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Q&A: The Truth of Your Spirituality and DNA Structure

Ask The Great Thinker

IMHOTEP Readers:

There is always something that causes doubt on your mind. Don’t always rely on your brain because your brain only deals with physical things. What you want to become involved with is your mind. The more you understand your mind, the faster it becomes to resolve your problems. So rely on your mind and overcome your difficulties very quickly.

There is a solution to every problem if you expand your thinking. –Professor MOmOh, 09-27-2018


The Truth of Your Spirituality and DNA Structure

Today’s topic is about how you can understand The TRUTH of Your Spirituality to lead a secure and peaceful ascendance of justice and reality in your life. Once you gain peace in your life, you’ll always be free of chaos.

Over the past few months a reader from the Caribbeans has posed questions to The Great Thinker, Professor MOmOh (PM), about Spirituality and DNA structure. The reader’s name and friend’s name have been changed for privacy considerations.

Q:  Greetings professor Momoh, My name is Ankhette. My friend Khmet, recently sent you correspondence pertaining to my seeing images and creatures. Thank you for your response. I have been experiencing this since childhood, it began to my knowledge around the age of 6. I always seem to experience it before a tragedy occurs.

In addition, I will have very vivid dreams showing me what will happen. It stops for awhile, then starts again. Sometimes i’ll get very bad headaches at the point of it happening or after. Sometimes not at all, but almost always what I see comes to pass and it leaves me depressed or in mourning.

In terms of images, they can be in human or animal form, sometimes faces are visible, other times hooded, maybe  dark or light, animals can change form and shape.

My daughter has also seen occurrences on more than one occasion at the same time that I have. Also experienced inanimate objects, moved or knocked over, we all heard and saw at the same time.

Can you please give some explanation for these things occurring?

Would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards

PM:  IMHOTEP (Wisdom & Peace to You!) QUEEN,

That’s a strange occurrence that you continue to experience. It could mean that the house you sleep in now has been occupied by somebody who has become a ghost and wants to scare you from dwelling in that particular house. There is one thing you can do–that is to have you and your family move out of the house. Or you can stay there and do not let those experiences bother you or your children. One thing you can do is not to think about the experiences. So if you don’t think about them, the ghost will realize that you have developed strength and WISDOM to overcome the experiences. I would suggest that you stay in that same house, but become stronger and don’t be bothered by the dreams and experiences that appear to you. Eventually, it will go away and you will become stronger. Don’t let the experiences bother you.

Stay strong because if you stay strong your Spirit will know that you have developed a stronger personality to overcome the weird experiences that are affecting you.

We’re attached a complimentary book pdf called The Two Sides of You… and the One Face of The Great Thinker. It’s an easy-to-read book to understand more about how to synchronize your two brain hemispheres so the emotions of your right brain do not overwhelm the logic of your left brain. When your two brain hemispheres are working in harmony with each other, the experiences you are going through will cease to happen. Also share the book with your daughter.

Let us know what follows after you and your daughter start to enhance the unity of your two brain hemispheres. This is an interesting experience. We’ll anonymously post this expression on our website for others who have similar experiences so they will know how to contact us.

Stay strong and know that your Spirit is stronger than you are and also stronger than any ghost that tries to come your way. –Professor MOmOh, 07-04-2018

Q:  Good evening professor Momoh,  Thank you for your response, will read the literature and let you know the results.

If I may ask,  can you please define for me, the inner spirit as energy matter and it’s relation to quantum energy?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards


Inner energy is not related to anything physical. Inner energy is a natural active function of yourself. It originates from your mind and develops maturity as your body does. If you fail to mature physically, your mind will also fail to deliver anything substantive to you. Therefore, the best thing to always do is do make sure you are physically matured and your good actions continue to develop.

Maturity always depends on your mind. If your mind continues to grow appropriately with how you grow physically, your ability to think quicker and faster will occur. –Professor MOmOh, 07-06-2018

Q:  Good evening professor,  As always, thank you for your response.

Thank you for the book, you have provided several avenues for consideration in respect to elevation of the mind as an individual unit as well as a collaborative network. I’m sure as my daughter and I continue to read and put your suggestions into practice, we will overcome this issue.

Thank you, from our hearts to you.

Best Regards


ThANKHS for all your comments from my correspondence with you and your daughter.

There is always WISDOM in everything that happens in the Universe. Open yourself to what is going on and share with others as well. –Professor MOmOh, 07-06-2018

Q:  Good afternoon Professor Momoh, Thank you so very much for your response and reassuring words, you have helped to settle my mind and spirit.

Last night I felt torn apart and fragmented from within, and couldn’t understand why, my partner was extremely inspired and supportive, now you have helped in that rebuilding process. Dua, dua, dua.

I feel much stronger for it, lots of love and respect from this side of the world, looking forward to your continued advice and guidance.


Q:  Good afternoon professor Momoh, hope this finds you and the Queen in good health and spirits. My question relates to spirituality And DNA structure, is it possible for a person to be spiritually hindered from achieving their full potential as a spiritual leader by their DNA structure? For eg, me being a product of a mixed marriage, is there any relevance to the different cultures or bloodline clashing, thereby preventing mental and conscious evolution of the spirit?

Would appreciate your thoughts and guidance on this.

I also wish to thank you, for your suggestions and advice on synchronizing the brain hemispheres, neither my daughter or myself have seen any images of late and have been resting well, your story book also helped.

Thank you very much.

Warm regards


We’re pleased that you are not experiencing those incidences that you mentioned before. You are getting stronger, and we know you will continue to get stronger mentally as your experiences advance. When the strength of your mind is very sincere and settled, you will overcome the experiences you have had before. So continue to strengthen your mind, as we have stated in the book we sent you, and your good thoughts will enhance your mind so that your DNA will not be affected by the evil that surrounds you. We are pleased the experiences have subsided within you and your daughter. Stay sincere and dedicated to doing good things and you will settle down peacefully. Don’t let your memory wander around looking for evil things. Those evil things are the ones that distract you and create problems for you.

Please let us know your progress. We know if you stay confirmed and very strong in your thinking, the experiences will never come to you and your daughter again. It doesn’t matter whether you or your daughter come from a mixed race. What matters is the firmness of your mind and what you want to accomplish in life.

We’ll post this experience on our website anonymously so others who are going through the same experience will know that there is a solution.

Your accomplishments will always occur if you continue to think strongly about who you are, what you are doing and how you will manage yourself to sincerely progress in life. –Professor MOmOh, 09-20-2018

Q:  Good afternoon Professor Momoh, Thank you so very much for your response and reassuring words, you have helped to settle my mind and spirit.

Last night I felt torn apart and fragmented from within, and couldn’t understand why, my partner was extremely inspired and supportive, now you have helped in that rebuilding process. Dua, dua, dua.

I feel much stronger for it, lots of love and respect from this side of the world, looking forward to your continued advice and guidance.



We are always prepared to assist you in anything that is difficult to resolve within your mind. You are doing the right thing by contacting us with things that you consider beyond your thinking. Don’t hesitate to send us information about yourself or anyone close to you.

You will eventually overcome difficulties in life if you continue to strengthen your mind. –Professor MOmOh, 09-26-2018

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