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This is the greatest opportunity for the world to return to its Original Formula. This is the challenge we all face. No prophet has ever appeared looking at the world from the way we have been blessed to see it. This tells you that there is not going to be another prophet to initiate Human THINKING because that prophet will be wrong as previous prophets have been wrong.

All of Humanity must become The Prophet through their Own Thinking–and this is where you begin. We encourage you to persist as you discover more about our sciences. Have a journal so that you can compile every single question that you have as you go through our web pages.

Please communicate your questions to us.

NARMER (Think with a Unified Brain and Mind!),
Dohgon High Priest – Professor MOmOh
The Dohgon University of Thought


The whole world must seek Professor MOmOh and his WISDOM

Professor MOmOh is the founder of The Dohgon University of Thought, along with co-founder Mighty Queen 06390. Thinking Management and Dohgon Science, specificallyCosmogony, have been their areas of expertise for 34 years.

Professor MOmOh is the world’s #1 expert in the field of Focus (a function of the brain) and Concentration (a function of the Mind). He is also the world’s #1 scientist in the field of Cosmogony (the Science before the physical universe), from which Cosmology and Astrophysics emerged. Professor MOmOh has all the answers to every question pertaining to the  Brain, Memory, Mind and The Universe.

Professor MOmOh first began his research during the 1984 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, California. As he observed athletes “flash out” and “choke” during their performances, he began to collect data to determine how thinking impacted performance. During this time, Professor MOmOh developed the Formula for Mental Concentration. It’s called The 5 Zones of Mental Concentration. He is now the world’s foremost expert in the field of Memory and Mental Concentration, as well as the top investigator of the force fields of the Mind and how they impact memory.

His investigations have led to many possibilities in self-healing. Using the force fields methodology, Professor MOmOh cured himself of a paralyzing stroke within four days when hospitalized under the care of specialized neurologists, who insisted that he take medication. But, being an expert in this field, he refused treatment and was completely healed. Professor MOmOh also had an opportunity to work with the force fields science to completely heal a grandmother suffering from depression for 25 years within a period of two years. His most recent research was with an Alzheimer’s patient, who, having been diagnosed with the middle stages of the disease, was under Professor MOmOh’s research for four years. With no medication, Professor MOmOh’s force fields method kept the disease from advancing and provided the individual with a much better quality of life. Healing, therefore, is not sorcery or drug-influenced, but one that can be greatly impacted by the Mind.

The science that has been illusive to the world’s scientists
Professor MOmOh has authored numerous books and articles on the subjects of Focus and Concentration, Memory and Mind, ThinkingThe 3 Types of Intelligences, Idea Creation,
Creativity, Internal Superiority and Academic
Performance… not to mention the volumes of books on Dohgon Science, specifically The Science of Cosmogony,
the science before all things Cosmologic! These books are self-published for  Dohgon Teachings.

Dohgon AfRAkan Spirituality is the science that has been illusive to the world’s scientists. This is the science before particles and quantum physics. Cosmogony is the science that preceded the “creation” of the Universe.

Professor MOmOh’s unique approach includes a system that he has developed through years of research and personal experience. He has the most amazing gift for connecting The Universes, The Cosmogonic and the Cosmologic Universes, with our Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Intellectual realms of being.Professor MOmOh will teach you the transformational process of WAVES to flux to mass to critical mass to matter, thereby nullifying the “big bang” theory. Through the Science of Cosmogony, you’ll begin to understand The Spiritual or DARK Universe that was, is and always will be, and from which “God” or All Goodness, declared, “Let there be light, and there was light.”

The whole world must seek Professor MOmOh and his WISDOM
The healing examples above are all applications of the Cosmogonic Science that Professor MOmOh teaches. This is now the time that the whole world must seek Professor MOmOh and his WISDOM in order to begin new directions in THINKING.

Redesigning humanity’s path
The failures of the world’s economic and educational systems prove that humanity is no longer thinking. Through the efforts of Einstein, Darwin, Freud and Edison, humanity has completely lost all its CREATIVE potentials. Isn’t it, therefore, time to seek the WISDOM of Professor MOmOh, who thinks with both Cosmogonic and Cosmologic logic, to redesign humanity’s path of a sensible existence?

We are the Dohgon Ambassadors to educating the world.
Contact The Dohgon for your all the answers to all your questions.

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Professor MOmOh bio

Professor MOmOh started his long journey towards understanding the Universe in Sierra Leone, West AfRAka, where he was born. This journey started after he returned from South Wales, U.K., where Professor MOmOh, then John Suaray, studied mining engineering. As a diamond mining engineer, working the evening and night shifts in Yengema, the Kono District of …

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Man, Snake and Egg

MAN, SNAKE AND EGG I, Professor MOmOh, was born in Sierra Leone, West AfRAka, a country that has many common traditions with the VAI of Liberia, our next door neighbor. The Man, The Snake and the Egg story I’m about to narrate bears a great semblance on how AfRAkan peoples have been educated in every country …

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