Universe of the Sun that came from the DARK Universe. We know this because there’s a formula from which all creatures appeared, whether humans or animals. The exercise of that formula does not exist anywhere else but here on Earth. The reason why Earth is so important is because it is the 3rd Planet from the Sun, and 3 is half of 6. 6 is included in the formula for making all humans, creatures, plants and water appear. Also in the Sun there is CARBON. The Stars also have CARBON. It is used for producing light.

Now we can see that the full potential of CARBON is used to either make the DARK Universe exist or it’s also used to make light appear. That’s why we have the DARK Universe, which is the same color as CARBON. Similarly, we have within the Sun and the Stars an effective potential of CARBON that makes these bodies produce light. CARBON, therefore, has a property of colorization. It is BLACK, and out of this BLACK comes the colors of white, which can be separated into the colors of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, etc. This further tells us that CARBON performs a lot of tasks in the Universe. Therefore, if we thoroughly understand CARBON, we can do a whole lot of things that we are not doing today. We will not need pharmaceutical companies because CARBON is the cure all for all things. If it can produce DARKNESS and light, then it can cure as well.

6 is the atomic Number for CARBON, because it has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. This formula tells us that in any part of the DARK Universe in which there is a Sun and living things, those living things will always be found on the 3rd Planet from the Sun. The reason why it has to be the 3rd Planet is because that Planet has half the CARBON of what the entire 6-6-6 is supposed to present. Since 3 is half of 6, it therefore indicates that a Planet that is the 3rd from the Sun will also have half of the CARBON that holds the 6-6-6 atomic Number.

So, unless there is another Sun, and there’s another Planet that is 3rd from the Sun, there are no other humans or creatures anywhere else. Since we do not know that there is another Sun that has a 3rd Planet that is similar to the one we know, we therefore say that we are the only ones that exist in the Universe. If, at a later time, we are able to find out that there is another Sun and a Planet like Earth that exists, this Planet will also have life on it.


How did the Carbon Aquarian Race (AfRaKans) manifest on this planet? Were we created with the Earth’s clay?

No. We we’re created with CARBON based on The Dohgon Formula of Cosmogony.
Once our spirit departs from its earthly body and recombines back with the PURE ENERGY of the UNIVERSE, “What is the next mission for us?“

First, we have to know that we did good on Earth, and because we did good, we become Spirits. That means that we can return to Earth and influence our loved ones who are still alive. People who have been saved from serious accidents will say that they were saved because something miraculous happened to them. It’s because the good Spirit came to save them. When we are bad, we become ghosts and burn at the surface of the Sun. We have to feel the pain of the heat as we inflicted pain on others. So, we do come back again as ghosts, but we are of no use to anyone. Rather we inflict more pain on others. This increases our time in hell.
If we are good, we become Spirits and continue on to a good life, which means we do come on Earth and mix with loved ones. But they do not see us. The reason they do not see us is because we do not have a soul (physical body). The loved ones only see the people that have physical bodies, but not Spirits. Spirits do see and guide those that are doing good, and Spirits are willing to help them. For instance, many people do say they missed a terrible accident by seconds. Why do you think they missed it? Because an ANKHcestor was guiding them. Spirits live forever.

If we are bad, we turn to ghosts and afflict harm on to those who are bad, because those who are bad communicate with ghosts through their thoughts and actions. Whereas, those that are good will communicate with ghosts only when there was a relationship with  the person that is now a ghost now. This is when the person that is alive will dream of the person that is now a ghost and is suffering. Through this dream, the person alive will come up with a method to free the person who is the ghost from further suffering.


What determines if your earthly days were acCOUNTable or not? And how do you calculate how long someone’s spirit must be on the face of the SUN?

AcCOUNTability comes with CONCENTATION. If you have a good Concentration throughout your life, then you are acCOUNTable because you will never leave anything undone nor lie about what you have done if you have a good CONCENTRATION. These are the ways by which you know you areacCOUNTable.
The Spirit is never on the face of the Sun because it is Pure Energy. Only a ghost appears on the face of the Sun. The calculation of how long a ghost appears on the face of the Sun is based on the age of the person who becomes a ghost. Some people will burn for billions of years. Others will only burn for a few years. It all depends on how old they were and how much evil they have committed on Earth. So, if you were good, you don’t feel any pain at all. But, if you are bad, you do know that you are bad, and you have to pay the price for being bad.


Are the SOLar flares erupting from the SUN caused by unaCOUNTable spirits trying to escape its magnetic pull?

Again, there are no Spirits on the Sun. Only ghosts appear there. The ghosts experience the vehement rays of the Sun, and they tend to run away from the heat, but never escape. That’s where we get solar flares.


Is the inner Pineal Gland, Thalamus, and Hypothalamus the micro to the macro Universe’s Sirius Star System? And if so, how is ma’athematics used to access the pineal in order to navigate the Universe?

In order for the Pineal Gland to access the Universe, its function has to be abstract to transform into something physical that will then coordinate with the Stars. For example,

Transformation = physical output

abstract input

This means that a Star, for instance, that is going through a supernova or death process must have exhausted its CARBON component in the core of a Star that allowed it to give light. That light begins to dull from white light to where it now shows as red light. This means that the abstract nature of CARBON inside of the Star has decided to go back to the DARK Universe and leave the Star without any Pure Energy to drive it. That’s the reason why it’s important to know that each transformation is a MA’AThematical process that turns one thing from abstract to physical and physical to abstract. When a transformation process is going on, the MA’AThematical system that drives the process will happen for a long time before the process is accomplished.

The 3 AfRAkan Priestesses who studied the supernova about 8,000 years ago took many months to actually know that the Star was dying and that it had no more CARBON in its center. Therefore it was breaking apart, in which the matter that formed the Star was going to transform to Pure Energy Waves. Once the transformation takes place, then the Star will change from the matter state it was before to Pure Energy Waves that formed the matter. Thus, we can see the Dohgon Cosmogony going back in the reverse direction from matter to critical mass to mass to flux to waves. That’s why it takes a long time for transformation to take place, either from the physical state to the abstract state or from the abstract state to the physical state. We can see now that the transformation process is really arranging the denominator to the numerator or the numerator to the denominator. In other words, abstract becomes matter and matter becomes abstract. That is why the formula is necessary to understand what goes on during transformation.

The reason why the Pineal Gland has to coordinate with the Stars is because the Stars have CARBON in their cores, which is necessary for them to produce light. The CARBON in the Stars is the same as found in the Pineal Gland when it manufactures Melatonin. Fortunately, the Melatonin manufactured is liquid CARBON. That’s why Melatonin is called BLACK tonin. Mela is BLACK and so is CARBON.

The Stars, Sirius A and Sirius B, are not directly connected to the Pineal Gland. Rather, the Pineal Gland communicates with the universe as a whole, not with particular Stars.

We don’t navigate the Universe with our Pineal Glands or anything because there is no purpose in that adventure. However, what we do is to explore what happens in the Universe. That’s what the 3 AfRAkan Priestesses did about 8,000 years ago when a Star in the Universe exploded. They took that opportunity to find out what the supernova that occurred did. In that observation they invented Kalkulus, Trigonometry and Geometry. What they did was purposeful. That’s the same thing we ought to do. We have to have a purpose in our lives to do anything, not just wander purposelessly. Exploring the Universe is purposeless. That’s why we never invented telescopes. But we have been able to know exactly what happens in the Universe.

The MA’AThematics is always necessary in making anything that is abstract to become something that is worthy for further investigation. That’s the reason why our ANKHcestors have always spent a lot of time coming up with something that would benefit all of humanity. They invented many things, as we know with MA’AThematics, the pyRAmids, etc. They knew that MA’AThematics was going to be essential for humanity today. So they invented MA’AThematics so we can do everything that is based on TEKHnology. One of the 3 Priestesses’ name was Queen TEKHi. That’s how the word TEKHnology was derived.

To connect with the DARK Universe (the Spiritual Universe) requires a great deal of input regarding how you can observe anything and give it a MA’AThematical input. People who can concentrate with NUMBERSs will find it easier to communicate with the Universe. But people who are afraid of NUMBERS will  find it very intimidating to solve problems for themselves or for the Universe.

Pure NUMBERS are needed to transform the thought process from an abstract state into a physical state, e.g., by lANKHguage or action. This gives extra work to the Pineal Gland, but it’s worth it because the Pineal goes through a process of making things appear that usually are not visible. This process requires a person to have the Awareness of making real what was unknown to others. This Awareness makes people to have extra Intelligence that makes them special where everyone is regarded as similar.


Since our bodies are not only energetically bonded, but chemically bonded to the Great Mthr Earth, “Does this mean when we cleanse our bodies and minds of impurities, the Great Mthr will cleanse herself as well?”
MTHR Earth is constantly cleansing herself based on the 4 Seasons of the Earth. So, whether we cleanse ourselves or not, MTHR Earth is constantly cleansing herself. But, we ought to cleanse ourselves as often as possible. There are some of us who need to do it regularly. Some of us don’t need to do it that often.

Great MTHR Earth is very clean. This is why you have the 4 seasons and MTHR Earth is constantly cleaning herself.


Is there a way to communicate with animals and insects by using our minds?

We all concentrate, which is the easiest way to communicate with animals. Once you stop concentrating, you start to focus. Focus always leads you to selfish desires, one of which is the need for you to kill the animal so you can consume it or brag about your endeavors to be master over the animal.
Anyone who concentrates will never be individualistic, nor will he or she practice any greed.
What is gravity, and can it be NATURALLY turned on and off?
Gravity means that we are being forced lower and lower into where we don’t intend to be. So what do we do? The first thing to do is to know whether where we are is where we want to be. If we know that’s where we don’t want to be, then we levitate to be where we are truly supposed to be.
Levitation works against gravity. That’s the reason why it’s good to be constantly Aware that you are a Magnetic person. When gravity forces you down, then you apply the Magnetic powers to levitate so you can overcome the things that put you down.


I’m so happy to know that,i am no longer alone with my way of thinking and now with your help I can achieve my true potential which is my purpose in this life.ive been searching for the truth for so long and couldn’t find anything which made any sence to me, Thank you.

Can I ask a question? If colours are the physical manifestation of both waves and numbers, is it colours that make forms?
That’s a very important question you asked, and I’m very pleased to ANKHser. Colors are a form of form that you asked about. But, you have a choice to make the colors continue to be representative of the NUMBERS or you can make them appear philosophical, in which case they can become evil. For instance, people like prostitutes wear nice colors, but these colors are shaped in such a way as to entice men to pursue the women. So, in this case, the colors are not representing NUMBERS, but they are representing the philosophy that the person promotes.


ThANKHs a lot. Please continue to get the TRUTH that is MA’AThematical in its pursuit.

Does the eye of Heru teach us the connection between the physical and the mind?

The Eye of Heru teaches fRAktal Geometry, which makes you understand the smallest part of you which are the cells. You are able to pursue that understanding and learn more about your Spirit. Your Mind connects with your Spirit.


I have recently started wearing a copper bangle, I was told that it helps to ward off certain kinds of ailments that are physical; might this also be true of spiritual ailments too?

No, that’s not true. What you are wearing is a physical thing. Spirit is abstract. The question is, how is a physical thing going to fit into something abstract? It’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole. You can force the fitting all you want, but it will never fit. Use WAVES and Numbers. Those are the only factors that have both physical and abstract qualities.


What do you mean in the following section of Dialing Your Mind with Numbers?
Memory is physical and has to do with the cells, the brain and the soul (the physical part of you). The physical part of you is shown in the cosmologic universe (the physical universe) because you live there now.


How is the soul the physical part of you?

Great questions. The brain is physical because it’s in the skull of the head. The MIND, on the other hand, is ABSTRACT. You can’t see it.

Soul comes from Sun and Soil and that’s why people die and are buried in the soil. The soul, which contains the brain, is physical as well. The soul is different from The Spirit. The Spirit is like The MIND. They are ABSTRACT.


How can a person store information on the mind, and then transfer it to create a reality using the numbers?

There is what we call The TRANSFORMATION Process. This process has a dual performance. Every time you go from your brain to your MIND, your brain and your MIND go through The TRANSFORMATION Process. Your MIND encourages your brain to release the vibrations that make you hear or see. Similarly, if something is coming from your MIND to your brain, your MIND goes through the same process of attaching particles to WAVES so that yourbrain can understand the abstract nature of things. For anything to get stored on your MIND, the vibrations that are coming from your memory have to be ridded of their vibrations before they enter your MIND. Once they enter your MIND, you can remember them forever because they do not have the vibrations that will drop off when blood flow in your heart varies.


How can someone control the amount of melatonin being produced by the pineal gland?

To control Melatonin, calcify the Pineal Gland. But when you decide to increase Melatonin flow, then you have a serious problem to decalcify your Pineal Gland. Also, your CONCENTRATION must be very bad for your Pineal Gland to stop producing a lot of Melatonin. You can’t control a NATURAL Process.


What process does the pineal gland use to produce melatonin?

Since The Pineal Gland produces Melatonin at night, you must be very Spiritual to notice its production. Your CONCENTRATION must also be very good.


What role does the nervous system play in the use of melatonin?

The role the nervous system plays is the Communication aspect of Melatonin. In the nervous system, both Melatonin and serotonin are neurotransmitters. Both are great communicators. However, for most people, serotonin communication overrides Melatonin Communication because they are emotional and too right brained.


Are plants and animals able to tap into the mind, if so how?

Yes because they are very PATIENT. You can also tap into the mind of others if you are PATIENT.


Do animals have the same complex brain system as humans?

No, they do not because they do not make strategies as humans do. Remember that humans only started to make important strategies when they had a lot of competitions for food, land and others. Animals have plenty of grass or leaves to eat.


Can a person direct melatonin to any part of the body for healing purposes?

A person has to only produce a lot of Melatonin, and it directs itself to where it’s needed.


How was the ego created, and what is it’s purpose?

There are two types of egos. One is the ego directed by the right brain and the other is the ego directed by the left brain. The ego directed by the right brain occurs when the person is very emotional. The purpose of such an ego is to emotionally continue to aggrandize the person emotionally. When the ego is associated to the left brain, it only supports logic and it makes the person have a strong purpose in life based on logic.


Were mother and father tang created on a different dimension before being were placed on earth?

The appearance of MTHR and FTHR TANG was by the combination of atmospheric particles that turned Spirit to soul. There was a MA’AThematical Processinvolved, which we call Permutation Ratios. MTHR TANG had a ratio of 5:3 and FTHR TANG had a ratio of 4:3. MTHR TANG had a ratio of 5:3 because she had to have children with which she can become emotional. FTHR TANG had a ratio of 4:3 as a person that would be dedicated to tasks that had to be done.


What is CONCENTRATION and how can I learn it?
Go to the website and you will see the definition for CONCENTRATION, Then you can email me back and tell me how you want to learn about CONCENTRATION.


Hello Momoh, I have read the entire Dohgon Dictionary and now I overstand.
How can I learn more?

ThANKHs for reading the dictionary. To learn more, go to the website and become an INITIATE of The Dohgon by signing in to The DNI and BSI Tests. If you have any problems, please call me or email me.

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Your motivation depends on the questions you ask. Always make sure you question everything. That’s the measure of your motivation. –Professor MOmOh, 12-14-13

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