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Q&A: The TRUTH of Time

IMHOTEP Readers,

Whatever happened in the Past that was constructive had an impact on your mind, and something happening today that is constructive is also having an impact on your life. Let us know exactly what it is.

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Stay conscious of everything that is affecting
you today because something else will happen tomorrow that will affect you. Therefore, stay aware of what you think and what you do. 
–Professor MOmOh, 08-29-2018
Ask The Great Thinker
Q&A: The TRUTH of Time

Today, our readers are asking The Great Thinker, Professor MOmOh (PM), about The TRUTH of Time as it happened in the Past, how it is happening today in the Present, and how it will happen in the Future.

Q:  Professor MOmOh, Thank you for this powerful message in How do IMHOTEP and The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time affect you today? Here are some questions i want to ask.

1.  When did this separation from SPIRIT happen for humanity, is it something that happens all the time or is it because of Pisces this Era of light and electricity, because even in this Era there are people who represent Truth. So are we just subjects to the way the Universe works or are we as humans always able to represent Truth even when there is more of an electrical force coming from the universe instead of a magnetic force?

PM:  Indeed, we, as human beings, are going through a lot of impediments as our thinking becomes diverse, in which a lot of evil is manipulating the way we think. We are supposed to be dedicated to the TRUTH, which, at this moment, is not very relevant today to many people. However, you always need to search for TRUTH, and TRUTH will direct you in a manner in which goodness will come to you. 

TRUTH is restricted in many aspects of behavior, as well as in thinking. Many people accept this action of restricting TRUTH and, therefore, they choose not to think with TRUTH. And many more people are going in that direction. But since there are people who still know that TRUTH prevails, those who are convinced about TRUTH will stay committed and ensure that TRUTH eventually overcomes evil. All you have to do is stay committed to the TRUTH and don’t weaken yourself with the bad ideas of others.

1. 1.  Is there a Spiritual order for humans to live as a family meaning what is the role of the Man, Woman and Child, cause it seems that there are many things going wrong with the children today especially growing up in single parent homes?

PM:  Yes, there is a Spiritual order. It means staying with the TRUTH. When you have TRUTH in your own thinking, it means that your children will also grow in TRUTH

2.  In what Era did Imhotep live and what force dominated the universe in that Era (Magnetism or Electricity, or another force)?

PM:  The era in which IMHOTEP lived was powered by Magnetic Energy. Through this energy IMHOTEP was able to construct the 6-Step PyRAmid that is still standing today. We have to recognize that that Era can be repeated in our own thinking as well. As long as that Magnetic Energy is present in our thinking we can also be powerful in whatever we do.

When your mind is engaged with Magnetic Thinking, your ability to think becomes shared with the Universe. You no longer personalize on what you do that benefits you alone, but what benefits the whole Universe. We have to, then, know that our purpose in life is to express a thinking that benefits everyone that comes to be a part of what we do. Therefore, we have to be open with everything we become a part of so there is no selfishness in what we do, but always the ability to share what we have

3.  is it true that when we enter the Era of Aquarius that humanity will not be able to experience hate and anger, or is this still a choice we have to make as individuals?

PM:  Indeed, when we enter the Era of Aquarius, everyone’s thinking will become much more open. People will think about how the future will unravel to them, instead of how the present reacts to them. This means that the evil that people easily become a part of will not express itself as openly as it does now. People will be much more thoughtful and respectful, which does not happen now. It will be a condition of adjusting one’s thinking in order to become much more TRUTHFUL.

4.  It seems like more and more people are waking up to the truth nowadays, at the same time more and more people are getting emotionally out of control. can this be explained because of what we are going through in the universe meaning one Era is dying and another is coming into existence, because the people who are not waking up seem to get more wicked than before trying to hold on to their old evil ways.

PM:  Indeed, evil ways are growing because evil is easy to express itself. However, people who are expressing themselves with evil will become tired of that evil and they will return to TRUTH. Therefore, it is wise to not become a part of that evil force because evil doesn’t have a future. It’s only a stubborn person that will become committed to evil in order to gain short-term, selfish benefits from it.

We appreciate your questions.

Always persist on everything good and have the confidence to rely on the TRUTH. –Professor MOmOh, 08-21-2018

Q:  Thank you for the answers, it is good to know that the TRUTH is always with us as long as we are committed to it.

Q:  Greetings Prof, I enjoyed the article very much. (How do IMHOTEP and The Dohgon Trinity of the TRUTH of Time affect you today?)  It brought up some questions….somehow connected. What is the function of light in relation to time if any…

PM:  There’s no function of light to Spiritual Time. Spiritual Time has always existed and it will continue existing when light finally becomes DARKNESS again. Spiritual Time is Timeless.

Light and DARKNESS in the physical universe, however, will continue on as evidence that the universe is composed of two factors — one is DARKNESS and the other is light.

Light will always appear in the physical universe because of Sunlight. This is not because of Spiritual intervention. Rather, it is the way the universe operates. The way the universe operates is based upon how the Sun appears and disappears, in which case there is light and DARKNESS to express light as an occurrence of day and DARKNESS as the occurrence of night.

Since the Sun originally appeared from the Pure DARKNESS of the Spiritual or BLACK Universe, the occurrence of Pure DARKNESS will happen again in the future. When this happens, Pure DARKNESS will, again, appear. The Sun will then cease to appear, and there will be no light.

So don’t ever convince yourself that there is a function of light in relation to Spiritual Time, because light only appears when there is no Pure DARKNESS.

There is, however, a function of light in relation to physical time because light itself is a physical aspect of what we experience as daylight or sunlight. This function occurs when sunlight begins to shine in your part of the world and when, in fact, in other parts of the world there is DARKNESS.

The function of light in the physical universe is to see what you couldn’t see in DARKNESS. In other words, through light you overcome what was in DARKNESS with what has been revealed physically to you through light.

In the Spiritual Universe, however, your Spirit “sees” everything Spiritually without light. Spirit is, thus, Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Spirit is always timeless and all-powerful.

Q:  And is light related to the formation of mass? Thanks in advance for your wisdom.

PM:  No, mass can be determined in DARKNESS as well. When that occurs, then mass has no evidence of light. Mass, thus, has its own existence even without the presence of light.

There is, thus, always mass, even in DARKNESS. You cannot separate mass in terms of light and DARKNESS.

Mass can be measured in DARKNESS by knowing the essence of the flux that is emitted from any existence that presents itself in DARKNESS. So the ability to determine the variations of fluxes indicate that whatever has a specific volume can be identified without light. But how are you going to measure mass without light?

ThANKHs a lot for the questions. They are very interesting. Your intelligence is growing. We do advise you to send as many questions as you can. We are prepared to look at those questions and expand on them so others can benefit from them as well.

There is always intelligence in you. The only thing to convince you about your intelligence is your persistence in concentrating on things.-Professor MOmOh, 08-22-2018

Q:  Prof Momoh, I can see from your answer that the circular nature of the earth and it’s relationship with the sun is analogous to day/night and the appearing and disappearing of the sun/light in the cosmological universe of cycles. I hope this is said with appropriate clarity.

PM:  Yes, what you have just said has enough clarity according to your understanding of what we discussed. If you have any more questions, please send them to us.

Everything can be done with clarity according to the level of understanding that exists. –Professor MOmOh, 08-24-2018

Q:  Greetings Prof How does mass exist in the dark universe?

PM:  Mass always exists anywhere. It’s how you define it that matters. The problem of defining mass in the DARK Universe is that you can never define it because it’s not presenting itself in a definitive manner. Therefore, the problem arises because you cannot define it specifically as to what it is or what it is not. This is the problem. You cannot define mass in DARKNESS. Therefore, you cannot definitely say what it is or what it is not.

In terms of fluxes in DARKNESS, you cannot measure the fluxes because you cannot see them, and, therefore, you cannot measure them. Thus, since you can’t define mass in DARKNESS, you cannot clearly say what it is or what it is not. It’s like wind has a certain amount of mass because it blows against you and you can feel it. However, can you measure how much of that wind is blowing against you?

You cannot measure it because you cannot see how the wind velocity is coming against you. You can only measure that velocity if you have light. Then you have defeated your own purpose of knowing what amount of impact is occurring against you based upon the process of light. This is a concept that has to combine with light. When that concept is combined with light and successfully displayed, then you now have evidence of mass occurring.

Always pursue what is doubtful because your intelligence grows according to how your understanding rises. –Professor MOmOh, 08-30-2018

Q:  Since we live in an intelligent universe are there questions that we humans cannot answer?

PM:  We live in an intelligent universe because we have made the universe intelligent. What we are doing today is not what our ANKHcestors did many millennia ago. Therefore, we have to know exactly what is happening now because it is part of our creation.

A few people are not very influenced with what is happening today, and others consider them  “uncivilized.” Look at the people in the jungles of the world. They are not aware of computers or anything that we use. However, they are familiar with the universe as a whole.

Therefore, we cannot disCOUNT these people  as uncivilized because they know what the universe entails and how it acquires the WISDOM it does. They know all about Nature, which most of us do not know anything about.

Therefore, we have to pay attention to what they declare and how we can adjust to their declaration. If only we listen to them, there are many solutions we shall have. But if we don’t listen to them, then we are preparing to descend to our own unforeseen circumstances.

Depend on the Past, Present and Future. You will always know the TRUTH prevails in everything that Spiritual Time offers.-Professor MOmOh, 08-29-2018

Q:  Another question please… Can you explain infinite time …

What it really is and how it affects finite time?

PM:  Infinite Time is time that has already been there and will continue to be there forever. Time affects us in many ways. One of the ways is what we do physically and the other way is what we think about Spiritually. Some of us are very fortunate to see Spiritual Time express itself, and some of us are not that fortunate to exist in Spiritual Time. However, we know that there is always Spiritual Time that allows what happens in the future to manifest itself when that future time arrives. Some of us are very fortunate to know about what happens Spiritually and, therefore, we can express Spiritual actions in our thinking, which is to be honest, TRUTHFUL and sincere with whatever we do. If you maintain those three qualities, honesty, TRUTHFULNESS and sincerity, you will experience the longevity that our ANKHcestors experienced.

So let’s maintain TRUTH in whatever we do, and we shall benefit from longevity as our AfRAkan ANKHcestors did many millennia ago.

Know that TRUTH abides in you. All you have to do is express TRUTH in everything you do. –Professor MOmOh, 08-29-2018

Q:  Wow Prof. This is opening up realms of questioning… We are told  in contemporary western science that ‘perception’ plays a determining role in wave/particle manifestation as seen or supposed in the double slit experiment and I would suppose in other scientific experiments …is thus perception phenomenon a reality or simply speculative? Are we being misled by  these concepts?

PM:  Perception is what you convince your brain to believe is true according to what you smell, see, hear, taste and touch. This, however, does not mean that what you have convinced yourself to be true is true. If, for instance, the emotions of your right brain overpower the logic of your left brain, then what you perceive to be true might not be true because your logic is very low in what you perceive.

That’s why it’s always good to maintain a balanced brain so that you can always balance the logic of your left brain with the emotions of your right brain in everything you do. When you maintain this left and right brain synchronicity, The Dohgon Power of 8: 3-Way Cyclic Mind Communication is readily available to you, in which honesty, TRUTH, WISDOM, sincerity and peace prevail in your life.

Stay firm with your TRUTH and ensure that your TRUTH always prevails with the best evidence and facts you can present. –Professor MOmOh, 08-30-2018

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