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Man, Snake and Egg

I, Professor MOmOh, was born in Sierra Leone, West AfRAka, a country that has many common traditions with the VAI of Liberia, our next door neighbor.
The Man, The Snake and the Egg story I’m about to narrate bears a great semblance on how AfRAkan peoples have been educated in every country everywhere in the world. Go to AfRAka, and you’ll see whether there are any educated AfRAkans around. Then, go to South America, North America, Europe… The AfRAkan mind-set is the same. It is: Go get the Ph.D. but hate yourself and your community, your race and your continent. So, what’s going on?
I was born in a mining town called Yengema, in the Diamond Mining Kono District. I grew up there and went to a Roman Catholic school.

I remember, my MTHR used to raise chicken and kept their coops in a communal open kitchen. Every night, the snakes would come into the kitchen looking for chicken eggs. Of course, the chickens would raise alarms but no one would hear them. They’d fly to safety and let the snakes help themselves with the eggs. It came to a time when my MTHR and all the other women realized that the chickens were not laying any eggs, so there were no chicks to populate the chicken family.One day, my MTHR decided to attach a rope on the coop and hang it on a ceiling support. The only problem was, she had to wait for her chickens to come into the coop, lock them up and pull the rope up so the chickens could hang about 4 feet above the floor. Brilliant idea! Extremely brilliant! A few weeks later, her chickens were laying eggs, and chicks were multiplying. Suddenly, we were all having enough boiled eggs as special treats. The neighbors saw the brilliance of My MTHR’S MIND, and everyone did the same. The snakes stopped visiting the kitchen, the chickens had a good night’s sleep, and we were well fed with enough protein.

Western Education and BLACK Trauma
What’s the relationship between The Man, the Snake and the Egg, and Western Education and BLACK Trauma?
First, I thANKH my beautiful MTHR for her extremely brilliant MIND. I got my ingenuity from her. My MTHR saw a nagging problem that all the women in the community saw and were tormented by its persistence, yet no one thought of how simple it was to solve.
Take a look at the statistics below. Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, General Colin Powell, Mr. Robert Johnson, successful entertainers, AfRAkan billionaires and a slew of other BLACK people are seeing their own BLACK people suffering from an educational system that should have benefited them as much as it has for them, but they haven’t turned around to render any hands at all. Why is that? I will discuss this in the great lessons I learned from my MTHR below.
Take a look at the statistics below. Then we’ll walk the so-called “successful Blacks” step-by-step towards solving this very simple problem.
If you believe the statistics above is just limited to 2008, go to and watch the video. It’s about a UCLA graduate (Linguistics,1971). This 61-year-old BRTHR can’t perform a simple division problem. In fact, 80% of the Black adults in the class also couldn’t solve the problem.The prison population below must wake up all BLACK people to the fact that the statistics in the United States is comparable to that in South AfRAka, Brazil and everywhere there’s a substantial BLACK population in a racially mixed country. How shall we all solve this problem? Let’s step down below the chart.
Here are the steps that I learned from My Gracious MTHR:
  • Step 0. Identify any problem affecting you and your SSTR as your problem. (My MTHR had two of us.)
  • Step 1. Do not allow anyone to identify your problem for you because if they created the problem, you know they will divert you from its solutions.
  • Step 2. Remember that every problem is a challenge, and challenges are not easy.
  • Step 3. Learn to motivate yourself, and if you believe you’ve lost your motivation, always THINK of me, the way I’m raising you. You don’t see me quitting, so you will not quit.
  • Step 4. Always remember that the person who creates a problem for you is constantly watching you. If he sees you succeeding, he will come and interrupt your progress.
  • Step 5. Again, THINK of me and your dad. Many times you see him screaming at me. But I never scream back at him. Then he’ll come back and tell me he loves me.
  • Step 6. Don’t get angry at your enemy, but don’t love him either. Only acknowledge him. For if you love him, how are you going to free yourself from his grips on your freedom? I love your FTHR because he always comes back to love me even more.
  • Step 7. Remember to share your solutions with your SSTR and the other children who will come to you to seek help. Didn’t you see me teaching the other women how to raise their own chicken coops above the floor.
  • Step 9. Be respectful to everyone, but anyone who disrespects you, never respect him because if you do, he is going to continue to disrespect and even abuse you. You have to make sure that you are as good as anyone, and that means sharing the same values. When your values are diminished, then you are less worthy. If ever you came to me and told me that you quit when someone devalued you, I will teach you a lesson you will never forget.
  • Step 8. Son, I’ve taught you the greatest lesson in life. You know my name is ADAMA. My Great Grand Parents came from the village of DAMA in Mali. When they settled in this country (Sierra Leone), they called the town DAMA. We are Dohgon. We are the most Intelligent people on this Planet. Let no one tell you anything different. You teach this to your own children and to all  AfRAkan Peoples where ever you may go. I Bless you my son.
My MTHR told me this when I was about 9 years old in 1956. I still remember, and I still love her even though she’s been gone about 10 years. My MTHR is still my POWER and my strength. I love her and I talk to her everyday. Her photo is right in front of me as I type. She is constantly talking to me, and no matter how deeply focused I am on the computer, the moment she calls on me, I stop and look at her and talk to her. I am 62 years old and I’m still her 0, 3-, 9-, 39-, 47- and 62-year-old little boy.
A New Education For BLACKS

$30 million is what The Dohgon demands to establish this powerful Dohgon University of Thought. Western education is the snake for BLACK people. It will keep on coming to eat every egg (the egg of WISDOM) that’s required to make BLACK people love themselves and do for themselves.Western education will keep expanding BLACK Trauma, with the purpose to keep building more and more prisons to house BLACK men and BLACK women.

BLACK Trauma HEALING Research
Provide the $30 million, and you will see the faculties for BLACK Trauma HEALING Research established through Dohgon AfRAkan Science. We will bring Dohgon HEALERS from Mali to work as professors.

  • The Faculty for Natural NUMBER FRAktionation will be established to teach a whole new form of MA’AThematics that will completely restore AfRAkan Spirituality back into the THINKING of AfRAkan Peoples.
  • The Faculty of IMHOTEPian TRANSformational Logic will emerge to teach BLACKS about WAVE-to-Number-to-Color Science.
  • The Faculty of NARMERology will teach what Einstein could not prove, The Unified Forms Theory. This faculty will start from what the secrets are in getting the two brain hemispheres to unify so that analysis and synthesis become a whole and, from that, unravel The Science of Time by studying the forces that propogate Time in different Universes and how space emerges from Time.
  • The Faculty of INTERCESSORY HEALING will bring Dohgon HEALERS from Mali, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Ghana and Zimbabwe to do extensive research using the power of centrifugal and centripetal forces to initiate healing from a distance.

We want all interested people to understand that The Dohgon University will rely very little on Western technology. The structures that will be built to house the university will have flat roofs and open court yards, where research will be conducted with limited use of computers and other so-called gadgets. The flat roofs will be utilized by professor at night, where they will observe the Universe with their bare eyes. No telescopes will be encouraged.We thANKH you very much for your support. We look forward to your partnership in this project.

We are ready. Are you?

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