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Professor MOmOh started his long journey towards understanding the Universe in Sierra Leone, West AfRAka, where he was born.

This journey started after he returned from South Wales, U.K., where Professor MOmOh, then John Suaray, studied mining engineering. As a diamond mining engineer, working the evening and night shifts in Yengema, the Kono District of Sierra Leone, he would stand observing the Stars for hours, tracking their movements. This is just as his Great, Great, Great… Grandfather, who was a High Priest and Professor teaching the sciences of the Universe at The Universities of Timbuktu, in Mali, in the late 1600s, did.

Later, in California, although Professor MOmOh’s intention was to gain a Ph.D. in electronics engineering, he lost motivation, dropped out of his second year of graduate school and immediately embarked on private research.

The 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles were a great opportunity for such a powerful research because there were multitudes of athletes performing different tasks and expressing their potentials according to their cultures and education. This is where Professor MOmOh intensively gathered video as well as newspaper data and, at the end of the Olympics, spent months decoding the performances of the hundreds of athletes.As Professor MOmOh brought his research to completion, through organizing the data in complex mathematical order, there it unravelled. It was a formula that no scientist had ever known. It was the formula for The 5 ZONES of Mental Concentration. Every athlete talks about being “in the zone”. Now we can help them define the ZONE!The formula’s revelation was like Albert Einstein coming up with E = MC2. Only this time it was (Concentration) C = [(cycle-of-focus) x (cosine-of-angle-of-deviation-from-normal) x (distance-line)] ÷ Time. This formula is in its simplest form. Integral and differential calculus are incorporated into its development. From this formula, Professor MOmOh developed the greatest understanding of the Force Fields of the Mind. To prove the efficacy of his great work, Professor MOmOh developed two models that anyone can use to verify the powers of the formula. One model that is currently used by all Dohgon students is The Wonder Wheels.  Another model is The Dohgon Palm Tennis. These models have been utilized by children as young as 3 years old to great grandparents as old as 87 years.For 28 years, Professor MOmOh has pioneered enormous research in the force fields of The Mind. He has the expertise to illustrate how the Mind impacts memory and how memory impacts behavior.

As the world’s foremost expert in the field of Focus and Concentration Management, Professor MOmOh is the founder of The Dohgon University of Thought, a research and consulting enterprise specializing in the science of Effective Mental Concentration Management, which is also the development of Internal Superiority. (Please see our Books page for more information.)

Please learn all about who influenced Professor MOmOh’s ingenuity from Man, Snake and Egg.

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