What Makes a Champion?
You are an athlete, or a friend or someone you know is an athlete. We want you to know that winning a championship can only happen when there are strategies. These strategies only manifest when someone is not distracted and is highly motivated.

AfRAkan Top Dancers
See the MA’AThematics in all the movements. The MA’AThematics is nothing complex, but NUMBERS, which is The Culture of AfRAka. AfRAka has always been a very stable continent, regardless of slavery, exploitation and the partition of the continent by the white man. It’s been a terrible experience, which would have destroyed any race. But, we never got destroyed. We continued to be stable because NUMBERS were our Culture, so the ANKHcestors laid a Spiritual foundation that is in our DNA today. You can see that we are very good athletes, singers, dancers and eventually very soon you are going to see us as the best intellectual people in the world, all because of the NUMBERS that are a part of our Culture. Our interest is to get all people, not just AfRAkans, to become part of the Culture of NUMBERS because once you are involved with NUMBERS, the benefits are that you become more and more Creative, and less and less destructive.

With NUMBERS what would be the need to be interested in philosophy? The greeks who destroyed our civilization in KMT (Egypt) about 2,000 years ago never became interested in our Culture of NUMBERS. Rather, they were interested in philosophy. Today, you see that the entire Earth is almost destroyed because of the philosophical link between the european culture of christianity and the evil that comes out of philosophy. Since AfRAkans were never interested in philosophy, you see that AfRAkans were very Creative.

AfRAkans invented MA’AThematics, particularly the 3 High Priestesses, who invented Kalkulus, Geometry and Trigonometry. The bible discredits the 3 Priestesses with the “3 wise men” who came from the east to see jesus christ, who was just born according to the story. This was about 2,000 years ago. But, the 3 AfRAkan High Priestesses who invented MA’AThematics, did so about 8,000 years ago. Who do you think copied from the other?

AfRAkans invented pyRAmids, as well as TEKHenw (obelisks). Those tall structures are still standing. Would you compare that to the Twin Towers in New York that were felled in 2001? So, who is more intelligent, the AfRAkan or the white man? NUMBERS, therefore, have left an impression that you must take seriously.

AfRAkan PyRAmids, TEKHEN and Intelligence
Intelligence can always be shown with what your output is. AfRAkan output has been the PyRAmids and the TEKHen (obelisks). These outputs have been very complex for people all over the world because of the MA’AThematics they contain. Imagine AfRAkans moving 1,000 tons and more of granite stone on the Nile River and erecting it as a TEKHen hundreds of miles away in what is called the Nile Valley in KMT (Kemet). To erect a 100-ton or more TEKHen in a 90 degree position where it stood straight looking into the heavens cannot even be done today. But AfRAkans did it thousands of years ago when they had no machines. Imagine the POWER you have if only you go back to being yourself.

Knowing the differences between The DARK and the Light Universes

The Dohgon Book about The DARK Universe
here are 2 Universes: The DARK Universe and the physical universe. What we know is that the physical universe can only exist due to the DARK Universe. As the bible said in Genesis: “And God said, Let there be light and there was light.” So, what existed before light?

The time is coming that the Sun that gives light now will die and the entire universe will be DARK. That means there will be no life. We can, then, become either of 2 sets of existences: the Spiritual or the ghost existence. The ghost will go to where there is another sun and burn forever. The SPIRIT will stay in the DARKNESS (Pure ENERGY) and be JOYFUL forever. Contact Professor MOmOh to learn more.

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